#213 – Skullgirls – Cerebella

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Rosalina’s birthday is coming but I really late and busy so no time to post yesterday, some drawings waiting and I can’t spam artists to ask if they are interesting to participate for the birthday… Though I received some feedback and a lot of interest from some great artists… Thanks so much guys for your support… And a little thanks to Skull and Nizam Pac who posted a comment… Two comment the same month… that’s amazing… ;p

So this time enjoy a new and really impressive drawing by AuroraBoros, it’s the second time he participate to the blog, his first drawing was Rosalina with Poison from final fight (see it here) and now Rosalina meet Cerebella from skullgirls. No use to say what particularity have this girl and how she’s great to use it… ;p

I’m a huge fan of Rosalina (of course), lingerie, high heels but there is a lot of other thing and huge penetration or insertion is one of these (if it’s not guro or with inflation) so I love the idea AuroraBoros had of Rosalina enjoying Cerebella’s hands… Every hands in fact… Not often when can say fingering and huge insertion at the same time, only one finger but no a little… So hot… XD

Thanks so much AuroraBoros for this second an awesome contribution… I have some characters from Skullgirls in my wishlist and I have now one who meet Rosalina… How nice… (^o^)/

Artist: AuroraBoros / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Baiken from Guilty Gear

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