#212 – Solo – Lovely pantie

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn panty pantie
The objective of the blog is not to show Rosalina drew by the best artists of the word (though it’s not a bad idea) but it’s so bad see artists saying “hope que quality is good for your blog”… Of course I’ll publish it, if the artist spend time to draw Rosalina, after this it’s my job to publish the best post I can in the blog… So bad not a lot read it… It’s always fap fap fap and good bye… I’m wrong guys ?

So this time it’s a so beautifull and sexy Rosalina (but as solo) drew by KikeBrikex who recently changed his artist name and created a new Hentaifoundry account but he didn’t forget to publish again this awesome drawing… So nice… (^o^)/

It was a long time I wanted a Rosalina moving up her dress showing her pantie or more… hum… during a commission I received some sketchs and one with Rosalina sit on moving up her dress like this but I choosed and other idea and the final drawing was a swimsuit Rosalina who is now my only wallpaper (see it here).

So the idea of Rosalina like this was in my mind for a long time and it’s finally KikeBrikex who make this dream real… I love the original Rosalina’s dress and lingerie so This is the perfect situation, beautifull dress, cute face, sexy pose and lingerie… That’s so powerfull… Thanks so much KikeBrikex… ^^

Don’t have much to said, just I did a really bad mistake saying to KikeBrikex: Maybe your art is great. That’s in sentence like this than I see my english is just so bad, we don’t need “maybe” or “great” just KikeBrikex, your art is awesome and so powerfull… You drew the sexiest Rosalina’s pantie and dress version, a little transparent who let imagine how Rosalina is sexy… Just incredible… Love this one… Oh yeah… ^^

See you in the next publication guys and don’t forget on 1st November it will be Rosalina’s birthday so if you are interested to contribute to the blog for this event, you’re welcome… XD

Artist: KikeBrikex / Cost: 0$ (request)

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  1. Skull

    Ooow, very sexy and horny! Beautiful drawing!


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