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#606 – No sweetness with mudfight

Editing old posts to add more tags for google, Yahoo, Bing… and trying to get more exposure on that side. Have to go back to my old posts and edit all of them so that’s really lot of work but I hope it will work with time, for now the main way I have to promote the site is the watermark on illustrations share around the net that’s why I always insist about that point, it’s more more important way I have to promote the project.
Also editing those old posts it’s kinda funny to see how bad was my English at first, I correct some minor errors to make it at last understandable but keep then as memory so won’t get a redo for now. don’t remember why I wrote ‘drawn’ and ‘drawning’ instead of ‘draw’ and ‘drawing’… O_o


Today StormHippo is back even more awesome and badass. After that illustration I commissioned her to celebrate the 600th blog illustration (on the right) I really wanted to have more with her style and then she was designed to be the artist that had to draw March patreon raffle. The winner StormHippo to draw ‘Rosalina mud fight Mai shiranui nude‘, now the illustration is done and I hope you like the result guys. Also if you want to see your fav lady paired with Rosalina and get some exclusive content, please support on patreon.
A cool and badass idea that can suit so nicely to StormHippo‘s style but be sure it was quite a challenge first with the mud effects and second to pair a true fighter girl with adorable, sweet and protective princess for this battle. For sure Mai was ready but I’m really amazed how StormHippo was able to turn Rosalina into so strong (and damn sexy) fighter, she looks so strong and dangerous dominating Mai but let see if she will be able keep this advantage. Seem Smash Bros. turned that lovely Lumas mother into powerfull fighter that can now win against characters from King of Fighters, I so amazed… °w°
Generally I’m not into muscular girl but with StormHippo‘s style there is still a sexy touch on ladies she draw, both have so perfect breasts but it looks really dangerous to touch them. If you want to see more there is another illustration on the queued from StormHippo and I also decided to feature her as artist of the month. Stay turned for the next piece and if you want even more from this so kind and talented artist don’t mis to visit her deviantart gallery get ask for a commission at so competitive prices (badass everywhere)… ^^

Artist: StormHippo / Cost: 10$

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#161 – The king of Fighters – Mai Shiranui

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Nineteen followers since a long time… Where is the 20th? Since I created this blog I had some support, thanks guys but I’m sad see all these views and no one comment… Maybe in the reaction I have a lot of “dislike”, I curious to know who come here only for this… But it’s not because this I’ll stop the blog so let’s go for the nex publication… ;p

New really famous character from The king of Fighters (tkof); Mai Shiranui. I never play this game or just try once but I know this character by a lot of fanarts and I’m sure I’m not the only… Maybe a little question, what is your favorite character into Mai from king of fighters and Chun Li from Street Fighter? I’m curious to know your opinion.

So this new drawing was made by vempire as a special commission… I say it’s a 40$ commission in the price but in fact, I make a deal with vempire. He was looking for money to but a new tablet so send me a mail asking if I want to buy a commission, at start I accepted for two drawing and submit a little deal. I send him the money he need for his tablet and he must do a drawing each month since the end of the year… It’s was a great idea, like this vempire have his new tablet and I have 9 commissions with Rosalina and like vempire style, they must be awesome… (^o^)/

This drawing is the April commission and the one for May is already done, so if you want to see it, just go take a look to vempire gallery. He have a awesome style and level so you must love his art… Maybe at start vempire submit two sketch, the second was with Rosalina and may because vempire know I love uniforms and wanted to draw something who could be easier to show Mai`s front attributes (her boobs in fact)… ^^

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire