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#986 – Bubble cum challenge

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I was wondering about make something for April’s fool the the confinement didn’t gave me too much inspiration (it sounds like holidays when coming but it’s mind devastating honestly). Of course we got a huge one in France saying our president will announce the end of confinement since the number of daily new case keeps going down but truth is we still haven’t reached the top of the courb for now… O_o

I hope you guys are fine your side, please tell me how going the confinement for you and I’m also curious about what is the best April’s fool you heard this year? Let’s spread some fun ^^


After Elora the Faun from Spyro, here is a new illustration from Laleaf that I commissioned to draw Rosalina and Bowsette pairing one more time, you can see one version of this series on the left and the full post here. Since it appeared, I had the idea of a hand free bubble tea challenge adding cum touch and Laleaf managed fluid so nicely on his Bowsette illustration so I wanted him to work on that idea. On the first illustration Bowsette was creampied, now time to reverse and have her offer Rosalina a huge load… °w°

Basically there was two important points for me: a great looking Lumakini and lot of fluids cause I love messy, at some point I also wanted have high heels shoes on the floor under Rosalina with cum running from the breasts to the shoes turning them messy but Laleaf told me it wouldn’t look good. Also must admit I was a bit too crazy and excited about this illustration and asked Laleaf for an alternative version with Rosalina in her casual dress to also show it messy, of course this came with extra charges but I was really hyped and ok with it even not knowing how much fluid the artist would manage to shot at the end °o°

Following the artist on picarto, it was really interesting see Laleaf streaming while working on this illustration and all challenges behind this illustration, as example even if there isn’t a much of Bowsette body showing he managed to redo her entirely until he got a perspective he was happy with. Rosalina head also got a redo to change the direction she was looking at, finally there so many things that add a lot of work and efforts that you can’t imagine seeing the final illustration so never forget than artist is way more hardcore than if think. Remember me this comparison table that I consider so perfect (on the right).

I was curious so asked Laleaf what was the most complicated part on this illustration and he told me “Logically it’s sperm […] Sperm is different colors, volume, reflects, light rebound, kinda was stupid question cause as messy lover I know the true challenge between fluids but it was still interesting to get the artist feeling and words. I can imagine manage alternative outfits and really messy scene was quite a challenge too for this commission anyway Laleaf managed it the the result is absolutely stunning. I’m really admiring and thankfull to him for his hard work also doing his best to follow my vision for this scene (and be sure that is quite hard too), actually Laleaf want to become a professional illustrator but his art remain undiscovered so please support him but following him on twitter (linked bellow) on the easiest way or even coming for a commission… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Laleaf / 80$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Laleaf2
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#868 – Trapped Bowsette

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I know I was missing last Sunday publication (and I hope it’s not what made me lost a patreon) but I discovered about Bowsette that quickly became a real phenomenon and I wanted be part of it with my Rosalina x Girl project. Problem is I’m not an artist myself and it’s complicated be reactive while finding an artist that is interested, haven’t already drew her (harder than you think) and that also can fit my budget and don’t have a big queued. Challenge really complex that I considered as impossible after two day searching all time then finally had the chance discover the Leleaf on picarto that was ready to go with the idea after I explained him about Rosalina, Bowsette and what I expected… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
First for those who don’ know about Bowsette, her origin is from this fan comic after that announced a power-up to turn Toadette as Peachette and it goes totally out of control. Anyway the main idea is Rosalina that decide to take her revenge on Bowserfor all he did to her innocent Lumas and precious power start in Mario Galaxy abusing of that more sensitive and fragile body. At first Leleaf tried different situations as sketch going for something like rough fuck going to something like fisting but it’s finally something really different that he decided to go with.
On his final illustration, even if there isn’t the rough sex part Leleaf keep the idea of the revenge on so many points like using red colours or more subtle with the shadow on mushroom like a keyhole to suggest Bowsette is trapped and have no escape. I really love Bowsette pose sure being really sexy with the pose and lingerie touch, Leleaf also asked me about breasts side but I told him Nintendo make them really small and he could have some freedom with that point if prefer go more busty (and he did, how nice), after all there is no rule with Bowsette so each artist can had his own touch… ^^
It was also Really interesting watch the stream to really see how much effort needed this illustration that took 12 hours to be completed, what you see here was lot of work but you must also could all sketches time and there was also multiple try during the test like for the background that first had mario power star, then red star, then red comets and finally a red Luma (that had several variations before this version). Bowsette also got a lot of work on her body and finally there was extra work when Leleaf decided add some fluid saying it would be boring without, also what you see on the messy piece isn’t a creamy but some “secretion from the mushroom.
Also can’t resist share this wip on the stream, when Leleaf turned the layer visible and have that big Rosalina pop it was pretty surprising, also at this time I didn’t know about his final idea so thought there was a mistake with proportions… Then at the end of the stream had the surprise see Leleaf work on a clothes version so there is finally even more alternative to show, it really turned epic and it’s a HUGE thanks for you man… ^^
Fun fact, Leleaf is French like me and I discovered it the moment I saw him copy/paste my sentence to translate it to French, communication was sure really easier and faster after that but remember if you talk to him to not going for to complex words and sentences. Anyway don’t miss take a look at the page lsted bellow to see more about his art and give a follow to see about his next stream. For now Leleaf‘s tumblr page looks a bit empty but it’s pretty recent one and like the Rosalina and Bowsette illustration he just did I know he have a freaking huge potential so don’t miss share love and support.

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