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#986 – Bubble cum challenge

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I was wondering about make something for April’s fool the the confinement didn’t gave me too much inspiration (it sounds like holidays when coming but it’s mind devastating honestly). Of course we got a huge one in France saying our president will announce the end of confinement since the number of daily new case keeps going down but truth is we still haven’t reached the top of the courb for now… O_o

I hope you guys are fine your side, please tell me how going the confinement for you and I’m also curious about what is the best April’s fool you heard this year? Let’s spread some fun ^^


After Elora the Faun from Spyro, here is a new illustration from Laleaf that I commissioned to draw Rosalina and Bowsette pairing one more time, you can see one version of this series on the left and the full post here. Since it appeared, I had the idea of a hand free bubble tea challenge adding cum touch and Laleaf managed fluid so nicely on his Bowsette illustration so I wanted him to work on that idea. On the first illustration Bowsette was creampied, now time to reverse and have her offer Rosalina a huge load… °w°

Basically there was two important points for me: a great looking Lumakini and lot of fluids cause I love messy, at some point I also wanted have high heels shoes on the floor under Rosalina with cum running from the breasts to the shoes turning them messy but Laleaf told me it wouldn’t look good. Also must admit I was a bit too crazy and excited about this illustration and asked Laleaf for an alternative version with Rosalina in her casual dress to also show it messy, of course this came with extra charges but I was really hyped and ok with it even not knowing how much fluid the artist would manage to shot at the end °o°

Following the artist on picarto, it was really interesting see Laleaf streaming while working on this illustration and all challenges behind this illustration, as example even if there isn’t a much of Bowsette body showing he managed to redo her entirely until he got a perspective he was happy with. Rosalina head also got a redo to change the direction she was looking at, finally there so many things that add a lot of work and efforts that you can’t imagine seeing the final illustration so never forget than artist is way more hardcore than if think. Remember me this comparison table that I consider so perfect (on the right).

I was curious so asked Laleaf what was the most complicated part on this illustration and he told me “Logically it’s sperm […] Sperm is different colors, volume, reflects, light rebound, kinda was stupid question cause as messy lover I know the true challenge between fluids but it was still interesting to get the artist feeling and words. I can imagine manage alternative outfits and really messy scene was quite a challenge too for this commission anyway Laleaf managed it the the result is absolutely stunning. I’m really admiring and thankfull to him for his hard work also doing his best to follow my vision for this scene (and be sure that is quite hard too), actually Laleaf want to become a professional illustrator but his art remain undiscovered so please support him but following him on twitter (linked bellow) on the easiest way or even coming for a commission… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Laleaf / 80$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Laleaf2
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#975 – The chamber of tentacles

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Gymnastic loser treatment (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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I (finally) got a message from Jessica about the illustration she won with November patreon raffle, I promised her the slot would be always open for her whenever she can come with an idea and not it’s time to keep my promise. If everything going well Rosalina will meet “Tess from Jak and Daxter anyway there’s just a little detail I need to check with Jessica that I’ll keep secret for more suspense :p

And as every Monday come the security report of the blog about failed login or unauthorized files upload attempts and I must admit last week was pretty quiet. Par of me if happy on that point on the other part wonder if hackers are leaving cause losing interest on my domain for some reasons… That’s how sounds a paranoid mind ^^’


Here is an upcoming illustration with Rosalina and Hermione from Harry Potter. Maybe some of you remember the huge tentacle plant at the end of first Harry Potter movie (if I’m not wrong) that let you pass only if you stay calm and don’t move), anyway seems this can have some more “enjoyable” use when you know how use it, Luckily Hermione know everything they need for a great time together. Random point is this plant area is the part I was never able to resolve when played the game on PS1 (so many years ago), part of me want to try on the game again and finish it since I was so close to the end but honestly when you look at it now the graphics are so scary (they don’t makes meme of if without reasons) ^^’

It started with a page with 6 sketches, I was going to pick a pose but Laleaf told me the will continue work on some cause “we can’t decide with an illustrations based on 4 lines and 3 sticks“, as if for me they already looked good but better consider the artist suggestion and I did wait. Not so long finally since the next day I received a second wave with 3 illustrations that Laleaf still considered really sketchy but that started to give more than just an idea but also intensity to the scene they were showing, you can see them on the left if you are curious. Decision was between 1st and 3rd sketches offering best osmosis between the tentacles and clothes.

Finally I chosen with the 3rd sketch liking the idea of arms ad legs fully hold inside this tentacles wall having the two girls totally captive and submissive to the tentacles (and it’s the kind of sentence that would make me die from a feminist I guess), also something really interesting and that I admire but give so much troubles is Laleaf is hardly happy with what he draw and is always making changes and even redoing parts until he get tired to work on the illustration. As example from the sketch you can see on the right and the final version there was a huge change on Rosalina’s legs and chest then stopped the illustration working on that part as you can see with Rosalina’s pussy still being sketchy and the clothes removed on the chest that would have been to much work to be back again (so bad, Rosalina’s lace panties was super sexy).

Recently Laleaf deleted his facebook page and don’t consider stream again in the future so I asked him what his projects and objectives about art in the future and he said “write whatever you want“, not really helpfull and I wont go for theories so we can just wait and see how things are going. Anyway all is not lost since Laleaf is still active on twitter (here) regularly posting doodles and wips so feel free follow him on that place and share some support/feedback. His art is pretty good but his mind kinda lost to me so he really need support to get a chance keep going and never give up on his dreams… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Laleaf / 80$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Laleaf
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Laleaf2
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#921 – Elora milking a kinky bunny

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Artists are really amazing and capable of making your dreams come true (on drawing anyway) but sometimes they can be really annoying too. There is several artists I helped with stuff (like replace a tablet a fund stuff) and when time to follow their promise there is nobody. They are busy, depressed, have emergencies or even disappear; most are fair reasons but several persons acting that way for months it start to be really annoying.
Some friends told me I can’t continue that way and have no choice that be less kind; remind some about their promise then strike when the others come back asking for help. It’s so annoying cause I’m the kind of person that want help everybody but you all know in this society it’s not something that can go well… U_u


Today come the second Easter themed illustration for 2019 made by Laleaf who made the Rosalina and Bowsette illustration last year, there is one on the version on the left and if curious can see Bowsette dedicated post here. In general I always manage to let artists all time they need to be sure no need to rush or hurry so surprisingly Laleaf may be the first artist drawing two times for the project with a deadline on his illustration. At last the next piece I have in mind would be summer themed (Lumakini spirit) so there is enough time to not consider a deadline this time… ^^
About the second character, it was decided go with Elora the Faun from Spyro giving her a massive dick since the pose requested for Rosalina was seriously limited the way to make great interaction between both ladies, a horse size futanari standing from of Rosalina sure sounded interesting and naughty even more since if was a great way get some messy stuff (that I love but hard to get with yuri). Find a character was quite a challenge for Laleaf since I really prefer work with well prepared and solid ideas then my side all I was sure about was the pose to follow for Rosalina. It had also to be a style that could work with Laleaf style and universe, hard challenge but he never gave-up… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Another challenging part is be able draw two character from different universe together with the same style, here Laleaf managed to go with realistic and human look so Rosalina got a more casual hairstyle but for Elora there is a huge difference between the original version (and I’m not just talking about her new attribute). I really like the dress and hairstyle but I’m surprised about her mouth that seems incomplete. Anyway it’s not a huge problem since there is so many stuff and details to discover on this illustration starting with that huge detaileld background with the Luma, toys and flying hearts anyway what amaze me the most is how Laleaf drew the grass, it looks so amazing that even made me distracted from Rosalina for a moment… ^^’
Also for people thinking 80$ is expensive, you must know Laleaf spend 20 hours of work on this illustration and honestly I don’t know many persons that would be ok to work for 4$/hour. Anyway this time there was so much time spend (and wasted at some point) on the sketch since the pose gave lot of troubles to Laleaf to follow to pose reference that you can see on the left. I really love it and wanted Rosalina to be exactly that way with the pose, angle and even shoes or carrots tops but it was really hard follow it on a way that work with Elora and there was some edits needed. The final illustration is still amazing but a part of me is like wondering about keep this ref and come with it for next year hopping don’t make suffer another artist… too much… ^^’
Talking about hard work, Laleaf wasn’t satisfied at all with the way the illustration was going and decided to make a full redo when he was at the point you can see on the left, he asked me if it would be a problem not seeing Rosalina face and I was ok with it considering there is other attributes to make people able recognize her so came the blue dress, wand and Luma. Second part that drastically changed was the background with a really more fresh and colorful version, I honestly really love the second version since the first one looked more dark atmosphere, now it’s sure less intimate but it kinda make this exhibitionist perspective even more exciting… ^__^
When I posted the Bowsette illustration, Laleaf was posting his art on tumblr but his page was shut-down when they made all NSFW content forbidden (December 17th 2018 is a sad day for all perverts) so there was no places left when he posted his lewd art but he recently opened a twitter account @Laleaf2 that I highly recommend you to follow. You can also find Laleaf on picarto and facebook listed bellow to get another way contact him or get the chance get here during his next livestream and even see him work your commission. °w°

Artist: Laleaf / 80$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Laleaf
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Laleaf2
Facebook: www.https://www.facebook.com/Laleaf-1818886788350585
One year ago: #825 – Buckets of tasty cum
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