#370 – Solo – Rosalina cowgirl and Speedpainting

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nintendo mario princess rosalina
I seriously plan to make a new video for the blog, wont be something really amazing and beautifull like the 2nd I did but some several changes. Instead of talking in English it will be in French so not use do do my best for something really bad like my English level but I’ll add subtitles to be sure you will understand it.

This video wil explain more about the last project “where is my pokemon?” and also the event “Your dream by…” I want to be sure everybody understand how this event work and come to participate to the next edition who will be… Announced on the video… :p


Yeah, today I have something really powerfull to show you. I commissionned a Rosalina pin-up to Vaiderman (also know as xxxbattery on Hentaifoundry) and as you can see I don’t have just a simple illustration to show you. I’m sure you know that soem artist make livestreams where you can see and look at them while they are drawing but also talk with him and all watchers. You can be sure it’s a really pleasant and interesting moment where you can know more about the artist. Speacking with Vaiderman and looking at him drawing Rosalina was so powerfull…

It was a 3 hours livestream, not enough to finish the Rosalina as you can see on the video but it was amazing… If you are curious guys don’t hesitate to follow Vaiderman’s Hentaifoundry and Livestream accounts to have a little notification when he start an new one and come to enjoy the show. Maybe you will see me… XD

Here is the final version, hope you like it guys. The way he draw Rosalina is really powerfull, so much détails and light effects, I also love how Vaiderman used the hat to cover Rosalina eye instead of using the hair lock. Funny detail as you can see on the video, after start the coloring he Drew blue lines for the perspective, at start I thought it will be water and I love wet clothes so was really exciting. A little sad when thèses lines were deleted but water or not, the result is epic… (^o^)/

If you want to commission Vaiderman, You can send him a mail to xxxbattery@gmail.com, as example a pin-up like this one cost 50$, a little more expensive that commission I ask in general but like the result and Vaiderman‘s art it’s an interesting deal. You can also find him on other places and sites, just take a look to links bellow, Oh yeah… XD

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