#368/369 – Rosalina's birthday is not over

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After your dream by Mavruda and Rosalina’s birthday the blog will be more calm for a month. Curent project. The next event will be the 3rd suggestion contest your dream by… but I wonder if I must add a theme like Christmas. the only problem is that I will have to close the event early to be sure the artist will have time to draw it for Chrismas.

I wanted to have the powerfull Delacroix_Legion as next artist for this event but he didn’t have time to draw my commission for Rosalina’s birthday and it’s now reported to a christmas celebration drawing. If you know some artist who must love to join the event don’t hesitate to let a comment.


I received two other illustrations for Rosalina’s birthday, one was a gift for my awesome friend Tallon and the other I commissioned to IDarkShadowI. At start I wanted to update the previous post adding these two illustration but to be sure nobody will miss it the best way it to publish a new post. And it’s also a reason to talk about the birthday of the more beautifull and cutest princess in the world… You’re the best Rosalina… (^o^)/

Artist: www.sainttail.wix.com/hentai-artist – Gift from Tallon

A so powerfull surprise drew by the talented SainTail who also made the Halloween comic (see it here). It was a gift from my friend Tallon… Yeah, his support is amazing and he’s also an amazing friend. He’s one of the rare guy I know who was never annoyed listening me talking about the blog again and again… XD

As you can see I received a lovely Rosalina looking at the blog during this special day. At start I was a little surprised because like the blog I imagine her in a mroe horny mood looking at it (must commission a sexy Rosalina touching herself why watchign the blog btw) but hentai blog or not, I have to admit she’s so cute, SainTail really drew her in a lovely way… You are so adorable Rosalina… °w°

In fact this drawing Tallon sent me is also the only soft illustration I received to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday and it’s really powerfull but I can use it for a post on the soft blog Rosalina & girl who will have tomorrow a little update. I’ll change the preview of the blog adding the soft on and let’s go…


Artist: www.idarkshadowi.deviantart.com/ – 55$ Commission

Yeah, it’s now time to be horny, really horny. The other girl is IDarkShadowI‘s OC: Evangeline who gave to Rosalina a “horny cowgirl pack” for her birthday including a cowgirl outfit and a horse dildo (yeah XD). Rosalina decided to try her new costume but Evangeline cannot resist to try the toy and seem to really enjoy it. Rosalina wasn’t really happy see her friend enjoying her present but Evangeline know how to give some pleasure to this little cowgirl. I hope you like it guys.

IDarkShadowI is a really amazing artist that my budget wasn’t able to allow but before raise his prices he made special commissions. 10 slots with 50% off so you can be sure I asked for a slot… And like the result I know it was a really powerfull idea…. Oh yeah… (^o^)/

IDarkShadowI also have a Hentaifoundry account (see it here) where he published some illustration of his demon girl Evangeline, she love huge dildos and we both talked than she must try a horse one a day. I’m also a huge fan of the cowgirl outfit (with chaps) so came with this idea for the commision. Like this I have my so powerfull Rosalina cowgirl having some fun with Evangeline who can finally try this kind of toys… I know it wasn’t easy to draw but hope it was a fun piece to draw for IDarkShadowI… ^^

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