#365/367 – 2007 to 2013… Rosalina have now 6 years of existence

November 1st – Happy birthday Rosalina (^o^)/
It’s the best day for a little comment… ;p

After a really amazing and unexpected publication for Halloween it’s now time to celebrate a new event and I think it’s the more important you can expect… Let’s celebrate ROSALINA’S BIRTHDAY

Yeah, it’s 1st november, so Rosalina have 6yo since her first apparition in Mario Galaxy on 1st november 2007. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day she appeared to the world. And it’s today the more important day of the more beautifull and cutest character in the word… Rosalina… (^o^)/

I commissioned some illustration to celebrate it but I also reaveived some gifts from my friend… Thanks so much guys and dear visitors, I hope you will enjoy these illustrations… ^^

Arist: http://omega-panda.deviantart.com/

I start with a mini comic I commissioned to the lovely omega-panda. My budget was kinda dead but she have an amzing style. A so beautifull gallery so I asked her more information about her commission rules and also if a comic can pick her interest.

I had somethign great in mind and omega-panda are really interesting (don’t hesitate to take a look about that on her profile) so it finally started and as you can see the result is really powerfull. A short comic with a so beautifull and lovely Rosalina, addign a funny and sexy touch the result is so powerfull.

I’m really happy with my idea, I decided myself about each panel but omega-panda also did an excellent job. She’s tallented, open to your ideas, changes and it’s really pleasant to talk with her. Must commission her again in the futur for an other little comic but not sure Rosalina will be here, (thought I can cheat)…. Eh eh… XD

As you noticed, Roslaian received two gifts, the telescope was sent by my friend Tallon who is also the one who commissioned the Halloween comic (see it here) for me and this little an surprising box… Well… Happy birthday Rosalina… °///°


Artist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/TipodeIncognito/profile

I really love League of legends girls, it’s the wish-listed series who have the biggest numbers of girls I would love to see with Rosalina so you can imagine how TipodeIncognito gave me an amazing surprise with this illustration featuring Shyvana, Fiora and Quinn giving to Rosalina their present. Thanks so much TipodeIncognito… (^o^)/

At start I was looking for some League of Legends (sexy) fanarts and I found TipodeIncognito who really have a powerfull style. I asked him if participate to the blog can pick his interest but never expected it can end with a foursome to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday, that’s so powerfull… If you are curious you can also find the sketch on his tumblr (see it here) and enjoy the rest of his gallery. Lot of line or sketch but if you love LoL girls you can’t miss it… °w°


Artist: http://eromanboy.blogspot.fi/

Eromanboy is a really powerfull friend who already participated to Rosalina’s birthday last year and gave me an amazing surprise sending me a new illustration to celebrate her birthday once again. He said “I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine” and you can’t imagine how it sound powerfull for me… Thanks so much my friend for your support and kindness… (^o^)/

This time it’s C.C. from Code Geass and Yoruichi from Bleach who are her to help Rosalina enjoy her birthday having some fun together during this intimate moment. As you can see Eromanboy wanted to practice a little trying different point of view and the result is amazing. An excelletn and original illustrations, other point of view but we don’t miss anything of all gorgeous girls attributes and of course what happen during this hot yuri moment… Just excellent… °w°


  1. [ ! ]

    Happy Birthday Rosalina!

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks so much… °w°

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Rosalina!!!

    So much amazing pieces is here.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Btw, don’t hesitate to come for tomorrow update, I’ll add two other birthday illustrations… Cutest and hotest pieces will come… °w°


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