#364 – Comic – Happy (sexy) Halloween party

Update November 1st – I found the artist… °w°
I you wonder who draw this amazing comic I can no answer. The artist is SainTail and you can be sure her site is also really powerfull (see it here). 20$ for a full colroed illustration or 7$ for a B&W comic page, I must admit that SainTail proces are really interesting. Don’t hesitate to ake a look guys… ^^

In fact I didn’t planned to do something for Halloween, I was more thinking to Rosalina’s birthday comming on November 1st and my budget was also not enough good to make something bu today I have something for you. SOMETHING DAMN POWERFULL to show you… An amazing gift from my friend Tallon who commissioned a full comic with 16 pages + cover featuring Rosalina and his OC going to an Halloween party.

You can’t imagine how many fetishes and dreams there is on this comic. At start it was a long time I wanted to make a comic for the blog, I tried with pyjama party by Merethide (see it here) and also Rosalina’s laboratory by DMFO (see it here) but the first was canceled and don’t know for the second so received a complete and amazing comic was an amazing surprise. I’m sure you also know I really love Rosalina and asked some illustratiosn pairing me and Rosalian for my birthday on January (here is the post) but wasn’t really happy with the result. In this comic I must admit I look great, great guy with a pervert touch… That’s perfect… XD

And it’s just the start guys, this comic have lot of interesting details. As example I have a huge fetish for cowgirl outfit (with chaps) and high heels, ta=that’s exactly what Rosalina is wearing to my little Halloween party. Tallon‘s OC are here (Tess, Willow and Angel) but if you look closer you can also find the true Tallon and his beloved Haku from the vocaloid series. They are on the 7th page/3rd panel, with Haku and Tallon dancing together, Haku is also dressed as a lovely nurse. Did you found him guys?

After that Rosalina will meet a sexy cowboy who seem to really love her like me and also really look at me too… That’s curious… °w°

Thanks so muc for your gift Tallon, I’m always jumping on the room every time I think about it, Lot of beautifull ladies, a funny touch and at the end an amazing moment with Rosalina and me… (^o^)/

Here is the comic, Enjoy guys…



  1. Eromanboy

    That’s superb! I wish I had the time and patience to make a comic. 😀

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Yeah, I know a comic need so much time but like your style I’m sure it can be epic.

      Maybe you can start with a short comic with just one or two pages.

    2. Eromanboy

      Indeed. I just need to do some OCs first. And since I’m really ambitious, you can guess that it will take a loooong time to make some. xD

    3. Rosalina x Girl

      Yeah, I know what you mean. A comic is really different than a simple illustration and need really more time. When you have an idea who also want it too look epic but don’t start with so huge projects, for the moment it must be better to try something more short and see what you can do and how many time you need in general.

      I know you can create amazing OCs so no doubt you have the power to make some really powerfull comics… ^^

    4. Eromanboy

      We’ll see. . . eventually xP


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