#904 – Perfect seat for special fun

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Here come the 3rd and last illustration from this Rosalina and piranha plant tentacles series and I hope you enjoyed it. Also what do you think about make week dedicated to a theme or artist again in the future?
I also received an illustration linked to another of my project but that could be posted here so it sounds twice powerfull, anyway there is some secrets behind this piece so posting it here I must think about stuff I can say and what I better keep secret. I know my project content and especially variety already did troubles to some visitors and I don’t want get that again, though they also were pretty much closed mind morons… ^^’


Finally even if I have so many fetishes that change during periods there is some that regularly come and ended as coincidence that the two time I commissioned xxxbattery it was for piranha plant tentacles. If you are curious about it you can click on left illustration or here to be redirected to the dedicated post. Anyway if would not be fun asked the exact same thing twice, for the previous illustration I wanted Rosalina in fishnet outfit and here if was following a special pose and expression, one more time xxxbattery was fine with my idea and offered a powerfull stream… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Even if xxxbattery call this kind of commissions as “flat colour” he really put so much time on efforts on it with great work on shading and also working to make it perfect. As example he reworked on small details like Rosalina’s tongue to make it a little bigger but also really more complex stuff like the shadow on all tentacles and be sure it need time to only select manually all areas on this piece. Second point if you go for a commission is xxxbattery is really attentive and reactive doing his best to follow your reference/idea and even make the edits you could ask while he stream like change the gems colour on Rosalina’s crown, anyway you must also don’t wait too much to ask for edits or it would be too complex or hard to manage for the artist.
Also this can be somewhat dangerous cause we can’t know how eager will be the tentacles once they will take control of her body but this unpredictable side make it even more exciting for this sure sexy and really naughty princess offering her body to the pipe with no choice to be played, abused and raped as long and hard as long the tentacles want it. Now they are coming around and the excitation increase, there is still a chance for Rosalina to leave at this point but she know she want it, I also love the way xxxbattery gave a muscular looks to Rosalina that can sure resist for hours of intense and deep fuck and keep having pleasure whatever how much deep the push in her princess holes, how don’t be excited after that guys? XD
The final illustration sure looked perfect and I got a surprised get an alternative version with see-through tentacles when xxxbattery sent me the final illustration. Of course it make an nice alternative and offer even more content for the post but on technical side it show more about the artist work and technique. To make it simple the see-through tentacles show xxxbattery managed to draw the entire Rosalina body and added the tentacles after so if you remove the tentacles you can see Rosalina body and not some white holes. this technique need more work cause you need draw both skin and tentacles but allow powerfull edits like alternative or see-though, it’s just marvelous… °o°
I was thinking it could be powerfull considering commission xxxbattery for a sequel to this piece with Rosalina having more intense fun with the tentacles but it kinda already exist with this piece made last year anyway no reason don’t consider commission that gorgeous artist in the future still. Would love a day be able get a yuri duo to follow the spirit of the project or even an animated piece like some damn hot xxxbattery already made like Rosalina reading a toy (classic but still hot) anyway for now it’s still another universe for my budget but if your side you are tempted get that kind of commission yourself then go for it guys… Oh yeah… °w°

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