#905 – Pure dreams and princess

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PATREON BONUS: Sexiest waitress of the galaxy (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)

No V-day theme illustration for today (and after all Rosalina is single according Nintendo) but let’s celebrate Lunakiri after vanished for more than a month, internet sure a powerfull tool to make friends and contact but when this one stop sometimes there is absolutely no way get contact, that’s so insane… O_o
Also random stuff, I saw that use space in files name isn’t good thing in html, I do it since months to gave nicer names to files if people save them and never had troubles but seems it’s not that good. Solution is to replace spaces by “%20” so now instead of “RosalinaXGirl – Pure dreams and princess process.gif” I have to write “RosalinaXGirl%20-%20Pure%20dreams%20and%20princess%20process.gif“… How nice ^^’


And a lovely gift by Lunakirifrom Rosalina with a pencil illustration of sleeping Rosalina in “something sexy but not erotic, was sure a marvelous surprise. The result is ravishing sure sexy but that don’t have anything lost from Rosalina’s cuteness and innocence, I’m also amazed with how much artist can figure just with pencils, the shading and folds around Rosalina legs are gorgeous, I love how Lunakiri managed this part… °w°
Talking about pencils, Lunakiri made this illustration with “2 pencils. A mechanical and an F” (less than the quotes on this post). I was curious about “F” pencils since only heard about 2B one my side that I used at school and she told me F is kinda same as 2B but more thin and lighter pencil. Also wasn’t easy find a great name for this illustration, in French when you sleep naked we say “tenue d’Eve” but don’t know if there is a world to describe it in a more sweet and maybe sensual way than just “naked”. English people, I need your knowledge… °o°
Even with no colours it’s easy to recognize Lunakiri‘s style with the way she draw Rosalina hair and Lumas that looks a bit special but what amaze me the best is how she can manage folds, after Symmetra (here) and YoRHa No.2B (here) I still love so much when she use that technique. Also Lunakiri told me “sadly I couldn’t feasibly add her crown into these anywhere“, first I learned bout the word “feasibly” and second is I don’t consider Rosalina would keep her crown to sleep (may not be convenient) so it’s even better that way…
As bonus I also get some wip and Lunakiri packed all in a gif that may looks blurred but make it like a dream and I really love this unintended detail. You can see this gif on the left then no need for me to choose the wip from Lunakiri I’ll show you, you can see all of them that way… And then for even more cool stuff don’t miss take a look at links below… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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