#903 – Cowgirl back for the fun

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Time to give a hug hug to all my lovely patrons for their support and announce Fernando Lloret as February raffle winner, waiting to hear what duo and situation he would like to see, suspense. On the bad new, I unfortunately wasn’t enough reactive to get Chinese new year or V-day illustration focusing on another project. U_u
Actually I’m working on a 4th version of the wishlist page, I’m happy with the actual one but it’s to huge and slow so I will separate it into two pages; there will have a collection page listing all girls with Rosalina and a wishlist page for all girls that still never met that wonderfull princess, both with the actual system being sort by series in alphabetical order.


Here come the 2nd illustration I commissioned to BurnUp666, according the price 48$ again was really bad for the budget since I spend the month budget in two solo illustration (hard for a Rosalina project). Anyway I really loved his first illustration and the design for Rosalina outfit so wanted him draw her again enjoying some piranha plant tentacles. Considering the previous illustration on the left the situation is pretty much the same with the pipe, tentacle under clothes and cowgirl outfit with chaps. This time I wanted BurnUp666 draw a full body version that show better Rosalina’s outfit he create and also get a change add high heels this time, cause it cn’t e perfect without sexy heels… °w°
Now I have something that could be great reference if I want get Rosalina in that outfit again for an illustration or being crazy in another chapter of “Rosalina’s delivery Service” comic, I really would love have this comic back to life with another chapter a day. Anyway back to Rosalina, when talking about details and references with BurnUp666 the basic idea was Rosalina standing front of the pipe letting the tentacles coming out and slowly going all around her body until they get the full control of it and can abuse of that kinky cowgirl princess in all way they want. That scene lead to the previous illustration I posted, pretty much stupid I decided to follow the order I commissioned/received both illustrations instead of the chronological order between those two scenes… ^^’

I you are curious, you can see on the right the 2nd sketch BurnUp666 with Rosalina standing on the top of the pipe but I really wanted Rosalina on the floor in from of that pipe like a cowgirl that lean on a fence but this time allowing her mind to get lost on what happen. Again it was little expensive but the result is really awesome and detailed as example considering there is so much tentacles that you can hardly see the pipe they come from, not sure Rosalina expected for so many of them but for now it’s too late to change her mind… ^__^

Artist: BurnUp666 / 48$ commission
One year ago: #803 – Relaxing at the gym
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