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#855 – Squigly sweet sketchy bonus

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PATREON BONUS: Samus perfectly licked ass (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Squigly Skullgirls sketch
Some patrons get their patreon pledge flagged this august, the reason is the domain was switched to a UK property so all the US patrons had their cards fraud detection triggered. Seems it was the problem some of my patrons had.
Anyway all fixed so let’s focus on the project again, also Congrat to Fernando Lloret who won August raffle on patreon and can request an illustration to Lunakiri with Rosalina of course… ^^


Really dedicated as kind artist, here is a second illustration with Rosalina and Squigly from Skullgirls as gift from BurnUp666, he did several sketches that kind to thanks his commissioners and it’s a really cool bonus of course. What is also powerfull is this illustration being safe for all so I can post it on the SFW page and let everybody discover about BurnUp666‘s art even is most of his art is pretty hot but I have to admit it’s part of commissioners fault (as me) that can’t resist to keep that mix between cuteness and cuteness from his gallery… ^^’
And even being way more safe , BurnUp666 was able keep this cuteness and sexiness mix in a magnificent duo, both looks really adorable and pretty in a piece full of love (the snake at top doing an heart is also great detail). Also what I like with this kind of illustration is the way to show that even if people are more looking for really detailed illustrations then even a sketchy piece can show many details and emotions… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: BurnUp666 / Gift sketch
One year ago: #748 – I’m a blue cowgirl
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#854 – Being naughty with Squigly

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Squigly Skullgirls yuri lesbian hentai porn sex
August is now here so it’s time to announce Lunakiri as chosen artist do draw August patreon raffle reward. For the moment I’m not sure if only traditional or she will be fine manage digital again, suspense…
Also the apart going well, my father helped a lot and I guess my mother was a bit jealous so I kept some stuff I did with her last week-end. Now kitchen is close to be done… °w°


So much artist I dream to commission but the budget make it hard most of the time that’s why the patreon raffle is great since I force myself force a little and pick a wonderfull artist to work on it as if was for BurnUp666 that I discovered there is months on deviantart and finally managed to get two commission. Second will come in the future but for now let’s present you this drawing wont by Curtis who asked Rosalina to be with Squigly from Skullgirls she consider as “best skullgirls character” and we got all BurnUp666 needed to start… °w°
Here come the part I’m not so proud about, as you can see around this post I received 3 pose sketches by BurnUp666 about this duo but the final piece don’t looks like any of them, the honest reason if I didn’t answered in time to decide about one and the artist decided go by himself with this piece. At last if I should find something positive about that is I love even more the idea on the final piece turning even more cool and kinky than the sketches , love both naughty expression and the action from Squigly’s “snake“? I have absolutely no idea about the name of that thing (please tell me if you know your side)… O_o

The part that make it the more cool is BurnUp666 was able keep both girls original style and outfit but really turn every part as the most sexy ever, Started with naughty faces then huge breasts on tight dress for the top. If we continue we have a wet pussy spread for Squigly and Rosalina’s ass with some lingerie getting her pussy (or ass) licked to finally end with stocking and lovely heels. What is awesome is BurnUp666 never draw any penetration action but was able make his art extra spicy, anyway for now he only publish on deviantart so maybe some NSFW pieces he can’t share, not fun… U_u
Anyway it’s important keep a constructive feedback then on the negative side I’m a little sad BurnUp666 didn’t Rosalina’s right eye covered, anyway she’s easily recognisable here and with that angle it would have hear a lot. Second point is more financial since you need consider a 5$ commission fee to every single art commissioned to BurnUp666, I ordered two illustrations at once and got twice those 5$ fee even offered take paypal fee myself. I kinda understand it’s to cover paypal fee but 10$ on a 50$ commission sounds huge, I don’t think paypal charge 20% fee or really the place BurnUp666 lives is so fucking unfriendly… O_o
Anyway I hope you guys like the result and even more Curtis who won July raffle, August winner one will be announced on patreon then let’s see the next duo with Rosalina that will be requested. And for more art don’t miss visit BurnUp666 page on deviantart for many gorgeous and freaking sexy pin-up, he’s also open with commission and manage them in a really professional way but be careful about the fee if you wish some something with complex background (but the result totally worth it)… ^^

Artist: BurnUp666 / 30$ commission
One year ago: #748 – I’m a blue cowgirl
Next to come: Squigly sweet sketchy bonus (SFW)
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