#912 – Perverted tennis match animation

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PATREON BONUS: Animated dancing Rosalina (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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I guess a lot of you know about tumblr and the point they banned NSFW content lately on December 17th. Fact is I cleaned my page but end with the Rosalina and Stephanie illustration is flagged as adult and waiting for review SINCE DECEMBER. Really guys, is’s that stupid? U_u
Also I missed to announce (but haven’t forget) about the patreon raffle and March winner is DarkEcoFreak who can decide about the next illustration with Rosalina that will be created by Sixmi34… I remember DarkEcoFreak asked both times for naughty stuff so I picked an artist that would manage it nicely if going naughty again but we’ll see what he will request this time… ^__^


And today more than a simple illustration here is a treasure I was hiding for too long on the project folders with a kinky tennis Rosalina animation by the-4got10-one, I can’t thanks him enough about his insane support and enthusiasm for the project always ready to make hi art reach new limits for even more powerfull and amazing illustrations. This time the idea of an animated piece started with a breathing Rosalina animated sketch but didn’t finished it that the-4got10-one already moved on something even more ambitious that is the animation you can see today and guys… I looks so amazing… \(^o^)/
Considering all the illustration process and discussion we had, the most complex part for the-4got10-one wasn’t the animation itself but the software, he first used 2D spine that was promising but need to buy the full software (299$) to be able render the final animations. I tried helped him with that point but was impossible to even find a cracked version (I can admit it since haven’t success get anything working) so finally the-4got10-one goes with dragonbone that “has many bugs that’s one reason that keeps me from finishing the work. I thought people create software to make things easier but finally this was a several day fight to get a proper and working rendering and be sure when I received the final piece it was so stunning… °o°
Be sure the-4got10-one surprised me so much (on the right way of course) and I loooove the result. The animation is so cool as naughty, I love Rosalina mouth on the last panel that give a so kinky expression and the vibrator part is my favorite, first cause how kinky it is but also since I love everything that get see-through like lingerie, wet or transparent clothes so this kind of x-ray the-4got10-one did is damn powerfull… I guess the only trouble here could be the size of the final piece but I made gifs myself and you feel like they are rendered using 4K HD coding, so size go hight so quickly as here ending as a 9mm file for a few seconds animation. An alternative could be separate each panel and make a gif from each panel but all together really work perfectly so I consider it’s much better that way. I remember for some animations that have independent panels I had open several windows and resize them to get all together so here no need efforts they already are together to make the show looks perfect… Oh yeah… XD
Also this is not over since the-4got10-one told me he planned “make it to a 2-3 page comic strip keeping the same powerfull idea of animated comic page. To be honest the 2nd page is already done and will come soon so stay tuned, also the-4got10-one made another animated sketch with a dancing Rosalina that I’m considering to commission to have it finish it and for now patreon supporters can see about this sketch so sweet as sexy so sure promising ^__^

Artist: the-4got10-one / 20$ commission
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