#907/908 – The goth and the toys

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PATREON BONUS: Medusa tentacles revenge (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Anyway I lately have huge troubles to get art cause changes with most of the artists I used to work with, you have those that got their price increased too much like Psicoero, Suika, TheCrazyDuck… Other goes slow cause life troubles or losing motivation like Kiomaru, MeguMegu, Lunakiri… And finally some the just disappeared from the art universe like Deberzer… It’s sad but times changes… T_T
I must manage to find new artists and never stopped that part but since patreon was born most of the artist got higher expectations and prices so it’s not that easy. Result is I get more solo illustration instead of duos and the stock is now smaller anyway I don’t want the project looks like dying and must fight harder for it, I never plan to stop it and I want to thanks all that support me… °w°


Back to art, I decided upload both illustration from TheCrazyDuck at once two skip two solo posts in a row, that way I must manage quickly to get more art to show you an hopefully more duo scenes to fit the yuri spirit of the project even if wont be easier according to what I said at the beginning of this post. Again, I goes to commissions TheCrazyDuck for a deal for a duo and two solo pieces having a discount on price in exchange or artist freedom, previously I posted the duo with Peach (on the left) and now time for two really kinky solo… °w°
For the first piece TheCrazyDuck decided to go with a quiet goth Rosalina that still looks incredibly sexy, of course the really love level of clothes and panties aside are damn exciting. Again you can see a lot amount of details with jacket and collar with spine, hair style, piercings, nipple pasties, pentagram on pantie, fishnet and boots all together to turn Rosalina as a true goth with a kinky touch I wont complain about. I’m just not big fan of piercings myself but TheCrazyDuck made them pretty discrete so fine, anyway can you find the 4 piercings on Rosalina?, careful there is a little trap… :p
Then for the second illustration, not huge surprise if I tell you the theme is “toys” and I really love how it turned (so feel even more bad wasn’t able get this one coloured by TheCrazyDuck). The pose offer a perfect point of view on Rosalina’s filled ass and wet pussy and it will turned even more intense when Rosalina will get this dildo going deep in her pussy moaning in pleasure. I really love the expression missing cuteness and sexiness with the blurred part and wet mouth that enjoyed suck the dildo, also interesting detail is TheCrazyDuck added piercings once again (but in different place this time), seems he really have a fetish for it ^^
I hope you guys like those illustration, feel free tell which one is your favourite in comment and you can take a look at TheCrazyDuck‘s page for even more illustration. I’l thinking about getting TheCrazyDuck as chosen artist for an upcoming patreon raffle but still feel a bit frustrated by his patreon paywall, I know it’s something “common” but I’m frustrated from so much Rosalina I know hidden by a patreon or gumroad… Raaaahhhh… T_T

Artist: TheCrazyDuck / 30$ commission deal
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