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Hi guys…
I’m not here to upload my art (I don’t draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection… I’m in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert… ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity… T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too… ;p

Now I’m looking for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap… But it’s the price… ^^

Actually: 683 drawings ( 353 girls – 86 OC – 135 Solo – 32 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don’t hesitate contact me… ^^

If you like this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, follow or promote…

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#683 – Sweet friend from the ocean

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon gijinka azumarill lingerie princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon gijinka azumarill

Some troubles happened recently since the site was down on December 5th for 20-30mn. There was a bug when I logged to work on the last post and seem it corrupted some files that blocked all the site. At this moment all you were able to see was a blank page with ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress‘, luckily it was fixed and also a good reminder to make more saves of the side database.

Also discovered a little game on android device named ‘Potion maker‘ that is simple but really cute and may see to create a series based on the game characters and more exactly their outfits that have a really nice design. Wonder if anyone here know about the game btw?


Now let’s enjoy JamilSC11‘s sweet and addictive style one more time with another lovely pokemon duo with the alternative version that all little perverts must enjoy. After Pichu (see it here) it’s time for Rosalina to go deep in the ocean meet Azumarill. Another sweet piece with both ladies like lovely pin-up close to each other that make it even more sensual and sure intimate for the alternative version. I hope you like this new illustration JamilSC11 created as me guys.

Also for sure no one can miss the sexy version of this illustration, for sure both naked showed the perfect curves of their sweet body is kinda hot but with JamilSC11 style it’s always keep some sweetness and instead of something explicit we keep that mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so marvelous as always. The background was a really unexpected surprise and beatifull (as it looks) surprise, anyway JamilSC11 know how tease us with lingerie and high heels on both version as Azurill expression that let us imagine she have some ideas to have fun once she’ll be in a more intimate place with that innocent princess… Love that detail… °w°

Here you can discover about the sketch and a little question for ya guys, doesn’t Azumarill without her tail remind you a bunny-girl? After this post the next step will be to upgrade « Where is my pokemon? » page with recent pieces I got, for now a huge thanks and hug to JamilSC11 that also do her best to draw Rosalina and her friend in so powerfull way. Stay tuned for more (cause there must have) and also why not visit JamilSC11’s main page and gallery: so many so adorable ladies sometimes with that spicy touch little perverts will enjoy. Finally the best wat to discover what she can do is let her make your dream come true with regularly new interesting commissions offer/deals… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

One year ago: #554 – Sensual pole dance
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#682 – Who’s the true guardian of the galaxy?

Congrat to Chris that won December patreon raffle and is able to request a duo of this choice by B-side7715 that drew the illustration with Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon dressed respectively as Pikachu and Raichu that you can see here. Chris is free to decide about the second girl and situation to ask as long he follow the artist standards but also have a little rule for December: Christmas theme. Oh yeah… °w°

Anyway I must admit there is nothing more planned for special, for now I’m kinda worry wondering if I’ll be able to prepare everything in time and keep the blog updated for Christmas. I’ll be kinda busy with family and enjoying brother’s gifts the more I can, cause I reached a step I deserve usefull presents instead of video games. T_T


So you already discovered about the artist working on December patreon raffle (illustration of the right to discover about the post) and today it’s time to present you Youngjaerome made November patreon reward for Curtis. I was really amazed by this artists that create so incredible pin-up and give breasts perfect curves but I must admit this time we got a big challenge since I was requested a pairing with Rosalina and Poppy in her star guardian outfit. I wasn’t sure if Youngjaerome could accept that kind of pairing but had to try.

I finally sent Youngjaerome my idea based on a sketch with Tristana that was really hot but also gave me an idea. Rosalina fucking roughly Poppy showing her who’s the true master of the galaxy. Both are badass fighters on Smash Bros. and League of Legends but I wasn’t able let my favorite princess lost, maybe Poppy will get her revenge in the future. Rosalina outfit is based on another sketch I found in my bondage ideas folder that would suit so perfectly for the scene and Youngjaerome style since you must never cover breasts cause he make them so… perfect… °w°

Youngjaerome had some concern about Poppy and told me ‘I do have to let you know i don’t do Loli‘, I don’t consider Poppy as loli since her tiny body is due to her Yordle race and. Tried to find some info about that point but seem no one talk about it, just there is a skin named LolliPoppy but it’s based on lollipop. Youngjaerome accepted work on the illustration but he’s not used to tiny body so as you can see he drew Poppy a bit more taller as the original but she looks really nice that way. Anyway guys, what your opinion about Poppy being a loli?

So all was ready to start and receiving the first sketch this one was already really good but I asked edit to Youngjaerome on two points. The first was to place Poppy up with some elevation on the floor to put her as better place for Rosalina and especially the way goes the strap-on. second point was to correct Poppy hairstyle giving her twin-tails but for that point it’s me that missed to give good refs to Youngjaerome (that I fixed quickly) and the next edit was simply perfect. From the flat color version I was a little septic about Rosalina legs that seemed a bit of but on the final version the latex effect was so powerfull.

Also Rosalina is a tall lady and it’s mostly on the legs we can insist on that particularity of her body so legs are another excellent part. I hope you love this illustration and a huge thanks for Youngjaerome that does his best on a body that he’s not use to draw. There is another Rosalina from him waiting but for more don’t miss take a look at his HentaiFoundry gallery, enjoying him streaming on picarto or give some support with commission or joining his patreon… ^__^

Artist: Chacrawarrior / Cost: ??? (gift)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Yjayr
Patreon: www.patreon.com/yjayr
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Youngjaerome

One year ago: #565 – Warm shower with Satsuki
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#681 – Not confident being too sexy Pikachu

Manage the blog is really so much work, I first need to find artists to request or commission restricted by the budget but have too keep two illustrations each week to make regular and interesting content. On the artist side I also keep contact after they participated as long I can, kinda a way thanks them with the support they deserve but with time there is even more illustrations so even more artists that contributed to the project.

Including all places I promote the project like tumblr, twitter, deviantart, newsletter it’s like the project need even more time and efforts since those 5 years of existence. Besides the support from comment, patreon or sales of the « Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic » don’t grow-up as some artists I follow and encourage since years that never stop be more famous and powerfull, kinda fell I can’t stop my project since I love it so much but don’t’ have the power make it grow, sounds pitifull (the only relief is on a way the fact no one will really read or take consideration about that, that’s the power of porn sited) ^^’


Anyway artists will never stop to amaze me and time to present you B-side7715 that come one the project for the first time (and be sure not the last) pairing Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon dressed respectively as Pikachu and Raichu, wonder who’s your fav but both are gorgeous and I know it’s hard choice. This idea came first after I saw B-side7715‘s illustration of Cynthia that you cans see on the right, she’s one of my top 10 fav ladies and looks so wonderfull that I wasn’t able to resist ask her. Next challenge was to decide about the situation… O_o

For the pose, I was first looking at a great suit for both ladies, mostly oriented in lingerie since I love that so much but B-side7715 told me is not into really explicit situation and it’s seeing Cynthia in her Raichu suit that I decided suggest it. Second part was to get the pose giving one to B-side7715 that also have the freedom give some suggestions. I finally received 3 sketches really interesting that took me two days to choose, it’s not the pose I originally suggested that was used since the one you actually see suited much better according both ladies hairstyle that could hide so much or their face with the hair lock and also one to give a nice view to each costume. Like the result I guess it was the right decision… °w°

I love how turned that illustration, Cynthia offered Rosalina to try some pokemon costumes with her but as you can see she gave Rosalina a Pikachu costume that cute princess didn’t expected to be that revealing. B-side7715 made an awesome work with pose and anatomy but the best is that mix into cuteness and sexiness on both ladies; Rosalina so sexy but with a so lovely and innocent face (she’s really so cute) and Cynthia that have a suit more soft but kinky expression and sure lot of idea to make the night really fun. B-side7715 also made some sweet and detailed lingerie as I love but need to practice a little more on shoes in my opinion.

On coloring and shading side, B-side7715 is really amazing with hairs and for a simple background that little best looks nice (and gave us plenty of idea for that sweet duo). Skin also looks nice with great light effect on Rosalina’s breasts (that also have so magnificent curves) but missing a bit of shadow to make it correct also Rosalina’s tight-hight that need to show a little more keeping a bit of see through effect for sure. Anyway I must admit I love so much that illustration B-side7715 created and if he continue that way he’ll sure reach an epic level. ^__^

I hope you like this illustration guys and be sure there is more coming by B-side7715 that will also work on the December patreon raffle reward (congrat to Chris that won this month). If you want to see more you can take a look at B-side7715’s Deviantart, follow him on Instagram or Facebook were you can discover some ravishing traditional inked ladies and discover his original comic on Tapastic. You can also give even more support with a commission or buys some of his design on Teepublic… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #550 – New form and new friend
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#680 – Ino kisses

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw naruto Ino crossover princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw naruto Ino crossover

Spam comments are back, luckilly they goes at a slow rate for now so I can manage it without troubles. Curious fact, they only come in the bonus page that is kinda dead since I putted it on the archives list. Also they all start with a short sentence to pick your interest like « Can I call you? » then are filled with unsafe links after that.

Also I know who’ll be the artist that will work on December patreon raffle reward available for 5$ patreon members and you’ll discover next week about his art. Still not late to join the RosalinaxGirl project patreon to get a chance on the raffle and discover ton of bonus content… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


5 years after Temari it’s time for Ino to have a romantic night with Rosalina on this so ravishing and sensual piece piece created by Sasori-sanin, Must admit I focused to much on Temari since she’s one of my 10 favs ladies but this time it’s Sasori-sanin that chosen to pair Rosalina and Ino Yamanaka from Naruto series, another new ladies and great surprise with this illustration… °w°

Each artist his own style, fetishes and tastes so give some freedom is always powerfull, on one side the artist have more fun on the illustration and on other side you have some suspense for an even more cool surprise, after all if you request or commission an artist as Sasori-sanin it must be since you love his art so can’t be disappointed on the result. I love here the mix into cuteness and sexiness, both looking at each other starting from sweet cuddles and each one can imagine how will goes the night. Can be sweet or a little more intense if Sasori-sanin had hidden some little toy behind the bed.

To make it even more intimate Sasori-sanin made a lipstick versions to let us imagine they both exploring each other body gently kissing on way, also some points that can make us imagine some specific scenes like that little series on Rosalina leg where you can imagine the way Ino mouth goes with each kiss closer to that sweet princess pussy. Anyway in my opinion, would be better if Sasori-sanin gave each one a different lipstick color but that’s not a big mistake.

Besides kisses, Sasori-sanin putted a also lot of nice details as the bed design and folds, some lingerie on both ladies (love the pantie on Rosalina leg) and the crown is also nice addition don’t really suit the design of Rosalina one. Anyway thanks so much Sasori-sanin for this awesome illustrations and guys don’t miss have a look at his galleries on Deviantart (here), Pixiv (here) where ‘you can watch some pics […] like the progress of some of my tradicional works‘ or give him some support buying his design on Spreadshirt (here).

Artist: Sasori-sanin / Cost: 0$ (request)
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=11680131
Deviantart: www.sasori-sanin.deviantart.com
Spreadshirt: www.spreadshirt.com/user/sasori-sanin

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#679 – New enemy for Shimakaze

Sometimes I forget my USB key at work and can’t use what I prepared during the day to create the new post, but sometimes I prepare things at home before left with some information, links or idea that I must use and forget save it on the key before leave. wonder what is the most stupid but for sure both aren’t helpfull at all… XD

Also as you can see the previous post that had to be last week-end came this Monday, was really busy and crazy with some pain (but wont tell about that). Anyway I wont use that to cheat and continue plan two posts a week so it mean 3 illustration will be on the blog this week, 2nd now and stay turned for next one this week-end… Oh yeah…


Kantai Collection subtitled as « Combined Fleet Girls Collection«  and abbreviated as KanColle is at first a Japanese game browser launched on April 2013 and now as manga, anime, PSvita game and soon an animated film, for more you can have a look at the wiki page here that is kinda well made. Currently, the game is only available if connecting with Japanese IP address so proxy is needed but on a fanart side it will need more to stop Alas-Carmesis that created this duo with Rosalina and Shimakaze (originally a Japanese destroyer).

Shimakaze is prepare to battle against heavy sea enemies (destroyers have advantage against huge battleships) but Rosalina made her discover there can be surprises everywhere but Alas-Carmesis has something more kinky in mind for this piece. Shimakaze being abused but a piranha plant tentacles while Rosalina looking at her with a little smile letting the tentacles goes around her leg to give her the same pleasure. Shimakaze is really hot, lot of juice and eyes make it even more intense, also as high heels lover it’s so cool Alas-Carmesis gave her the true heels that are inspired by ship rudder.

On Rosalina side Alas-Carmesis made each part are incredible; from the bottom you can imagine the tentacles slowly moving up around her leg going to abuse of that perfect princess body, on her body it’s so perfect ass and ravishing lingerie and finally her face with a little smile so adorable as naughty for that mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so incredible… °w°

I hope you like his new illustration guys, Alas-Carmesis also drew Maya from KanColle series as reward on his patreon page (here). If you wonder about commission then you must keep an eye on his journals since Alas-Carmesis make some special week with two illustrations for the price of one… No way miss that kind of offer and it’s also why another duo with Rosalina will come soon… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Chacrawarrior / Cost: 27$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Alascarmesis
Deviantart: www.alas-carmesis.deviantart.com

One year ago: #565 – Warm shower with Satsuki
Next to come: Ino kisses (NSFW)

#678 – Evil spreading

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw futa trap crossdress femboy

Since it was impossible to post comments, I had to shot down the protection plugin and you can new post a comment and be sure it wont be deleted without reason. Anyway two day after this edit I received exactly 251 comments and only one wasn’t a spam. Now I remember why I deleted the mail notification when comments, the previous time it happened I woke up with more than 800 mail notifications waiting… O_o

Also discovered that as if I love my job, some people a little too close to the rules told me work is work and get familiar with that place can’t happen (or maybe it’s not that cool as I thought). Back to reality ^^’


After some really naughty drawings with Samus, Tinkerbell and overwatch ladies, DigitallyDeviant is back with an pin-up Rosalina but didn’t forgot the kinky touch that make his art really hot and particular since once again there is a female and trap version. Some of you can think it’s futanari since we can see some breasts but DigitallyDeviant asked me to be his model for art and since I do Rosalina crossplay the original is sure a trap. ^^’

This illustration wasn’t planned to be a duo since the start, the detail DigitallyDeviant really loved in the original photo wasn’t just the pose but that little smile kinda sweet but naughty like evil. This smile look even more nice in the original photo but I wont show it cause it must stay secret anyway I suggested to DigitallyDeviant to use this one each year like « do it again«  so let see about his new skills and how will look this little smile next time.

Must admit the illustration was made in April by DigitallyDeviant so the redo it really more close as you can imagine. As if a bit sketchy I really love how ended this illustration and you can really see that the focus was on Rosalina face, it looks more clean and soft shading compared to the dress and already that expression that is so lovely but mixing with the pose have that mix into cuteness and sexiness like an invitation we can’t refuse. The girl version with toy is even more hot, a nice one that wont stop this little smile and when DigitallyDeviant will reach a level that allow some love juice and wet effect it will be so… Perfect… °w°

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
Next to come: New ennemy for Shimakaze (NSFW)

#677 – Clumsy Luma with Shantae stuff

I made some edits on the blog organization, first you can see more page directly from the bar in the top of the site and I cleaned a little those listed on the right column to make it more clear and compact (must continue giving a smaller button to the gallery page). Last point is about the Information Videos, instead of move this page the the archive as usual it will be fully deleted from the site; those getting old with bad english and out of date information.

Promoting the site, I also post on patreon, tumblr and manage a newsletter (that you can subscribe here). Since tumblr search system looks kinda broken I got the advice to post on twitter so this page will be more active for now. Feel free follow me if you are active in those places. ^^


As for Mavruda that will never draw Rosalina anymore, this one maybe the last from Suika for the project since she continually grow up and reached an awesome level that I wont be able to follow with the budget, for now I let you enjoy this new kinky duo she made and hope you like it guys. Rosalina meet Shantae from Shantae series game, this one was inspired by a script I made for a chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service project. She’s kind addicted to tentacles (and want one as tatto like her OC) and the story I made have this kind of action so Suika was just perfect to make it powerfull (and naughty)… °w°

Basically, the storyboard for this Rosalina’s Delivery Service chapter start with Rosalina delivering a little package to Shantae, as a normal delivery must be. The package have a new oriental suit Shantae ordered and Rosalina was amazed how beautifull looks this outfit. Shantae offered her to try wear that kind of suit and insisted enough to make that lovely princess not able to refuse then both end wearing sweet Arabian suits and looked a bit so sexy that Shantae wasn’t able to resist tease Rosalina and wanted more of that ravishing body. Gentle caress, kiss, tease and then some lesbian action on the bed as you can expect.

And now start the part linked to Suika‘s illustration: a Luma was waiting on the delivery car for a moment cause they love travel with their mam a around the galaxy) and decide go find why her mama need so much time to come back. Entering Shantae house from a window he finally find those two ladies doing weird thing and moved under Shantae magic lamp still wondering what happen. Then touching the lamp is released all that black magic hidden inside that move on Shantae and Rosalina around the bed and take the form of many huge and angry tentacles that wanted to get they revenge after so much time in the lamp and you know how tentacles can be naughty when sexy and wet ladies. It’s for that part I commissioned Suika. I still don’t know if I’ll be able get a new comic for the project with that story but for now you can have a little idea about the story… ^^

You can see on the right a sketch with the same size of the HD version you can get as patreon reward, to give you an idea. Suika really worked hard on details and shading, just must admit my fav part is the see-through effect on Rosalina’s suits and shoes… °w°

Also talking about this drawing with Suika, The point that needed the more time wasn’t pose or clothes but what kind of shoes they have to wear. I love so much high heels but had to think something that is sexy and bit naughty but still work with both ladies style and outfits, I’m kinda happy of the one I found and how Suika drew them. Tentacles and see-through suits are also wonderfull but if I goes list all great details and make a detailled feedback of this illustration, better write a book than blog article. Just thanks so much for your kindness and efforts Suika, also guys don’t miss take a look to links above for more naughty art, strip-comic project and commissions guideline.

Artist: Suika / Cost: 65$
Livetream: www.picarto.tv/suika
Patreon: www.patreon.com/suikaa
Deviantart: www.suikaad.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/suika/profile

One year ago: #566 – Naughty bunnygirl
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#676 – Chocolate surprise

Pray for Lunakiri

We must spare a thought for Lunakiri that loss her Mom a few day ago and come today at her funeral, hard time when she need support, friendship and lot of hugs. Lunakiri is also working on an beautifull piece as memory (on the right). Hugs my friend.

Also the artist that will work on November patreon raffle is busy working on other commissions so the illustration may come a bit late but there will still have the reward for sure. I just apology for the delay but I will still continue give nice and sexy rewards for patrons so stay tuned for next updates… And one more hug for Lunakiri


And here is a new illustration linked to Overwatch series, anyway instead of Tracer that never meet that cute princess it’s Symmetra that come one more time to relax with Rosalina. This illustration is so wonderfull not only cause I have one more time my favorite chocolate lady from Overwatch series but also since this was a gift from my friend Tallon who commissioned Howl to create this illustration. This one remember me the previous duo made by Lunakiri but this time Howl reversed positions and let Rosalina feel Symmetra skills… °w°

Really love this illustration, Rosalina surprised by that feeling from her talented partner and a lovely mix into cuteness from her face and sexiness with her sweet body make her so ravishing, Howl was able keep her innocence in a sensual and romantic piece, how powerfull. Also referring to her story, Symmetra is Indian lady so jewels and background work really nice but Howl made a little error on her left arm that have to me mechanical and appear that way in all her skins but she’s still ravishing that way.

Once again, thanks so much Tallon for this awesome surprise and Howl that did a ravishing job. Must add links as always on the end of the post but you can see from the patreon that it’s owned by Subridet and Howl who are ‘a pair of artists willing to share how much we enjoy what we do and make a living out of it‘. I let you discover about their patreon page when you can find even more links to Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Hentai Foundry, Picarto and Sankaku, for sure you have choice… ^^

Artist: Chacrawarrior / Cost: ??? (gift)
Subridet tumblr: www.subrineet.tumblr.com
Howl tumblr: www.escapisthowl.tumblr.com
General patreon: www.patreon.com/subrihowl

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#675 – Ryuko super smash

Another upgrade for the gallery page that got 20 more illustrations listed (260 in total). Since they come in chronological order you can discover old publications sometimes with html problems moving from google so please drop a little comment if you notice a problem or blurred image then I can fix it quickly. Thanks… ^^

Also noticed working on the gallery page that next week will be the 5th birthday of the Rosalina x Girl blog (the project itself is a little older but don’t know its exact start). Honestly nothing special planned, at this period Rosalina’s birthday was the more important thing (see it here).


Today here is a new challenger entering Smash Bros. universe and show Rosalina the power of her blade with the help of Chacrawarrior, seem this time there is no chance for this sweet princess and her dress against a so powerfull opponent (and kinda remind me the game looks like a pay to win with DLC characters). Nintendo opened pools to vote on what character we want to see on Smash Bros., Cloud won one of them but I wonder if Ryuko got some votes and if Chacrawarrior participated to those pools. on my side I wasn’t able decide about an other fighter to suggest since Rosalina was already available…°

I really love this illustration, Chacrawarrior drew something that is sure sexy but also really dynamic, Ryuko attack looks really cool and love that kind of effect on the opponent. Anyway a battle against Bayonetta must be so badass but particular since her clothes are made from her hair but she can already undress while fighting. For now as if a bit cruel for Rosalina get her sweet body revealed is marvelous, thanks so much Chacrawarrior… \(^o^)/

Rukyo is sure more prepared to battle than Rosalina who joined Smash Bros. series on the (actually) last episode. Chacrawarrior also did a good job with expressions, Rukyo really serious going for victory and Rosalina really more surprise, you can also easily imagine her shrill cry and this kind of detail that make a drawing alive and even more powerfull. Rosalina still so cute and innocent but Chacrawarrior gave her some attributes and I’m sure this busty touch is a great addition to enjoy even more this battle. °w°

This one was the last one of a long request series and Chacrawarrior said on the description he was a little tired but still did his best, thanks so much. Anyway there is much more to discover on his gallery and as if description are write in Spanish Chacrawarrior have a good engkish level and is also open for point commission (see info here) so don’t miss get your own piece from a sweet chibi to sexy couple… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Chacrawarrior / Cost: 250 D.A. points

One year ago: #554 – Sensual pole dance
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#674 – More juice for Halloween

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Morgiana Magi Labyrinth Magic Halloween princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Morgiana Magi Labyrinth Magic Halloween

Got some time this week-end to search for artists to help me on the project, sent a message to a few and got some returns but like general commissions prices I really see the project is really ambitious compared to the actual budget. If you enjoy this guys don’t hesitate get your chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service Comic (here) or support on patreon (here) to get exclusives rewards, previews and join a monthly raffle… Oh yeah… ^^

When I got some free time at work, I prepare some post or html edits on .txt files and save them on USB key since all kind of Dropbox and drive are blocked. Anyway not first time it happen (and I’m sure not the last) but forgot that fucking key, kinda happen once a week but even more problematic on week-end so instead of redo everything I post another piece and mean illustration don’t always appear as they were planned… ^^’


Not because Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday are over for 2016 that we can’t enjoy a bit more and it’s the wonderfull Omnimaid that come once again to surprise us with a new illustration. As each year I’ll quote that lovely sentence, I was so happy and honored when he said ‘I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine‘. I was wondering if Omnimaid may participate again this year and got the confirmation when he started teasing me about an upcoming illustration… ^^

At a moment Omnimaid he would be late with the drawing and didn’t really understand since I finally received it in time for Rosalina’s birthday but this year it was Halloween theme and dedicated post was already done a few days ago. Anyway I wont be the only with late Halloween publication and wait a year to show it must be so stupid for Omnimaid, especially since I love so much that duo with Morgiana from Magi – Labyrinth of Magic series.

You can see an illustration I received in 2012 by Omnimaid on the left and them how he increased his level until now. As lingerie lover be sure that suit is so wonderfull on Rosalina and there is that mix into cuteness and sexiness that is really enjoyable. On a way the action make it so hot and intense especially with the squirting piece but on the other side Omnimaid made Morgiana looks a bit really cute and a bit unexperienced, that make her even more lovely.

Another cool detail is the bite of the vampire on Rosalina neck, we can imagine she had some fun with someone else and maybe Morgiana isn’t the last one she will play with this night, on other side she can transform as vampire after that (or ghoul but not cool). The only error in my opinion is how Omnimaid managed Rosalina’s hair, technically with that kind of pose and action they goes on a realistic way but that hair lock in from of her right eye is a really important detail about Rosalina and sometimes you have to cheat to make it good. After all the power of digital drawing it to be able to create what would be impossible on real life so must be bad don’t enjoy that ability. I’ll finish with another HUGE thanks for your constant support and friendship Omnimaid and guys don’t miss visit his galleries for even more powerfull art… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: OmniMaid / Cost: 0$ (gift)
Twitter: www.twitter.com/OmniMaid
Deviantart: www.omnimaid.deviantart.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/omnimaid
Hentaifoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/user/OmniMaid/profile

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#671-673 – Birthday time

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2016

It was now 9 years since Japan were able to discover Rosalina on November 1st 2007 when the game Mario Galaxy was available, after that the game came in USA, Europe and Australia respectively the 12th, 16th and 22th of November. She appeared in even more game since a year still so wonderfull as always creating even more theories and mistakes but for today all she need is love and a little wish for her birthday.

A huge thanks for all artists that helped me prepare this special post, Hope you like it guys.
princess Rosalina Nintendo yoshi sexy tentacle tongue birthday
She must be one of the artist I commissioned the most this year but when you find someone so kind with a price that suit perfectly to your budget there is no reason I stop work with JamilSC11. You’ll see more by her in the future for sure but let’s present you today two illustrations (and a bonus version) for Rosalina’s birthday. First one is commission but where I gave totally freedom to JamilSC11 until she do a birthday related piece, maybe a bit too much freedom since Yoshi join a drawing for a yuri project (does I must use lesbian in the future?). Anyway it ended really cool with a fetish I enjoy so much… Messy… *w*

princess Rosalina Nintendo yoshi sexy tentacle tongue birthdayIt looks kinda friendly and adorable but with Yoshi tongue liking the cake from Rosalina’s body it can sounds like a bit of tentacle and sure exciting, adding the naked version JamilSC11 made (as always with kinky commissions) it’s sure sooo exciting.

The second illustration JamilSC11 made was totally surprise and wonderfull one, she looks so adorable and ravishing looking at us with a pretty face, no one can resist to that invitation. Also no Yoshi but still some sweet cream for that messy touch, thanks so much JamilSC11… \(^o^)/

princess rosalina Nintendo birthday messy cake cream

Rosalina Nintendo birthday Lucile monster in ParisSecond illustration is totally cute and safe sent by Lonely-Cartoonist that contacted me there is a few day saying ‘I love your project and would love to participate‘, it’s really that kind of comment that give me motivation continue the project and I was so happy hear it. Anyway since Rosalina’s birthday was close Lonely-Cartoonist decided by it’s own to work on that kind of picture and finally send me this lovely duo with Lucile from the movie A monster in Paris.

I really enjoyed this french movie and two of the main characters were on the wishlish page before I finally remove them from the list to clean it a bit, since the movie isn’t really famous I didn’t expected get this pairing a day but I forgot remove it from the soft blog wishlist and Lonely-Cartoonist noticed it. Seem Rosalina didn’t expected get a so ravishing and talented singer to come at her party, love how cute she is with that embarrassed look. Thanks again Lonely-Cartoonist for your kind words and participation.

#668-670 – It’s Halloween party

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi yuri lesbian Hokoka Kosaka Love Idol FestivalBe careful of sweet demons

First illustration I received was a gift by Lolikitteh that was a bit crazy with this commission to Mazzacho but love so much this artist and was a wonderfull surprise. Here is an angel Rosalina meeting Hokoka Kosaka in her demon suit from Love Idol Festival musical game. If you like musical/rhythmic game this one is really cool but also too heavy for cheap devices.

That illustration is so ravishing and needed so many hours of work, it was so nice Mazzacho was streaming most of the time but since I follow it not easy for Lolikitteh to keep it as surprise for so long, kinda as me when I ordered the shota trap orgy for her (that you can see here). I guess the more impressive is the amount of details and effect on Hokoka dress, you can figure Mazzacho used a texture on it as many other artists but it’s the first time I see some efect addition for a better render on folds. The HD version (4x bigger) and step by step are available on Mazzacho’s patreon if you want it. And once again, thanks sooo much Lolitteh for that powerfull surprise \(^o^)/

nintendo-mario-peach_31cPrincess witch and galactic ghost

Second illustration and also October patreon raffle reward for Chris who asked ‘Rosalina dress as a ghost but have a see-thought clothes and peach dress a witch wear a small dress show off her good parts‘ and it OJ that I to chosen work on that idea. Already commissioned her an Indivisible trio (see it here) that gave me some troubles but I wanted give her another chance. Once again it didn’t ended that well cause the lost original file on previous commission and for this once wasn’t able to send me the full photoshop file, OJ goes too fast but is excellent to figure and create close pieces of what you dream about. ^^

I made some edits that I’m kinda proud editing background and Rosalina see-through effect to increase her ghost look, it was pretty easy since OJ have an excellent layer organization. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to send me the full version of photoshop file and and the illustration I created come with a really smaller size than the one she made her side. If you are curious there is the HD version with white background as patreon reward (here).

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tristana Bewitching lux witch league of legendsYordle ‘special ingredient

Third illustration was by Ryev Alki that got my eternal admiration with his style and kindness (and deserve your too), I love how he can make so adorable ladies in all situations so turn it even more naughty each time but always a cute touch that create a powerfull feeling. For those that play League of legends, Riot create so great skins as characters and after Nidalee witch last year (see it here) it’s time to prepare some potion with Tristana Bewitching and Lux Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Yordle love juice is a powerfull ingreduit that Rosalina sure enjoy a lot to collect with the help of her little friend. As bonus you can see the character sheet Ryev Alki sent me to be sure about both suits. Didn’t expected it but was a nice surprise and the suit were perfect, just asked Ryev Alki to edit Rosalina hat and put her medallion and show Tristana boot but since the floor not appear, the boot either. No high heels but great suits, so sexy view and some juice to make it soooo perfect and also love that busty touch.

#667 – Feeling a peachy tongue

Forgot my usb key where I prepared the Rukyo post that had to be published previously, I can say it’s the curse from the 666th illustration on the site but must admit it happen like once a week (and even more dramatic when week-end coming). No choice since all dropbox and drive blocked at work and each time I install a new one it don’t need more than a week to be down… Raaah… T_T

Also as Nintendo fan I sure saw about the Nintendo Switch, it sure looks interesting and bit complex with so much (expensive?) accessories to come. I’m now curious if manets are comfy to use, autonomy, retro-compatibility with WiiU games and the price… Suspense…


After a spending some fun time with Samus back to a party (on the right) or being serviced orally by Lysithea (on the left), BandiJones contacted me to announce another kinky duo coming with Rosalina and Peach. Be sure I was really excited about it, not only because another Rosalina illustration but since BandiJones is a french artist with cunnilingus and high heels fetish (how powerfull). Also it’s the 31th time I receive Rosalina and Peach pairing for the blog but this duo is kinda magic and it’s real interesting to see how that duo can look depending the artist style and idea, if you are curious you can see all Rosalina x Peach illustrations here.

I was so honored receiving BandiJones mail, it’s so nice when people think at me when it concern Rosalina content they saw or created but this time it was more as teaser cause I wasn’t allowed see the illustration before it goes completed, how cruel. Anyway, since it took more time than expected I finally got some compassion and be able get a WIP (kinda exaggerating about BandiJones, he’s really nice guy). Something intimate, expressive and intense as you can see on Rosalina face and also both princess gloves torn, ‘Rosalina could have caught Peach’s glove as with the bed sheets cause excitation and tear the fabric‘, the idea is sure interesting but torn clothes represent more a fight in my opinion, what do you think guys?

What’s wonderfull when you follow an illustration creation is to discover about details or ideas that never appear on the final version. As example BandiJones wanted Peach heel a bit wet from Rosalina licking after partially remove her shoe. Not really sure if the idea was abandoned or too hard to figure while coloring (high heels shoes still here so we keep the best). Better BandiJones don’t spend time on a detail people may not notice, anyway I must figure a licking scene with shoe dangling a day… °w°

I hope you love this new illustration as me guys, BandiJones was really kind tell me about this illustration and let me publish it here but on your side don’t miss discover his art on Deviantart, Tumblr and even more (all listed below). He increased a lot his level sicne the first time I discovered him and now will be time to move from requests to commissions. Must be really interesting price at start so don’t miss you chance let that cunni-sempai make your dreams come true… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#666 – Gymnastic chibi

princess rosalina Nintendo chibi Olympic game gymnastic ribbon chibi
October 22th Special… Happy birthday to Suika… \(^o^)/

Not the post as announced, I’ll explain soon ‘sorry about that). Also here is the 666th post, I’m sure you know all the reputation of that number and hope wont curse the blog (anyway the usb forgotten can be linked). I’m kinda safe from DDOS attacks or brute force login for now and it must continue that way… ^^’


Let’s try to fight against the malediction with a so ravishing chibi Rosalina made by JamilSC11. That Gymnastic suit is from from Mario and Sonic at Olympic game, Rio edition. First time Rosalina join this series and I hope she will appear in next episodes. That suit is so wonderfull on Rosalina, kinda show the perfect curved of that princess body and she’s so gracious during gymnastic sports events. Also really love how JamilSC11 drew her ribbon that turn really big and impressive but still so nice and add a dynamic touch, when you come imagine Rosalina twirling with it it’s stunning… °w°

JamilSC11 is so powerfull, able to make some kinky duo to adorable and ravishing chibis, to see more you can see all her Rosalina art here and Deviantart gallery here. That way I can mix some kinky and lovely content on the blog cause as if I can’t deny I’m a little pervert Rosalina don’t need to be naked with open legs to be marvelous (you got the idea) so a bit of sweetness is always nice. I hope you like it and keep in mind JamilSC11 often do commission deals with free chibi reward. They sure are powerfull deal and kinda a reason you’ll definitely see a lot more from her on the blog. XD

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

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