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Hi guys…
I’m not here to upload my art (I don’t draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection… I’m in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert… ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity… T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too… ;p

Now I’m looking for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap… But it’s the price… ^^

Actually: 666 drawings ( 348 girls – 86 OC – 133 Solo – 30 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don’t hesitate contact me… ^^

If you like this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, follow or promote…

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#666 – Gymnastic chibi

princess rosalina Nintendo chibi Olympic game gymnastic ribbon chibi
October 22th Special… Happy birthday to Suika… \(^o^)/

Not the post as announced, I’ll explain soon ‘sorry about that). Also here is the 666th post, I’m sure you know all the reputation of that number and hope wont curse the blog (anyway the usb forgotten can be linked). I’m kinda safe from DDOS attacks or brute force login for now and it must continue that way… ^^’


Let’s try to fight against the malediction with a so ravishing chibi Rosalina made by JamilSC11. That Gymnastic suit is from from Mario and Sonic at Olympic game, Rio edition. First time Rosalina join this series and I hope she will appear in next episodes. That suit is so wonderfull on Rosalina, kinda show the perfect curved of that princess body and she’s so gracious during gymnastic sports events. Also really love how JamilSC11 drew her ribbon that turn really big and impressive but still so nice and add a dynamic touch, when you come imagine Rosalina twirling with it it’s stunning… °w°

JamilSC11 is so powerfull, able to make some kinky duo to adorable and ravishing chibis, to see more you can see all her Rosalina art here and Deviantart gallery here. That way I can mix some kinky and lovely content on the blog cause as if I can’t deny I’m a little pervert Rosalina don’t need to be naked with open legs to be marvelous (you got the idea) so a bit of sweetness is always nice. I hope you like it and keep in mind JamilSC11 often do commission deals with free chibi reward. They sure are powerfull deal and kinda a reason you’ll definitely see a lot more from her on the blog. XD

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

One year ago: #554 – Sensual pole dance
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#665- Pornstar Tinkerbell and trap Rosalina

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tinkerbell disney princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tinkerbell disney futa trap crossdress femboy

As I already said, I created a tumblr account to give more exposure to the project but looking at the site it seam my posts don’t appear on researches. Technically I selected the option to make posts appear in researches and add tags in all posts as you can see but nothing happen when I do a research. Does it show you something when you search with ‘Rosalinaxgirl‘ tag on tumblr? Anyway if you have some advices it’s nice too, maybe something I missed or it’s cause Nintendo control on tumblr to destroy all the NSFW content related to their characters. No fair T_T

Also the reward illustration for the patreon monthly raffle started, the illustration may come next week if everything fine, I’ll get the first sketch soon but must goes really fast with this illustration, stay tuned guys.


A new piece from that wonderfull (and particular) deal I have with DigitallyDeviant pairing Rosalina and Tinkerbell. But the original Tinkerbell that appear in the illustration isn’t from Disney movie itself but a porn movie parody that I discovered and it’s that girl I linked to DigitallyDeviant to be used a reference for this illustration, you can see some screens of the movie on this post and hope Tinkerbell looks so hot for you as for me.

Looking at backgrounds we are really far to a high budget movie and it’s kinda fun when then forgot add it on a scene as you can see in of screen but anyway the Tinkerbell actress was so freaking sexy. A ravishing actress with great dress and high heels, I wasn’t able to resist use her as ref for a duo with Tinkerbell and to make it even more powerfull as crazy I chosen DigitallyDeviant for that idea. °w°

According to my deal deal with DigitallyDeviant, I was posing as model for Rosalina pose, it’s were come the trap version but for those that are not into crossdress DigitallyDeviant also made a female version that I have to assume it’s closer to the original Rosalina I dream about but as for the Tinkerbell actress, I want so much play that way with her (sweet dreams).

From the original idea, the only change I asked was to move Rosalina leg from the sofa to Tinkerbell back and then view the shoe (high heels addiction), anyway as if the final piece can look sketchy at some point DigitallyDeviant worked really hard on it. It’s always frustrating to see people that can judge only from the artist level thinking a piece like this can be done in half an hour (far from reality). All artists need to start a day and what they need at this time is support and constructive feedback (hard on my side when it involve Rosalina but whatever). So don’t hesitate tell your opinion and for more you can enjoy all Rosalina drew by DigitallyDeviant here or visit his own page on hentaifoundry here.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
Next to come: Rukyo super smash (NSFW)

#664 – Melting with carrot

Doing some extra hours this month, wont give a lot more but at last I can change my phone without blame myself so much and maybe buy those heels that I dream about for months. Kinda bad stories with them since they were already ordered (and lost on shipping) so a lot of frustration but can’t stop think about them… T_T

Also if everything fine I finally found my own place to move on and finally get that freedom and privacy I dream about since two year. Anyway the building will be done in June 2018 so still some time left on my father living room. Not easy manage the blog and everything NSFW related but allow me save a little money at last.


After that double Rosalina illustration (on the left) created by Psicoero, it’s time to present the second piece I commissioned him, patreon members already saw the sketch and will get the HD version. A pose was already chosen by the artist and was a really good choice so after the challenge was to decide who will be with Rosalina. I suggested several ladies and the one that got Psicoero interest is a cute and fun bunny from One Piece series named Carrot (how complex name decision)… ^^’

one-piece-carrot_01aWorking on this illustration, instead of give lingerie and heels as I usually ask, Psicoero suggested to keep Carrot in her original outfit and Rosalina dressed as Luffy. Kinda frustrating to admit that idea was much better than lingerie but the result is really more powerfull that way, after all Rosalina can’t enter One Piece universe without a bit of disguise and Psicoero kept her so kinky (and talented) as I love so it’s perfect.

On the final illustration, the only point that looks special in my opinion is the difference with lines on Carrot you have strong lines on her head and on her feet it’s kinda they are missing, I guess it’s something from Psicoero and some said it give a nice style and perspective to the illustration, what your opinion about that guys? Also you can see all illustrations Psicoero made for the project here and for more just visit links below to discover his galleries, patreon or streams… Oh yeah.. \(^o^)/

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Cost: 60€/65$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero/
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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#663 – Angel Lapis lazuli

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian steven universe Lapis lazuli princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian steven universe Lapis lazuli

Thanks so much for all that supported the project on patreon, it’s Chris who won October raffle and had to suggest an idea with Halloween theme. He asked for ‘Rosalina dress as a ghost but have a see-thought clothes and peach dress a witch wear a small dress show off her good parts‘, the idea is sure interesting and must admit I can’t resist when it involve see-through but thinking at since since a few days and as if some research, I still can’t figure how you can make the kind of suit on Rosalina.

Wonder what Chris have in mind cause that costume sounds weird and not easy manage double transparency for both Rosalina ghost and see-through clothes (I don’t think a simple ghost outfit will looks great and also don’t allow many interactions but let see what we will be able to create with OJ… Stay tuned… ^^


Not easy manage both blog and patreon (including all other places and page that need regular updates) and still not able manage a real timeline for publications but be sure no one will be forget. Anyway it come a bit late and I’m really sorry for that but let me present you the September patreon raffle reward and feel sad it come that late. The chosen artist was CreatureCandy and as request I got ‘Rosalina having fun with one these girls the show Steven‘. So much freedom in this description but CreatureCandy asked me to give her at last a little selection and she picked Lapis lazuli from this one, also first lady from the series that meet Rosalina… °w°

It’s the second illustration I received from CreatureCandy, first one was a duo with her Succuby OC on the right (original post here) and I thought this raffle was a great opportunity commission her for a new illustration and I hope there will be more in the future. A really nice and ravishing style here, both so lovely and every details make it hot but sensual as Rosalina little breast that still look so soft the way it get fondle but Lapis. Also a wet version for messy lovers (as me) but it don’t goes to explicit, as example CreatureCandy didn’t drew some from Lapis pussy and honestly you must admit we are more captivated by those sweet faces looking at us as a little invitation to spend a long and romantic night with them… Love that feeling.

Looking at this illustration, I’m thinking Joy from Inside Out movie would suit so nicely to CreatureCandy style, must keep that in mind when the budget allow me get a new duo from her. For now I hope you like this illustration guys and for now don’t miss visit her CreatureCandy or Tumblr for many good content as lovely girls and little monsters sometimes adorable to fucking naughty… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: CreatureCandy / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr (18+): www.creaturecandy.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.creaturecandy.deviantart.com
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/creaturecandyart

One year ago: #515 – Cowgirl meets tentacles
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#662 – Lolitas love tentacles

I now post on Tumblr but only censored versions with link to the uncensored version to make people visit the blog and get access to all illustrations and wonderfull artists featured here as if it don’t seem to have a huge impact on the visitor stats for the moment but we’ll see how it goes with time. Also must find a way give more importance to « Rosalina’s Delivery Service » comic and make this one continue with new even more kinky chapters but that part is found by sales so take a look and get your copy here… °w°

Anyway I was followed on tumblr by Splarty that I already know about and be a (not that active) member. It’s a place dedicated to artists and commissioner so a great way find artist to commission depending what you are looking for (female, male, furry, sfw/nsfw…) with some interesting features like you can present your OC on the site. For now there isn’t so many artists on splarty.net and you can find cheaper deals on deviantart but it deserve a look and also this place is safer from scammers (important detail for both artists and commissioners).


New artist to present you, it’s Gao-lukchup (alias Gao), that I commissioned for a sexy duo with Rory Mercury from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (honestly, they can’t do a shorter name). I really love that character, she’s badass and her lolita dress is wonderfull kinda impressive and beautifull as Valerie from pokemon X/Y but with Rory it’s really more powerfull for naughty illustration, can give really how views with her short dress or when you redraw it on a lingerie oriented suit as Gao-lukchup did it’s just that powerfull. Be sure she must appear more with Rosalina.

I was really amazed visiting Gao-lukchup‘s gallery, his style and level are excellent with that mix into cuteness and sexiness that turn ladies so wonderfull. It was seeing his « pen and panty » drawing that I thought I must commission him something that style mixing lolita dress and sexy panties. Just don’t remember where the idea to add tentacles come from, I expected have some going under Rosalina or Rory clothes or hand in panty (another of my huge fetish). I guess was was a bit to crazy but the first sketch Gao-lukchup sent me was perfect, I was really excited with it and as you can see there is no change from sketch to final version.

Maybe missing a bit of love juice to give a bit of see-through on Rory panty pressing her pussy but can’t deny we have a powerfull view at this duo. The only error we can find in this piece is about both girl situation, Rory getting abused by Rosalina (and tentacle soon) and that princess looks a bit crazy and so naughty ready to play a lot with that cute lolita body offering her own to the tentacles feeling moving on her skin, pressing her breasts and going deep in her tight princess holes. Anyway if you look at both character story and origin, a badass fighter and sweet innocent princess in that situations, it’s like Gao-lukchup reversed both role here. No?

This one is really a fantastic piece that I’m so happy finally show you here, Gao-lukchup really worked hard and did his best for something really exciting and as you can see on the previous paragraph with a bit of imagination there can be many naughty action between the two girls and it’s even more intense when you let the tentacles get their fun too. I’ll sure manage commission Gao-lukchup again in the future but for now don’t miss enjoy his deviantart gallery or go on his patreon to unlock some incredible content as exciting are the teasers… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Gao-lukchup / Cost: 80$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/gao
Deviantart: www.gao-lukchup.deviantart.com
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/gaoexpressionx

One year ago: #555 – Sweet Blueberry
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#661 – Pichu growing fast

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon gijinka pichu latex princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon gijinka pichu

Once again it appear Lunakiri is cursed, she was on the way fix her bugs problem with a heated truck and financial troubles came once again, that’s not fair. Compared to what I announce in the previous post, she may be back to the internet to be able do commissions and pay the bills. Please consider help Lunakiri enjoying her cheap prices at same time, 15$ a colored duo and 25$ an animation like on the right.

About the blog, the page for Where is my pokemon? project is now up to date including all I recently received and this new one that appear today. Don’t hesitate take a look to see all those cute, sweet, badass or kinky pokemon ladies that enjoy Rosalina compagny. Any suggestions for the next to meet that cute princess?


And time to show again an artist that contributed so much to the project this year enjoying JamilSC11 skills and kinky mind (be sure she is), she now enter Where is my pokemon? project with two illustrations that don’t come in the right order (so stupid) so you see today the more recent she did. For those that know about the series, I hope you easily recognized Pichu, technically it’s a baby pokemon but you can prevent a pokemon to evolve and JamilSC11 drew her older with nice attributes and naughty mind, for little perverts it’s even more powerfull that way… °w°

I really love the result and one more time JamilSC11 was amazing with her skills and idea, she designed Pichu without any reference and it was a great surprise discover her sketch. I just have to admit Pichu hairs are designed and colored a way she can looks to an arabian lady at first, it’s a bit confusing but original detail on a way, could be the first hijab pairing I have with my favorite princess. JamilSC11 made a clothes and naked versions that are both so cool, the naked one make it more intimate and sensual that let us discover those perfect curves in both sweet bodies but in other way, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady and I’m really fan of those sexy suits.

Both versions are incredible and tell there is one I lvoe more the other. Also many nice details on this illustration like the electric touch (make me think at electric love » and also Pichu face or Rosalina clothes make them like two little dolls. Adding some latex and kinky fingers JamilSC11 made is really exciting, clothed isn’t really SFW but not that I will complain about that. I hope you like this illustration guys, stay tuned for more from JamilSC11, also why not visit her main page and gallery if you can resist see sexy ladies she drew, depend you mod there is also ravishing chibi to discover and for even more why not looks for a commission… ^__^

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

One year ago: #554 – Sensual pole dance
Next to come: Lolitas love tentacles (NSFW)

#660 – Princess cowgirl helping kinky Miltank

Saw many friends and artist with troubles and their computer, now it was my turn get the HDD die, this one was holding both windows and data since windows 10 moved to this one from the SSD when it was to small updating to 8.1 to 10. Installed a trial w8 on the SSD to boot on it and use it to get access to data that can save, now waiting for new HDD and a NAS before get full power back but I’ll try update the blog at last.

I’m also sorry to patreon members for no post since a week, I’ll give previous reward today and the one announced on this post tomorrow. I’ll also announce soon the monthly raffle winner. Stay tuned… °w°


Then let follow the actual plan with the illustration announced previously, one more piece for « Where is my pokemon? » project made by that lovely Lunakiri that will unfortunately vanish for several months since she wont get internet to save some money until she move to her new place. I have some more illustrations Lunakiri made in stock so she will still appear on the blog but I’ll miss a powerfull friend… Bwaaaa… T_T

Let’s hope everything will be fine for Lunakiri moving to her new apartment cause it will be a bit particular, complex and fucking expensive process (how a so nice person can have a so bad karma?). For now let enjoy this new piece a gijinka pokemon Miltank that I asked for many reasons. First wanted get Miltank (simply), second it was a great opportunity have Rosalina with cowgirl outfit and chaps (best suit ever) and last request to Lunakiri was Rosalina hand going in pants/panty, all together are so powerfull and I love so much the result. °w°

This wasn’t a easy commission anyway for Lunakiri cause Miltank was far from her favorite pokemons, I also always want to figure a pose showing the most of both characters and that not easy to do with some specific interaction. In one hand it’s normal to focus on Miltank since it may be the only time she appear with Rosalina but in other hand I love so much that princess that want to see her perfect body and cowboy outfit too. Needed lot of work and without an easy commissioner asking for such impossible things but Lunakiri never dropped out and made it looks so wonderfull. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

Many data lost with the HDD troubles as some WIP I wanted to use for this post so as apologize for everything I show here the HD version I received from Lunakiri instead of offer it as patreon reward. I hope you like this new illustrations guys, for more don’t hesitate to take a look to Lunakiri’s gallery on Deviantart or consider give her some support on patreon members, be sure to find great content waiting for you as reward as sexy animations, don’t miss it especially if you have a little fetish for breast spanking… ^^’

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

One year ago: #521 – I wish you were here
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#659 – Huge candies addiction

I’ll be out of town for the two week-end coming (family obligations), I’ll prepare the blog to be updated with planned posts and hope wont be any mistakes cause no way fix them and I know the great potential I have to make them. Newsletters and bonus for patreon members will be edited once I’m back on Sunday evening (and afternoon for US).

For now don’t miss to subscribe to the newsletter on the right tab to get a little notification per mail when a new illustration is published (nothing more) or help the project supporting on patreon then I’ll be able increase the quality with even more wonderfull artists and get some exclusive (and kinky) rewards… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


It’s a double « yeah » for this publication, first I have a new illustration made by FYREN to show you and also cause after Sergent CALHOUN (see it here) I have now the second main character from Wreck-It Ralf joining Rosalina. Vanellope is a tiny girl but already know to give lot of fun to that ravishing princess and also a really powerfull show for us, thanks so much for that kinky piece FYREN… \(^o^)/

Vanellope is a small girl kinda as kid with her personality but I don’t really have the feeling she’s a Lolicon in FYREN drawing, maybe knowing she’ll never grow up and because « older » as a game character, make me wonder how she can look with adult look and if some artists already drew her that way. At last for those that know about the original movie so messy and candy play is sure logical to the character and since they are oversized in the Candy rush world it’s sure make it even more intense. Love Rosalina’s expression here.

FYREN sure did an excellent job with that part, so intense like you can hear her crying getting that huge candy deeper in her ass. The second candy in Vanellope mouth can give many options, for sure a DP sounds logical but if both try to goes in the same tight hole it will be rude for that cute princess.

FYREN offered us wonderfull point of view and perfect princess pussy, the way we can imagine Vanellope pushing the candy deeper and Rosalina crying make it like alive and you can imagine so many things happening next, the other candy giving even more possibilities like each one masturbating with or, Rosalina using then on Vanellope next or that wonderfull DP for those that love it intense. More than a single illustration FYREN really created something that can be a part of a long story with some imagination. What you think can happen in the next scene guys?

Thanks again FYREN for your support on the project, for now you can find most of his art on rule34 and TheDarkSpot (need register) but keep in mind that his main fetish is guro that is really particular and so hard get a great place to show all, I suggested him to create a pixiv account and maybe I’ll have a new link to add a day. ^^

Artist: Fyren / Cost: 0$ (gift)
Rule34: www.rule34.paheal.net/post/list/fyren/1
TheDarkSpot (account needed): www.thedarkspot.com

One year ago: the blog was still bead (Bwaaa T_T)
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#658 – Lovely surprise

I’ll get some free time this week-end and must use it to find new artists as if I received some wonderfull pieces recently and can’t wait to show them but artists are already waiting. For now you’ll have to wait a little but I’m sure you’ll enjoy all that content coming, so much talented artists that worked hard for the project… Oh yeah… °w°

Must see to also update the gallery page but create all thumbnail one by one need some time that I can’t find since I now lost all privacy on my actual place. Hard to be a pervert with someone looking over your shoulder all day, be sure it’s huge pain with time and wont get my own place quickly… >.<


Little mistake on previous post, it was Symmetra announced for this one until I fixed it (thanks Lunakiri) but it’s JamilSC11‘s turn today with a ravishing bust she offered me as gift as thanks for all commissions I asked her , I feel so honored and happy with that adorable Rosalina (how can’t be in love when she looks at you that way), thanks so much for this awesome present JamilSC11 I love it soooo much… \(^o^)/

I generally ask for wip to see how the illustration evolve with time and how artists work, you really can learn interesting things from them but this time JamilSC11 just sent me the final version so a little special cause I don’t know anything about the illustration. Maybe just that I must really change my name in deviantart but I wont pay 3 month membership just to change it and have to and follow again all artist I actually do as JamilSC11… O_o

Thanks again for this powerfull gif as if honestly I feel more it’s me that have to thanks to JamilSC11 for her persistent kindness and awesome commission offers that allow me get great content for the blog, you can see all she drew for the project here,for sure more to come and don’t miss take a look at JamilSC11’s profile to see her actual commission offers and don’t miss let her make your (art) dreams come to reality… Oh yeah…

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

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#657 – Does princesses can pout?

As you can see, at the end of each post I link the illustration that was posted a year ago, little way make you discover older pieces but since on September 2015 google destroyed my blog and took me a month move and prepare this new place there wasn’t any publications, so no links or will be those I posted two years ago. ^^’

Also reordered 2015/2016 illustrations cause my system wasn’t really good with time. most of the images links were broken after that and I did my best fix them but if you see one I missed, feel free put a comment if you see a mistake on the post and that way it can be back to normal quickly. Thanks.


Today come a pin-up I was sure I already published but wasn’t able find it on the blog so seem I did a little mistake with it on my side. I received it from Adeedas that also worked on the duo with Widowmaker from Overwatch (see the post here). Then I’m glad I noticed that and can make you discover about this ravishing piece, Rosalina so beautifull as always in a drawing mixing some sexy and funny touch, anyway I’m sorry for the delay Adeedas… U_u

It’s always powerfull when artists are able mix cuteness and sexiness in a single illustration as Adeedas did here. Rosalina hair with his style are more voluptuous like a pretty and bit sophisticated lady looking at us (and I don’t know how to react), on other side you have some perfect legs and a bit of lingerie. The last part that is my favorite is the busty touch, not just cause she have so perfect breasts that I want to fondle but it’s like one boob, two boobs and after that a cute Luma that come and say « Boo!! ». Don’t know if Adeedas really thought that way but when you are able to figure it, that detail is so cool… XD

In fact there is only Rosalina’s mouth that confused me when I received the sketch, it give her a particular expression so I told about my feeling to Adeedas and he answered ‘the mouth does look abit off, still it works. I guess she was going for a pout‘. I must admit he’s kinda right with that point (and made me learn a new word btw), on a way it’s kinda part of the artist style and also give Rosalina a new expression I never saw before and I’m amazed artists are always able amaze and surprise me however how long I started this project. Also don’t miss enjoy discover his awesome gallery on Deviantart and why not support him on patreon.

Artist: Artist: Adeedas / Cost: 25$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Trifoi
Deviantart: www.adeedas.deviantart.com

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#656 – Carrionslut mascot hiding dangerous secret

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacles monster swimsuit princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacles monster swimsuit princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacles monster swimsuit cum creampie

Also curious that it seem some people don’t receive the newsletter, for example with last one it was good for gmail but yahoo users didn’t get it. I regularly check if the site is blacklisted or not and seem not but must make a double check with both domain and ip to be sure. Just don’t know how to find the website/domain ip. O_o

Edit: Working on this post I found a way get the website ip and after some check I got that I’m blacklisted but only in a few place so not that dramatic… Then I wonder why or who did that… >.<


This illustration by Carrionslut was originally announced to be on the previous post and bit delayed cause rushing on the naughty princess trio (see it here), anyway now time to let you discover about a new girl with special abilities that Rosalina didn’t expected but when you are so ravishing and pretty princess meeting someone naughty then sure Carrionslut can’t resit to the temptation make her OC play a bit and abuse Rosalina body. ^^

If your are curious about that particular girl, she’s Carrionslut‘s OC and her name is Carrionslut, also when you know than she describe herself saying ‘Im a perv and i love tentacles‘ you kinda understand about her tentacle ability and she drew that OC as an anime version of herself. If you take time visit her gallery, you’ll see more about Carrionslut‘s mascot so sexy and naughty but sometimes a bit more scary and also some photos of the artist herself that have so beautifull panties (I’m not lingerie lover for nothing) and then you can easily find some similarities into the creator and her OC. ^^

As you can see, Carrionslut made 3 versions for this illustration (thanks so much) but curious detail that only the SFW version have fyll shadings compared to the other versions only with flat colors. Anyway some bonus come as extra tentacles pleasing Rosalina and a crazy expressing for that little princess that seem really enjoy it. Also as messy lover it’s so powerfull to have a creamy version, not easy get some sticky cum on a yuri project bur Carrionslut‘s tentacles help a lot… XD

I was looking to find more info about Carrionslut‘s mascot and must admit I’m kinda scary after having seen this illustration (on the right) and the description telling she ‘A ghoul that likes to draw dicks and titties and eat flesh occasionally‘. What do do if she feel hungry after that little play and decide to eat Rosalina… Anyway wont be easy defeat a badass princess from Smash Bros. as if you have strong tentacles, then I hope Carrionslut with keep an eye on her little OC the time I come protect Rosalina, just in case… O_o

Artist: Uxdragon / Cost: 42$
Tumblr (NSFW):www.carrionslut.tumblr.com
DeviantArt (SFW): www.carrionslut.deviantart.com

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#655 – Naughty trio for naughty costumes

Thanks to all that supported me for this month and congrat to Curtis that won September patreon raffle. This time you can request Lunakiri a duo with Rosalina for sure but you are free for second girl, pose, clothes and any fetishes you want to add as long it match the artist style and rules. Anyway Lunakiri lost internet for a month so it will be a little delayed, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but give plenty of time to find a great idea. ^^

Edited the html code of the site at some points, the more noticeable change is finally titles that now appear in black color instead of that blue close to backgroudn color, easier to read on that way. Wanted to put them in yellow the titles and header are linked and change color give some crazy results O_o


To be able have regular updated on the blog I must always keep some illustrations in backside for when I don’t receive a lot so they are always a delayed from the moment I received them from the artist. Anyway it don’t always work that way and that’s understandable as for Psicoero that directly published it on his side after finished this princess trio. Since it was published on rule34 and HentaiFoundry so better it goes on the blog and Tumblr at same time to be sure everybody enjoy it and use that awesome piece Psicoero made to promote the project.

You can see on the right that Psicoero already drew that kinky trio for the project (See the full post here) and told me he would love work on that trio again and it was a good opportunity for me too. There is some kinky outfits inspired from Mario series that I love so much and wanted to keep as ref for an illustration, so it was a great way to get some of my fav in the same piece. I sent them as ref to Psicoero, Peach with Bowser suit created by CaptainJerkpants, Rosalina as Tanooki inspired by Legoman art and catgirl suit for Daisy from Mario 3D World game inspired by an illustration I received last year.

Since those suits were important for me, the pose also was a little challenge cause have to be something nice that make all girls interact together but still offer us a nice view on each body to enjoy those sexy outfits. I sent some refs to Psicoero but he finally go on his own with the pose and the one he figured was perfect, just think he must have a little fetish for girls licking from behind, already happened twice for Peach and also can’t be perfect without some sexy high heels as I love, thanks so much Psicoero… \(^o^)/

*at first Psicoero missed the suits refs I sent him and sketched the trio wearing lingerie. I really wanted get those suits I had in mind from the start and he had the kindness change it for me but be sure as lingerie lover is hard take that decision and know this sexy lingerie will never see the light. Anyway I’m always amazed by Psicoero style and how he can make some impressive realistic look sometimes so be sure consider commission him kinky fanarts or celebrities illustrations. You’ll be able see him streaming your commission on Picarto and that sure really powerfull to see how goes your illustration… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Cost: 70€ (55€ for patreon)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero/
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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#654 – Hot shota traps party with Imelia

Started to submit on HentaiFoundry the illustrations from Overwatch series (that you can see here), for the moment the one with Mercy was accepted after a long time in queued and for Zarya it was rejected in less than 24 hours. I know Hf standards are a bit particular but that’s still frustrating to see an illustration that the artist worked hard on it and you love so much rejected. I still have some pieces to post but I let them forget about me a little… ^^

Anyway a huge problem is coming next week, for now I live in a living room and when step-mother will be back from Romania she come with her sister that want to live in France and will since no place will also live in the same room. No any intimacy for now and also must be like stopping everything earlier on evening when she would need to sleep. Must really get my own place but that’s so long in France to buy with all procedures >.<


First, for someone into yuri and jealous to see one with Rosalina, men are like evil but I wasn’t able to resist when Loli showed me those adorable OC. Wanted give her a little surprise pairing then with Rosalina and her OC Imelia that was already drew for the project and will appear soon. Problem is when you want a 6 characters illustration with straight shota action and both human/furry, find an artist who can accept it with a style that match and get a price that wont kill my budget for months sounds like an impossible challenge. Not that impossible since Mazzacho accepted to work on that crazy idea still doing his best… Thanks so much my friend… \(^o^)/

No one can be more incredible than Rosalina but must admit I really love the cute panda, he’s my fav from those cute trap boys. Was a bit sad at first see Mazzacho drew him naked cause his original outfit was also really adorable (and bit sexy) but he was edited to look at us with a cool expression cause Rosalina’s kinky finger giving him a bit of anal feeling, I also heard it give stronger erection get bigger load of cum that way, not sure if really work and curious if you know about that guys but at last Rosalina wanted to try and may not be disappointment by all that tasty cum she received. Mazzacho gave lot of cum for Rosalina and Imelia, must admit as messy lover I love so much that addition, also not often Rosalina can get a little dick to enjoy (yuri rules) so no way to fully enjoy it.

The more impressive when you follow Mazzacho’s livestreams isn’t the way he work or that he kinda know everything about photoshop but the amount of work for each details and character. When you think someone looks cool and done he continue work on it and when it reach an epic step and you see that Mazzacho isn’t done with that part still adding some shadings and effect you wonder what words even more powerfull you can use to describe it after that. There will be HD version for 2$+ patreon members and on this one you’ll be able really see all that amazing works between this illustration. Oh yeah… ^^

Mazzacho have really interesting commission prices, for 30$ you can get 3 hours streaming when you ca ask him everything you want, can be multiple sketches or a nice pin-up with some color and for an illustration like this it cost only 70$. Assuming it sounds a lot of money but compared to artist than only draw a single character at this price you can get wonderfull deals with Mazzacho, don’t hesitate to ask for a price estimation at last and share with him your kinky dreams and ideas during his livestreams sessions… °w°

As if this one was a gift and surprise for my friend Loli that also won the last patreon raffle (damn lucky) I wasn’t able to resist add Rosalina in to get another piece with my favorite princess. While Mazzacho was working on the illustration I was wondering a lot if have to be or not on the site cause it’s not a yuri and also shota/loli are a bit special fetish that some can’t like. I’m always amazed by Mazzacho art and was sure he will create something incredible then so bad miss a way post a great piece and promote his art. Just don’t miss take a look at links below to discover/follow/support him, all that he deserve and be sure you must enjoy his style.

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#653 – Taller but sensual

Got some time to work on the gallery page this week-end. This one looks simple but need a hard work. I first need to check, list and edit all posts to list illustration and remove some htlm errors from the migration from blogger to wordpress, next step is to create all previews one by one to have something small and light that will help the page load faster and finally write the html code of the page to regroup everything using short link to help is load faster once again. Don’t miss take a look guys.

Also planned to start a pokemon series next week but there is some illustration that are now waiting for a bit too much assuming it’s not cool for artists so I’ll more focus on that for now still working on the gallery page and present you the new artist of the month.


Back to a solo to focus on that so wonderfull and ravishing princess, here is a lovely pin-up commissioned Dark-Oshigan. Rosalina is a Nintendo princess but taller than Peach and Daisy, it’s kinda the reason she’s as heavy class in mario kart (bit ironical since she have the ability to levitate). We really see her tall body here but still with all that cuteness and sensuality. A point of view from bottom to get a little focus on the legs and also you slowly looks up to discovering all that perfect body and pretty face. I hope the way you guys see Dark-Oshigan‘s illustration make it so awesome as for me… °w°

Also as for the outfit selection is so perfect, a beautifull blue lingerie and high heels that are sooo sexy on Rosalina. Also we can’t miss that see through effect and little pantie Dark-Oshigan gave her but she keep a really pretty and calm face that with the pose get something sensual and dynamic but nothing explicit so we get a mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so powerfull. Crazy thing is that as if I have a huge fetish for high heels and lingerie it’s really Rosalina face that keep all my attention, maybe the way her arms also increase that effect but it’s more the way Rosalina looks at us still so pure and innocent but offering a marvelous view on her princess body. Be sure I’m in love with that illustration, thanks soooo much Dark-Oshigan… \(^o^)/

To see more from Dark-Oshigan, don’t miss visit his Deviantart for many other ravishing and sweet pin-up that can also give you an idea of his style if you are interested into commission him, 20$ for linerart; 25$ for simple color or monochrome and 40$ for a detailed color. Additional character cost 5$ or 10$ for the full color and half body is half price (that’s interesting if you are not so crazy as me with high heels). More content on his Tumblr with more kinky pieces that D.A. would not accept and you can also consider give some support on Patreon. At last never forget a nice comment or constructive feedback are always great way to support artist… Oh yeah…

Artist: Dark-Oshigan / Cost: 25$
Tumblr: www.oshigan.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Oshigan
DeviantArt: www.dark-Oshigan.deviantart.com

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