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#036 – Gundam – Lacus Clyne

A new beautifull drawing for my blog, thanks to Alexia who had the kindness to accept my request… A other thing really nice, it’s that she make a colored drawing, and if you take a look to her gallerie, this is the only colored drawing she publish… and it was for me… (^o^)/

So, the new character is LAcus Clyne From Gundam… I think a lot a people know her but not so sexy like this… ;p

There is just one thing who look special for me, it’s Lacus breast, they look a little to in the bottom of Lacus body… Or it’s just my imagination, what do you think about that?

Artist: Alexia /  Price: Request

#035 – Marvel – Boom Boom

I haven’t see a lot of Marvel comics but I she a lot of fanarts and in all Marvel characters, Boom Boom is one of my favorite… she is not really special but really cute, I love her hair style… ^^

And there is now a fanart with Her… How nice… Thanks to sw-ave for this really nice drawing… One more character who is in the wishlist and it was a request… Thanks sooo much for your kindness…  (^o^)/

Actually, the artist say he’s a little disapointed with the render color… What do you think about that? Comments are welcome… XD

Artist: Sw-ave /  Price:Request

#034 – Pokemon – Eevee

This time it’s not an OC but a video game character, a little special because it’s a gijinka… So what a gijinka?

It’s a form of anthropomorphism where moe qualities are given to non-human beings, objects, concepts, or phenomena. In addition to moe features, moe anthropomorphisms are also characterized by their accessories, which serve to emphasize their original forms before anthropomorphosis (thanks wiki). So to be more simple than wiki, you use something non-human and drawn it that he look to an human.

In the drawing, you have Rosalina with an other girl who look a pokemon: Eevee… But technically it’s not Eevee but a girl who look at her… An other good example is the cosplay; human dress as virtual characters or objects…

So… this drawing was a commission made by SeductiveBunneh other HentaiFoundry artist… If you like this gijinka, take a look at his HentaiFoundry gallerie for other pokemons… Euh… Girls… ^^

#033 – OC – Gala

I have a really huge wishlist with more than 200 characters and at start I think to only use it, but finally, I have a lot of Originals Characters to show with Rosalina and it’s a really good think… They are not really famous as anime or video game characters but really beautifull too… Let the artist choose the character he want it’s not a bad idea, with drawings like this, It’s so nice… ^^

This time, it’s Gala from Bunnyholic a new really nice artist who accept to make a request. After ask her a drawing with Rosalina, she say me she is really busy with school but finaly, it’s over…. ” Tah-dah! 😀 ” (^o^)/

The line was post on her hentaiFoundry some days before the colored version, but the final drawing was a really good surprise, Rosalina like an angel it so sexy and with the dialogue, upgrade to really hot… XD

Artist: Bunnyholic /  Price: Request

#032 – OC – Neira

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover warcraft draenei milking hentai porn yuri
It was a long time I hope to have a warcraft character in my collection, I’m done… This beautifull drawing was made by franarok who drawn Rosalina with his OC Draenei… At start I think it exist only one Draenei design, and that was on HentaiFoundry I discover every artist have his own Draenei… And this one is really cute… ^^

At start, the artist say if it’s better with or without milk… I say in this situation, milk can be really better… No??? So if you want to see a clean version, there is the shetch, without milk… But the colored version is the best…

So thanks again to the artist and his incredible kindness, the only problem is the drawing description, about me he say “she”… I must do a presentation in the blog.

Artist: Franarok /  Price: Request

#031 – One Piece – Marguerite

New request, and this time it’s a One Piece character, we don”t see her a lot in animes but she’s really beautifull, it’s Margerite, an Amazon girl by Ztlan a nice artist from HentaiFoundry. This drawing is a request so it’s not the better he does, Don”t hesitate to see his gallerie, she’s really interesting… ^^

What I can say about this drawing… It’s really hot and nice, that’s sure and just a precision, there is not cum… It’s saliva… After such the Dildo, what they can do?… Hummm… XD

I don”t say if you see an error in this drawing… No?… Roooh… Just look at Rosalina hairs, there are in front on the left Rosalina eye, and normaly it’s the Right… But thats not a big problem, the drawing is really nice, and that’s the best… (^o^)/

Artist: Ztlan  /  Price: Request

#030 – Avenger – Wasp

This time it’s a commission from an incredible artist: false-emporor who have an incredible kindness… For this commission, Rosalina meet Wasp from avenger. The first idea was with Wasp on a table, like the line just beside and it was really hard to make it, At start I had a precise idea and he need to restart his sketch many times, I think he do more than 10-15 sketchs and at the end, we don”t use it for the final drawing… That’s my fault… 🙁

So the artist say me he can restart with a new drawing and doing this one, he is some nice… I think I’m the worse customer he can see… But he always look interesting and attentive, really good artist… ^^

So for the second drawing, he was more fast and really nice… With colors like this, it look comics style and it’s really interesting and the girls are really hot… How nice… (^o^)/

Artist: false-emporor  /  Price: 20$

#029 – OC – Melissa

This time it’s two drawing by Delacroix_Legion, the first was just with Rosalina in a really beautifull and sexy armor… This outfif is really nice… If only we have something like in in Nintendo games…

I hope… No… I’m sure you like it… ^^

This was a Request and I think it was the only but after some days, I discover he make a new Drawing with Rosalina and an other girl… How nice… (^o^)/

So about this drawing, this time Rosalina is with Melissa, an Origial Character by Delacroix_Legion. At start he planned to drawn Rosalina with Peach but finaly it was her… It’s a really good thing because I already have some drawings with Peach and this OC is really cute… A black girls with same Rosalina hairs color, really nice… ^^

Artist: Delacroix_Legion  /  Price: Request

#028 – Mario – Peach N°3

New request… New request… Requests are so nice and artist who accept to do this are awesome… The kindness to drawn for free a really nice drawings… So nice… Thanks so much guys… (^o^)/

So this time it’s Peach, not the first, not the second but it’s the third drawing with Peach and Rosalina for my collection… She’s really famous… ^^

The artist is ebi12231 funny name for a really nice artist, I asked him if he accept Request or commissions, no answer… But some days after, I see in the new Hentaifoundry drawing this one… I think “Oh… She look Rosalina, nice… ^^”, so I click for the full view and in the description:

“my Rosalina and Peach for Harmonie_Rosalina is done”

That’s so nice… One more for my collection… This drawing is really beautifull, simple colors but so exiting… I say I ask for my collection on hentaiFoundry, so it’s a little hard now to show my collection to some friends or my family but I’m really happy to the experience in HF… There is a lot a really nice artist and I found one more… ^^>

Artist: ebi12231  /  Price: Request

#027 – FF10 – Lulu

nintendo mario princess rosalina high stripper heels anal beads lesbian yuri crossover final fantasy lulu hentai porn
Yeah… I have a new final fantasy girl… This time it’s Lulu from FF-X who can have the pleasure to meet Rosalina and have good time with her… Really nice drawing…

This drawing is a request, thanks to the kindness of DarkDamien, I asked him a request, he was very interesting to make a drawn for my collection and choose the character… I don”t say me who he choose, it was just a surprise when he say “Your request is complete”… So nice… (^o^)/

Rosalina like this is really awesome, and her face is beautifull, Lulu look have a lot of fun too, With two dildos like this, she must be expressive… I love this drawing, it’s one of my favorite, but with all drawings here I have a lot of favorite… XD

Artist: DarkDamien / Price: Request

#026 – Zelda – Ruto

A lot of really nice artist are on HentaiFoundry, this time it’sRandomAustralian who had the kindness to accept drawn Rosalina as request… How nice, thanks so much… (^o^)/

So this time, it’s the princess Ruto From Zelda Ocarina of Time, I don’t know this character and with this drawing, it’s a little hard to see exactly what she look but if you are curious, you can find more information about this character HERE

This drawn is so funny, the title is “Rosalina, Interrupted”, I think you understand why… I love Rosalina face, she is beautifull and really expressive, and with color like this, it look realistic, it’s awesome… ^^

What a pity there isn’t a transparent version for the dress, I’m really curious to know what Ruto was doing… But with imagination, the can do a lot a thing… Oh Yeah… ^^

This time, I just see the final drawing and haven’t any sketchs or lines to show… Sorry about that.. but I hope you will enjoy this really good drawing without that… ;p

Artist: RandomAustralian  /  Price: Request

#025 – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian sailor moon mercury ami mizuno mutual masturbation

A new manga character with Rosalina, this time it’s just a line because the artist have some difficults with coloring but you can agree it’s a really nice pic… Rosalina and Ami think to  a really hot moment during story time… Cute, funny and hard, that’s a really nice drawing…

This time the congratulations are for Empty (funny drawing so funny name… XD), for this request… This time again, no answer to my request post but some day after: “Et voila! Pour vous, Harmonie_Rosalina.” in my profil… It’s french and the traduction is ” That’s done, this is for you Harmonie_Rosalina”…. Not a beaufifull comment? (^o^)/

#024 – Nintendo – Zelda

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian legend zelda sloppy

After Peach, Samus, Misty and Cynthia (Shirona), It’s a new beautifull Nintendo character who is her for a show with Rosalina… I’m think all of you know her, It’s Zelda from Zelda (don’t confuse her with Link, the green imp… ;p)…

This time, It’s not a really hot drawn but something really cute… Soft is really nice… Why a pervert can’t love cute or funny soft drawings? ;p

So I really love this drawing, Rosalina and Zelda after a wet kiss… The saliva like the drawing with Winry is really nice and look at her faces, They are beautibull… Rosalina is so cute with her tongue like this…

And the artist… It’s important… For this drawn it’s Rawrshaw who accept to make this drawing as request… Thanks for your kindness… I find a lot of artist on HF, and I can say a lot are really nice… So take the time to see theirs galleries, If I ask a drawing with Rosalina, it’s beacause they have a really nice style… Look this drawing… Not beautifull?

Artist: Rawrshaw  /  Price: Request

#023 – OC – Suzana

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian suzana Evil-Rick

I just finish to post some post i my blog, change te other pages and go to HentaiFoundry check the last news… and what I see on the “Recent Pictures”…. This!!! It’s not incredible… I just say in the previous post it must be a really nice day… (^o^)/

Another commission with a lot of Kindness, This drawing was make by Evil-Rick, I see his first post on HF with Suzana, his original characters and I really love her… That’s why this drawing isn’t with a character in my wishlist but I really want to see Rosalina with Suzana, and like the result, it’s must be a really good idea… ^^

Don”t hesitate to look at his stuff on HentaiFoundry, it’s really hot and sexy like the Suzana pic you can see beside, but he have a deviantart account really nice too where he publish some comics and good drawing: and if you want more informations about commissions: It’s Here

Artist: Evil-rick / Price:25$

#022 – Metroid – Samus

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian metroid samus erotai

It’s the 3rd post of the day, and this day just start… I must be really good…

But it’s not the only good think, all artists who permit me to have this beautifull collection are really nice, and now there is one more: EROTAI.

I find it with some art with the princess Zelda, look the pic beside. It’s not an incredible quality but start to be really nice, so I ask her if he can help me for my collection… She accept, how nice!!! And say me she must drawn Rosalina with Samus or Zelda… And like the result, It’s incredible… Really hot and exiting, I love this drawn ( I fact, I love all in this blog)… But for this we can see she really do her best, that’s really nice… ^^