#033 – OC – Gala

I have a really huge wishlist with more than 200 characters and at start I think to only use it, but finally, I have a lot of Originals Characters to show with Rosalina and it’s a really good think… They are not really famous as anime or video game characters but really beautifull too… Let the artist choose the character he want it’s not a bad idea, with drawings like this, It’s so nice… ^^

This time, it’s Gala from Bunnyholic a new really nice artist who accept to make a request. After ask her a drawing with Rosalina, she say me she is really busy with school but finaly, it’s over…. ” Tah-dah! 😀 ” (^o^)/

The line was post on her hentaiFoundry some days before the colored version, but the final drawing was a really good surprise, Rosalina like an angel it so sexy and with the dialogue, upgrade to really hot… XD

Artist: Bunnyholic /  Price: Request

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