#034 – Pokemon – Eevee

This time it’s not an OC but a video game character, a little special because it’s a gijinka… So what a gijinka?

It’s a form of anthropomorphism where moe qualities are given to non-human beings, objects, concepts, or phenomena. In addition to moe features, moe anthropomorphisms are also characterized by their accessories, which serve to emphasize their original forms before anthropomorphosis (thanks wiki). So to be more simple than wiki, you use something non-human and drawn it that he look to an human.

In the drawing, you have Rosalina with an other girl who look a pokemon: Eevee… But technically it’s not Eevee but a girl who look at her… An other good example is the cosplay; human dress as virtual characters or objects…

So… this drawing was a commission made by SeductiveBunneh other HentaiFoundry artist… If you like this gijinka, take a look at his HentaiFoundry gallerie for other pokemons… Euh… Girls… ^^

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