#029 – OC – Melissa

This time it’s two drawing by Delacroix_Legion, the first was just with Rosalina in a really beautifull and sexy armor… This outfif is really nice… If only we have something like in in Nintendo games…

I hope… No… I’m sure you like it… ^^

This was a Request and I think it was the only but after some days, I discover he make a new Drawing with Rosalina and an other girl… How nice… (^o^)/

So about this drawing, this time Rosalina is with Melissa, an Origial Character by Delacroix_Legion. At start he planned to drawn Rosalina with Peach but finaly it was her… It’s a really good thing because I already have some drawings with Peach and this OC is really cute… A black girls with same Rosalina hairs color, really nice… ^^

Artist: Delacroix_Legion  /  Price: Request

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