#030 – Avenger – Wasp

This time it’s a commission from an incredible artist: false-emporor who have an incredible kindness… For this commission, Rosalina meet Wasp from avenger. The first idea was with Wasp on a table, like the line just beside and it was really hard to make it, At start I had a precise idea and he need to restart his sketch many times, I think he do more than 10-15 sketchs and at the end, we don”t use it for the final drawing… That’s my fault… 🙁

So the artist say me he can restart with a new drawing and doing this one, he is some nice… I think I’m the worse customer he can see… But he always look interesting and attentive, really good artist… ^^

So for the second drawing, he was more fast and really nice… With colors like this, it look comics style and it’s really interesting and the girls are really hot… How nice… (^o^)/

Artist: false-emporor  /  Price: 20$

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