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#305 – Warcraft – Draenei N°3

I said on the video than I’ll open the project “Your dream by …” to celebrate the 300th drawing on the blog and the first artist will be Vempire but with the video, new page by Dmfo and now the contest in Deviantart (see it here) you can see than the blog is a little overload so I don’t want add more at the moment. Maybe you can already think about the situation you will ask for Vempire but take your time and if you can help me promote a little the contest in D.A. it must be amazing. thanks guys…

 Before League of legends there is an other game than I loved to search for “sexy” fanarts: It’s world of warcraft. I love elves and Draenei. by the way Rosalina already meet Draenei girls twice with a lovely drawing and a second a little more… hum… explicit (see them here) but when Zyvo suggested me a sketch with Rosalina and a draenei for the commission it was so powerfull… °w°

I asked to Zyvo to propose some ideas and he send me these sketchs than you can see on the right. The first pair Rosalina with juliet from lollipop chainsaw, second with Violet from the Incredible, third with Renamon from Digimon and of course, the last idea with the draenei. I already have a drawing with Juliet in progress, an old sketch with Violet who never appeared on the blog, Rosalina never meet Renamon, saw a Draenei twice but I wanted Zyvo finish this sketch… Oh yeah… XD

In one hand I love draneis but the pose than Zyvo imagined is also really amazing, I’m a little sad the final version is a little different than the first but generally artist always change some details from the sketch. as example for Vempire it’s the face expression (really) and for Zyvo it was the pose of the draenei. After all when you see your drawing for hours at a moment you must change something… It can be always better… ^^

So like I said it was a commission to Zyvo and sincerely he’s a really interesting and pleasant artist so if you are curious about commission don’t hesitate take a look at his profile and galley (see it here)… Normal character, futa or maybe furry are still in Zyvo‘s gallery so he have some practice and experience for everything, if you are not a little too hardcore… ;p

#196 – Warcraft – Draenei

princess Rosalina nintendo warcraft draenei

My life is a constant cosplay of the bunny in “alice in Wonderland”, maybe he don’t work for the nucleair, and you can be sure it’s really boring… And about boring, I was really sad this week, a lot of people saying I annoying and boring because my love for Rosalina, at a moment I think to stop the blog but it was a bad idea… I’m a love with Rosalina and nobody can change that… ;p

So today it’s the first drawing I asked during the Lyon’s comics festival by Sandra (I only know her facebook for the moment and don”t want to show it but if I have a nice link I’ll update it)… It was a long time I wanted Rosalina with a draenei, since I started the blog in fact but at start I expected have this drawing by a pretty famous artist in some sites, DrGraevling but his commission prices a a little… Touss… Touss… Expensive for me… T_T

So during the festival, I see in a table a drawing with a really cute draenei (sorry, I forget catch it) but it’s the same character with Rosalina in this pic, she’s really cute, hope you like it guys… And sincerely, look an artist when he draw it’s really interesting, it look so nice and easy (two line and you have a shoes or a mouth) and was done in 10mn but without a lot of practice, you can’t do anything… Instead of ask drawings like me… XD

Sandra is a really enjoyable person, I was happy meet her and hope have more of her to show you, maybe during the next festival or before… Yeah, it must be great… But I forget ask her the name of her Draenei, I was so happy with this drawing that I forget a lot of things… So bad… Maybe see you soon for the next Lyon’s comics festival drawing (3 left)… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Et petite remarque en français pour Sandra: “Amitié“, c’est pas “ées” à la fin? ;p

Artist: Sandra / Price: 5€ (7$)
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

#032 – OC – Neira

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover warcraft draenei milking hentai porn yuri
It was a long time I hope to have a warcraft character in my collection, I’m done… This beautifull drawing was made by franarok who drawn Rosalina with his OC Draenei… At start I think it exist only one Draenei design, and that was on HentaiFoundry I discover every artist have his own Draenei… And this one is really cute… ^^

At start, the artist say if it’s better with or without milk… I say in this situation, milk can be really better… No??? So if you want to see a clean version, there is the shetch, without milk… But the colored version is the best…

So thanks again to the artist and his incredible kindness, the only problem is the drawing description, about me he say “she”… I must do a presentation in the blog.

Artist: Franarok /  Price: Request