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#584 – Sweety (dangerous) Sylvari

Christmas is over and I hope you had a really nice time. Also some aren’t into Christmas and ‘find it an overrated overly commercialized day‘ (so true unfortunately), also learned that in Russia, Christmas is in January so they have to wait a little more but I hope Christmas and holidays keep something magic for everybody. Kinda short with new year a week after but no way don’t enjoy it… ^^
Holidays will allow me search for new artists and also put some changes on the site. The Bonus page will move to archives, can’t manage to upload it as I expected, will promote a little more Patreon, Update curriculum, add more ladies on the Wishlist, continue the Gallery page (that really deserve a new icon)and update the soft blog.


Now I have my to-do-list for this week, time to work on the post that is already done since you’re reading it (sounds stupid in fact) and present you this illustration made by the one know as Zyvo. He paired Rosalina with Lickitung, Erin Essurance, a Draenei, Lilith and that masterpiece two pages comic with Elsa that you can see the 2nd page on the right. If you are curious about those drawings you can see all of them here.
Was really sad discovering his account was deleted and decided send a mail to Zyvo at last to know if he’s fine and why HentaiFoundry lost an incredible and friendly artist. Got as answer ‘I am re-inventing myself in regards to my artwork. Adult themed commissions are still available, but I am focusing my personal work on sculpture and character/creature concept design[..] I am focusing more on artwork which is not “adult” in nature and has a broader potential viewership and, hopefully, can generate some income.‘. So for now you can follow him on Deviantart with the name of ManicPencil and be sure get him some support… ^^
Before delete his account, Zyvo opened yuri YCH commissions (Your Character Here) and the idea was really cool. You get a cheap coloured duo but can only pick one character and the artists choose about the 2nd. Asking for extra stuff or choose about the second girl cost some extra money but like Zyvo level the basic option was a really powerfull deal and you can see the final piece is kinda special but epic for sure.
So much to say that I forgot present you that new girl with Rosalina, she’s a Sylvari, one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2. If I remember, Zyvo chosen her cause her design kinda close to a mushroom but never see so much like this one on Mario universe. Her particular design make her kinda scary at first but she does have a sweet and sexy body, also that tongue must give some intense and sensual pleasures to Rosalina that tun her pretty exciting. Also if you wonder I picked an extra here asking Zyvo to add some lingerie to Rosalina and that see-through outfit is so damn sexy… °w°

Artist: Zyvo / Cost: 17$ (15$ + 2$ for lingerie option)

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#540 – Pokemon #108 – Lickitung tentacle power

Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickitung tongue tentacle hentai
Important new not about Rosalina but really important (and sad), Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11th 2015. People say Japan people can leave olders and I wanted him to continue give us dreams for at last 30 years but the world lost a wonderfull man. I was kinda used to see his name on games credits and he was itself everything Nintendo. I hope Nintendo compagnie won’t have so much troubles and maybe evolve a little at some points for now. For me he was the owner of Rosalina and now she’s just owned by Nintendo but she’s still here.
Also during the week-end both blogspot blogs (RosalinaxGirl and RosalinaandGirl) were blocked and deleted by google. I was close to lost them but able to make them back quickly. If there is any trouble like this again, feel free to drop me a mail or on twitter (here) cause google is more powerfull to delete than notice about it… O_o


Seem it will be a really bad week but not a reason forget about the blog, today it’s a new illustration by the amazing Zyvo who contributed several times to the blog pairing Rosalina with Erin Esurance (here), a naughty draenei (here), Demon Lilith (here) or also the little comic with Elsa from Frozen who never lost the top 10 popular post since it was published (pic on the right).
Zyvo opened requests some time ago and gave me the honor create a new illustartion for the blog, he had total freedom and finally wanted to contribute to the “Where is my pokemon?” project pairing Rosalina with a new a kinda special pokemon: Lickitung. The objective is to have Rosalina meet all pokemons but some have really special design that it sound like a huge challenge, I really love how this illustration turned, Zyvo idea was so cool as Lickitung design is crazy… Oh yeah… XD
The original Lickitung tongue is really large and turn it into more thin to make it as tentacle is so hot (must be honest), also love so much that juicy touch and Rosalina face, so expressive and sensual, Zyvo made her gorgeous one more time. Also if you are surprised about the anal touch, just tale a look at illustrations linked at first and you’ll understand, just like Rosalina holding Lickitung head no doubt it must feel so good and intense. I hope you like it guys.
Huge thanks to Zyvo for his kindness and support, always doing his best working on Rosalina and helping me increase the collection. Was hard to commission him due to my budget but recently he started YCH cheap commissions and be sure we must keep an eye oh him for now. Don’t hesitate to visit Zyvo‘s page, so much crazy styles and fetishes, it’s damn powerfull for sure.

Artist: Zyvo / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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#407 – [Comic] Disney – Frozen

Week-end finally started and I thought I will have more time for the blog to manage it and find new artists but after damn busy week of work you are so busy to do anything more. I must admit that I feel Lasy but I promised two epic publicatiosn for this week so after the animated anal party time to Show you a little comic by the amazing Zyvo… Enjoy… °w°

It started from a commission I asked to Zyvo. after I had saw Frozen. asked to Zyvo, You can be sure I really love Elsa, she’s the sexiest ladies disney ever created and after her transformation her blue dress remember me an other so beautiful princess… How powerfull… °w°

At start I wanted Zyvo to do a simple illustration with Elsa and Rosalina enjoying ice dildos but they finally have so much pleasure that Elsa lost control of her power and dildos start growing. Zyvo loved so much the idea that he wanted to turn is from a simpel illustration to a comic. You can be sure the idea and deal was really awesome so I accepted and as you can see it was a powerfull idea…

After send me sketches, Zyvo asked me if I want to continue in that way and let him finish the series or go bad to the original illustration I asked him. In case I refused he planned to keep the story in mind and finish it later adding Anna instead of Rosalina but it was useless since I didn’t hesitated and accepted his ideas… I was so powerfull since sketches, how I can refuse?… XD

This comic was a 50$ deal with Zyvo but not the first commission I asked him. He also worked to draw Rosalina with a Draenei (see it here) and with the mascot Erin Essurance (see it here). Now you know this one his not his first Rosalina and I’ll do my best to be sure it wont be the last. Don’t hesitate to visit his profile and gallery for more art. If you are interested, why not commission him some of your naughty dreams or fetishes… Eh eh…

For the moment Zyvo is currently re-evaluating his commission price-listbut you can still join him at DaedalicDesign@gmail.com or post a little comment on his profile (here). As if it’s just to say you love his art I’m sure it will love it…

Artist: Zyvo  /  Cost: 50$ (Deal)

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#355 – Mascot – Erin Esurance

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai yuri porn Erin Esurance latex anal
I made the post yesterday so can’t update all the blog at the same time but the suggestion contest Your dream by Mavruda is now close. Thanks for all who participated and let and idea, there is some really powerfull suggestions and other a little more… Surprising. Now it time for Mavruda to choose his favorite idea… Stay turned guys…

10 participants so a next edition will happen but for October I have a new event in mind, it will be time to prepare Rosalina’s birthday… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


Today Rosalina will meet Erin Esurance, the mascot of www.esurance.com (of course). Don’t really know what is this site and why Erin but you just have to know she’s a sexy spy… Oh yeah… If you are curious to see more you can also take a look to this video (clik here) but fo today it’s a new drawing by the amazing Zyvo. I hope you like it. ^^

It was a really long time I wanted to pair Rosalina and Erin, I already commissioned an artist to do it there is now more than two year but he abandoned the project and all I have is it’s like WIP you can see on the right. I never forget Erin but it’s Zyvo who choosed her for this drawing (he have freedom with the second girl and I’m so happy Rosalina finally meet her. Thanks so much Zyvo… (^o^)/

Zyvo already participated to the blog pairing Rosalina and a really pervert Draenei (see it here). He really have a great style and do an excellent job when he draw Rosalina but you can see he really increased his art level four month after the draenei.

A lot of detail, nice background and level-up for light effects. Not easy to draw latex and it was the first time Zyvo draw something like this but you must admit that the result is really powerfull. Zyvo was also looking for a “good tutorial on latex and leather” so I’m curious to see how he can draw bdsm clothes now… °w°

I really love the result, Zyvo did an excellent job. If you are interested he also do commissions, a drawing like this one cost 40$ (25$ + 15$ for additional character). You can also ask for lineless (little more expensive) but for price-list and commission rules don’t hesitate to take a look to Zyvo profile and maybe switch to his gallery. He have an amazing style but deserve to publish more illustrations so comments and supports must be really powerfull… Oh yeah… XD

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#305 – Warcraft – Draenei N°3

I said on the video than I’ll open the project “Your dream by …” to celebrate the 300th drawing on the blog and the first artist will be Vempire but with the video, new page by Dmfo and now the contest in Deviantart (see it here) you can see than the blog is a little overload so I don’t want add more at the moment. Maybe you can already think about the situation you will ask for Vempire but take your time and if you can help me promote a little the contest in D.A. it must be amazing. thanks guys…

 Before League of legends there is an other game than I loved to search for “sexy” fanarts: It’s world of warcraft. I love elves and Draenei. by the way Rosalina already meet Draenei girls twice with a lovely drawing and a second a little more… hum… explicit (see them here) but when Zyvo suggested me a sketch with Rosalina and a draenei for the commission it was so powerfull… °w°

I asked to Zyvo to propose some ideas and he send me these sketchs than you can see on the right. The first pair Rosalina with juliet from lollipop chainsaw, second with Violet from the Incredible, third with Renamon from Digimon and of course, the last idea with the draenei. I already have a drawing with Juliet in progress, an old sketch with Violet who never appeared on the blog, Rosalina never meet Renamon, saw a Draenei twice but I wanted Zyvo finish this sketch… Oh yeah… XD

In one hand I love draneis but the pose than Zyvo imagined is also really amazing, I’m a little sad the final version is a little different than the first but generally artist always change some details from the sketch. as example for Vempire it’s the face expression (really) and for Zyvo it was the pose of the draenei. After all when you see your drawing for hours at a moment you must change something… It can be always better… ^^

So like I said it was a commission to Zyvo and sincerely he’s a really interesting and pleasant artist so if you are curious about commission don’t hesitate take a look at his profile and galley (see it here)… Normal character, futa or maybe furry are still in Zyvo‘s gallery so he have some practice and experience for everything, if you are not a little too hardcore… ;p