#584 – Sweety (dangerous) Sylvari

Christmas is over and I hope you had a really nice time. Also some aren’t into Christmas and ‘find it an overrated overly commercialized day‘ (so true unfortunately), also learned that in Russia, Christmas is in January so they have to wait a little more but I hope Christmas and holidays keep something magic for everybody. Kinda short with new year a week after but no way don’t enjoy it… ^^
Holidays will allow me search for new artists and also put some changes on the site. The Bonus page will move to archives, can’t manage to upload it as I expected, will promote a little more Patreon, Update curriculum, add more ladies on the Wishlist, continue the Gallery page (that really deserve a new icon)and update the soft blog.


Now I have my to-do-list for this week, time to work on the post that is already done since you’re reading it (sounds stupid in fact) and present you this illustration made by the one know as Zyvo. He paired Rosalina with Lickitung, Erin Essurance, a Draenei, Lilith and that masterpiece two pages comic with Elsa that you can see the 2nd page on the right. If you are curious about those drawings you can see all of them here.
Was really sad discovering his account was deleted and decided send a mail to Zyvo at last to know if he’s fine and why HentaiFoundry lost an incredible and friendly artist. Got as answer ‘I am re-inventing myself in regards to my artwork. Adult themed commissions are still available, but I am focusing my personal work on sculpture and character/creature concept design[..] I am focusing more on artwork which is not “adult” in nature and has a broader potential viewership and, hopefully, can generate some income.‘. So for now you can follow him on Deviantart with the name of ManicPencil and be sure get him some support… ^^
Before delete his account, Zyvo opened yuri YCH commissions (Your Character Here) and the idea was really cool. You get a cheap coloured duo but can only pick one character and the artists choose about the 2nd. Asking for extra stuff or choose about the second girl cost some extra money but like Zyvo level the basic option was a really powerfull deal and you can see the final piece is kinda special but epic for sure.
So much to say that I forgot present you that new girl with Rosalina, she’s a Sylvari, one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2. If I remember, Zyvo chosen her cause her design kinda close to a mushroom but never see so much like this one on Mario universe. Her particular design make her kinda scary at first but she does have a sweet and sexy body, also that tongue must give some intense and sensual pleasures to Rosalina that tun her pretty exciting. Also if you wonder I picked an extra here asking Zyvo to add some lingerie to Rosalina and that see-through outfit is so damn sexy… °w°

Artist: Zyvo / Cost: 17$ (15$ + 2$ for lingerie option)

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