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#021 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach N°2

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian peach

I say… I say… It’s the second drawn with Peach in the blog… But it was a request so the artist was free to choose his favorite character to show with Rosalina… And like the result, it’s really nice…

I think it’s not useful to present the other girl… She was made by a really nice artist this time too: TevionBee. Finally HF is plenty of great surprise, and for this drawing it was the same thing to Naminé… He answer me that he accept my request, at the end of the day, just see “Picture’s awaiting approval.” in my profil… The submission process was sooo long, but when I see the drawn… Oh nice…

Artist: TevionBee  /  Price: Request

#020 – FF9 – Garnet

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian final fantasy garnet deniya

There is a lot of artist who come to deviantart to show theirs hot drawning… And This time, the artist I found is Deniya with some drawings inspired by warcraft… It’s incredible all warcraft fanart we can see on this site, there is a lot of artist who only drawn this…

But this time again, it’s not a warcraft character with Rosalina but Garnet from Final Fantasy IX… I hope a lot know her… At the start, The artist accept it as a “request” but he don”t want to finish empty hands too… That why I propose him to send some points to his deviantart account, I hope he appreciate it… ^^

Artist: Deniya / Price: 400 D.A. points

#019 – kingdom hearts – Naminé

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian kingdom hearts Naminé

And new drawing… So nice… At start I don”t think I can have a beautifull collection like this, but will all illustrations in progress and the kindness from a lot of artist, my collection must be awesome… (^o^)/

For this drawn, it Naminé from kingdom hearts… I ask to the artist a drawing before create this blog, so he don’t see the wishlist and choose a character who wasn’t here… But like the result, it’s a really nice think, I didn’t know Naminé before this but she is really beautifull, and in this drawning, she’s awesome… ^^

An other think so nice about this drawing, it was a really great surprise… After see the artist on HentaiFoundry, I post a comment on his wall to say I love his art and ask him if he do commissions or request… No answers… But after some days, I see on my wall “Your request has been accepted, you can find the piece on my profile”… And it was incredible… Thanks so much for this awesome piece…

Artist: Cheeky pudge / Price: Request

#018 – Chobits – Chii

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian chobits chii

Other Request… Soooo nice… And this a a really good artist too… This time it’s Milklove who join HentaiFoundry and start with a really cute OC “Milk”… Her style is special but incredible, it’s hot but really cute too… Interesting… ^^

When she accept to drawn me Rosalina as request, she don’t say what the other character, at first I think it will be with his OC… and finally it’s Chii from chobits… And the result is beautifull…

Artist: Milklove / Price: Request

#017 – OC Red Lanterns – Otara

This is another request by Imperious_Rex who drawn Rosalina with an OC Red Lantern chica he has been wanting to pull out of his bag so her first appearance is accompanied by Rosalina, which honor… ^^

I love this drawn (and all in my collection) but I love have a lot of style for Rosalina and this one is pretty good… Otara is not in my wishlist but she look beautifull so I’m so happy to see her with Rosalina.

This is a request so I just see the final drawn and haven’t any sketch or line to show you… What a pitty… T_T

Artist: Imperious_Rex / Price: Request

#016 – Code Geass – Kallen Stadtfeld

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Code Geass Kallen Stadtfeld

Continue with HentaiFoundry artist, this time it’s Andvariel who propose me to drawn Rosalina with Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass… Like the art in his account, I was sure he chosen a Naruto character but finally, it’s Kallen… Enjoy the result… ^^

For this drawn, he accepted to make it if I can sent him some points to his deviantart account… I think he was happy when I say “yes” and me when I see his drawn… He was very fast for this drawn (A little too) because it was finish in only one day… Actual record… ^^

Artist: Andvariel / Price: 400 deviantart points

#015 – Anohana – Naruko Anjou

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Anohana Naruko Anjou

A new artist found in Hentaifoundry (Asaliad) who accept to make me a drawn for my collection as “Challenge” and like the result, it’s so nice… ^^

This drawn was a surprise for me, I just say she accept a request, but I didn’t know what she was going to draw and which character she had chosen. I just receive a message to inform me that the drawing was published… And Surprised… XD

So this time; it’s Naruko Anjou from Anohana, I think she’s close to Jessica albert from Dragon Quest but Naruko have glasses, and I love this… that’s nice… ^^

#014 – Hellsing – Victoria Seras

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian hellsing victoria seras cowgirl

I found this artist with his first submission on deviantart, and with a name like “idrawnintendoporn”, I was sure it can be interesting to ask him Rosalina… Finaly the second character wasn’t a Nintendo character but Victoria Seras from hellsing… I love this girl (and I love a lot of girls in fact… XD)

The only think I ask to the artist was the clothes. Cowgirl uniform for Rosalina and Cow uniform for Seras… After this, he send me 4 sketchs, I choose the best (as me) and just ask to add a dildo… When it start to be hentai, more hot is better. ^^

#013 – Chrono Tigger – Lucca

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian chrono tigger luca

There is a lot of artists on Hentaifoundry… Certain start to be a little famous and here price are incredible, 80$ for a drawn it really hard for me… I say “it’s the price”, but a little expensive… But the more interesting, it’s artist who start on Hentaifoundry, need some practice bau start to have a really nice level and prices really interesting… They love drawn for pleasure and don”t focus on money… I don”t say it generaly for all artist, but with 80$, I can have just one good drawn or 5-6 good drawns for my collection, easy to choose. And sometimes, there are very pleasant surprise.

This time, it’s Lucca from Chrono Tigger enjoying Rosalina show… At start, the drawn wasn’t so hot but at the end, the result is really nice and the background is not complex but really good… At start, when I see the first sketch, I ask for other position, but it won”t be a good idea and finaly, the first situation was the better…

Artist: Straggletag  /  Price: 5$

#012 – Lum Invader – Lum

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian

I know Lum with some fanart and cosplay but haven’t see anything about Manga or Anime. Before this commission, I didn’t know that she could handle electricity…

Other hentai drawn with Rosalina and Lum from Lum invader having some fun with a long dildo…

After this we test with a second dildo ass to ass but it was too much so I ask the artist to drawn just one dildo in Lum ass…

#011 – HotD – Saeko

An other French artist fond on HentaiFoundry and in love with Zombies… That the reason he choose Saeko from Highschool of the Death (what else for a zombie lover… XD). The result is pretty nice… The two girls whith torn cloths and the Giant Boo in the background are really nice. Just for information, in Mario Galaxy, there is a level with the King Boo…

It’s an artist found in HF but the result is not so hard but Really nice… It’s not really gore but If you prefer, there is the version without blood on cloths and body here.

Artist: Bobzombie / Price: Request

#010 – FMA – Winry Rockbell

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian FMA Winry Rockbell full metal alchemist

I think you are a lot to know this character from Full Metal Alchemist… She’s not my favorite character but the artist choose her… I hope I’m not the only who love the result…

I really love the idea about the saliva after kissing it’s just the dildo in Winry pussy who is not really good, It’s not really easy to explain in english… T_T

So I join some sketch, You can see alternatives versions with different faces and lingerie…

You can see some test for Rosalina face.

#008 – OC – Generic Female

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian

Other artist on HentaiFoundry, I was surprised by all artist here and who accept to make me a request… It so nice… And with my wishlist, It’s a really good think for me… Thanks to all… ^^

So, this time, the artist is Wyebird who choose to drawn a Generic Female having some fun with Rosalina. I think the hair of the other girls are a little special, but I love Rosalina face. Just one thing about the Rosalina foot, like this, it’s anatomically impossible… XD

Artist: Wyebird / Price: Request

#007 – Zero no tsukaima – Tiffania

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Zero no tsukaima Tiffania

An other drawn by martin25a, this time he choose Tiffania from Zero no tsukaima in my wishlist… After send me the sketch, I say I must change the breast seize… Rosalina with Tiffania breast and Tiffania with Rosalina seize can be more realistic… But he forgot to change this before coloring and this is the result… ^^