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#112 – Death note – Misa

First image with a watermark, I say my drawings with Rosalina are publish in a lot of other sites and forums (like the famous rule34) but peoples see this pics but nothing about the blog. I see some comments like “there is a lot of Rosalina pics in the moment, maybe it’s because the new Mario kart“… That’s sooooo bad… So now I must ask for watermarks like this one. Sorry guys…

So this time it’s a second commission to EROTAI… I say.. I say… 2 commissions at the same artists, but I love her style and it’s a really nice artist… And like her profil, she love Nintendo and Super Mario (forget Galaxy)… But she drawn a so sexy Rosalina twice, and I hope con continue on that way… I’m a good customer, maybe she can do promotions… (I joke EROTAI)… XD

So enjoy this new publication, yuri, high heels, dildos and Rosalina… That just so nice… About Misa, I think everybody know her and death note but at start, I must be Rosalina and Zelda, from… Zelda (easy)… But I already have Zelda in my collection (twice) so I ask to EROTAI if she can change the head and surprise, it was Misa… (^o^)/

Artist: EROTAI /  Price: 15$

#022 – Metroid – Samus

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian metroid samus erotai

It’s the 3rd post of the day, and this day just start… I must be really good…

But it’s not the only good think, all artists who permit me to have this beautifull collection are really nice, and now there is one more: EROTAI.

I find it with some art with the princess Zelda, look the pic beside. It’s not an incredible quality but start to be really nice, so I ask her if he can help me for my collection… She accept, how nice!!! And say me she must drawn Rosalina with Samus or Zelda… And like the result, It’s incredible… Really hot and exiting, I love this drawn ( I fact, I love all in this blog)… But for this we can see she really do her best, that’s really nice… ^^