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#112 – Death note – Misa

First image with a watermark, I say my drawings with Rosalina are publish in a lot of other sites and forums (like the famous rule34) but peoples see this pics but nothing about the blog. I see some comments like “there is a lot of Rosalina pics in the moment, maybe it’s because the new Mario kart“… That’s sooooo bad… So now I must ask for watermarks like this one. Sorry guys…

So this time it’s a second commission to EROTAI… I say.. I say… 2 commissions at the same artists, but I love her style and it’s a really nice artist… And like her profil, she love Nintendo and Super Mario (forget Galaxy)… But she drawn a so sexy Rosalina twice, and I hope con continue on that way… I’m a good customer, maybe she can do promotions… (I joke EROTAI)… XD

So enjoy this new publication, yuri, high heels, dildos and Rosalina… That just so nice… About Misa, I think everybody know her and death note but at start, I must be Rosalina and Zelda, from… Zelda (easy)… But I already have Zelda in my collection (twice) so I ask to EROTAI if she can change the head and surprise, it was Misa… (^o^)/

Artist: EROTAI /  Price: 15$