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#013 – Chrono Tigger – Lucca

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There is a lot of artists on Hentaifoundry… Certain start to be a little famous and here price are incredible, 80$ for a drawn it really hard for me… I say “it’s the price”, but a little expensive… But the more interesting, it’s artist who start on Hentaifoundry, need some practice bau start to have a really nice level and prices really interesting… They love drawn for pleasure and don”t focus on money… I don”t say it generaly for all artist, but with 80$, I can have just one good drawn or 5-6 good drawns for my collection, easy to choose. And sometimes, there are very pleasant surprise.

This time, it’s Lucca from Chrono Tigger enjoying Rosalina show… At start, the drawn wasn’t so hot but at the end, the result is really nice and the background is not complex but really good… At start, when I see the first sketch, I ask for other position, but it won”t be a good idea and finaly, the first situation was the better…

Artist: Straggletag  /  Price: 5$