#014 – Hellsing – Victoria Seras

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I found this artist with his first submission on deviantart, and with a name like “idrawnintendoporn”, I was sure it can be interesting to ask him Rosalina… Finaly the second character wasn’t a Nintendo character but Victoria Seras from hellsing… I love this girl (and I love a lot of girls in fact… XD)

The only think I ask to the artist was the clothes. Cowgirl uniform for Rosalina and Cow uniform for Seras… After this, he send me 4 sketchs, I choose the best (as me) and just ask to add a dildo… When it start to be hentai, more hot is better. ^^

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  1. Yukikah

    I absolutely ADORE this one. Such lovely bodies, just the right size, softness, and thickness… not to mention the way the breasts and thighs and butt turned out.

    Well, it certainly works as far as making one want a commission… heh


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