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#028 – Mario – Peach N°3

New request… New request… Requests are so nice and artist who accept to do this are awesome… The kindness to drawn for free a really nice drawings… So nice… Thanks so much guys… (^o^)/

So this time it’s Peach, not the first, not the second but it’s the third drawing with Peach and Rosalina for my collection… She’s really famous… ^^

The artist is ebi12231 funny name for a really nice artist, I asked him if he accept Request or commissions, no answer… But some days after, I see in the new Hentaifoundry drawing this one… I think “Oh… She look Rosalina, nice… ^^”, so I click for the full view and in the description:

“my Rosalina and Peach for Harmonie_Rosalina is done”

That’s so nice… One more for my collection… This drawing is really beautifull, simple colors but so exiting… I say I ask for my collection on hentaiFoundry, so it’s a little hard now to show my collection to some friends or my family but I’m really happy to the experience in HF… There is a lot a really nice artist and I found one more… ^^>

Artist: ebi12231  /  Price: Request