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#827 – Rainbow racer to Bifrost prisoner

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Talking with an artist about the project, he asked me if I’ll only collect art or make an artbook later, I must admit I never considered this idea before and sounds really interesting project but honestly like how goes the Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic sales it don’t worth make a physical book. Also would not be a small thing since I would like every piece to be present so more than 800 to show… °o°
My main and favourite game is still World of Warships anyway I’m back to minecraft a bit lately trying to create a little co-op adventure test. Nothing spectacular though but main problem is it’s hard test the redstone systems alone… Maybe if some of you tempted to take a look and give me a hand… ^^


If you want to be amazed then Valerian13 is the artist you need, when discovering his page and gallery I was stunned by his work and especially the illustration with 2B you can see on the left. Cost nothing to try as if I expected his prices be far away for my budget so having this illustration as request, my mind still don’t believe it. Also was a big challenge but Valerian13 got the idea of a pairing with Rosalina and Lady Loki from Marvel Universe, also more than pairing he had an awesome idea in mind.
First great point was the pairing itself, not coming from nowhere Valerian13decided to make Rosalina meet Lady Loki after a Kart accident on the rainbow road” that you can see on the background, it’s a powerfull way to link both characters. Also second point that make me love this illustration is Valerian13 played with my fetishes adding lingerie and high heels that are part of the shibari (bondage)… It’s so powerfull… \(^o^)/
Even if the final version is awesome Valerian13 have the talent amaze you at any step of his art process, the sketch was awesome with the scene and shibari (bondage), colour and shading on characters was awesome but when you think you can imagine how will be the final version then come a powerfull background, it’s stunning… I love Rosalina heels design but if you looks around every part of the illustrations get shading or decorative details; motif and fur on clothes, rope on Rosalina’s body and wont list all details on the background or this post will turn as a book. I’ll just notice the rainbow road and bifrost visible on the window the just take the time looks by yourself guys… ^^
When we started talk about the illustration, Valerian13 didn’t wanted go with a request when saw the blog had publicity and a patreon cause didn’t wanted to work for free on something that I should get money from then I explaining him how work the project and budget. Patreon only help to get more quality art but the project is still run by passion and don’t make money (I’m still far end as positive though). I understand Valerian13 had doubt and of course it’s not fair at all make money from free art and let the artist with empty hands but that’s not how it works here. Anyway was pleasant talk with an open mind person ready for a constructive talk.
I was surprised when Valerian13 told me he don’t consider himself as a true “artist”, as for ecchi it’s kinda vague term (maybe not best comparison ever) anyway I consider Valerian13 is actually at the most powerfull step of an artist. He’s talented, friendly, open mind and really pleasant person to talk with. Also he will be always ready for a nice talk and take the time answer to everybody, not like famous artists that are too much busy to be able answer or too much confident to give you interest. More than an artist, Valerian13 art and friendship level are at their best ratio so don’t miss to meet and support a so nice person like him… O_o
Also be sure Valerian13 is a really pleasant person with an incredible kindness, he have an excellent art level but nothing compared to his friendly and supportive spirit. He was really enthusiastic giving me a great deal to help me get more from him an the project and once things evolve we move to prices more fair from him but as if the project keep evolving with time it’s a really slow process and I know I wont be able give him what he deserve in return, not fair. So guys, if you enjoy Valerian13‘s art please consider support on patreon or get a commission… °w°

Artist: Valerian13 / Request
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#137 – Marvel – Squirrel Girl N°02

I know a lot come here to see hot pics, and maybe a little fap fap fap but something different is not so bad. So this time it’s a pretty funny pic with Rosalina and Squirrel Girl.by the really nice artist Buster who send me this pic saying “Here’s my Rosalina submission for your wonderful collection“…  I’m so happy to see a lot of people who like my project and are really interested help me increase my collection… Buster was sad when I say him I love his pic but already have a drawing with Rosalina and Squirrel girl (see it here)… It’s my falt beause I forgot updates the wishlist but 1st, 2nd or 100th pic with Squirrel girl, I just love this one and I’m really happy publish it here, this one is so funny… Thanks for your kindness Buster… (^o^)/

Maybe I hope you enjoy this pic guys, she’s not in Buster gallerie because Hf refuse a lot of this submission for the moment but he have a great style so nice stuff must come sonn in his gallery (I hope)… When I say I already have a pic with Rosalina and Squirrel girl, Buster answer me “I have no choice but to do a new pic for you“. I say him it’s not use because he already do a nice pic but maybe, more must come… XD

Artist: Buster / Price: Request

#088 – Marvel – Squirrel Girl

Marvel have a lot of nice and really original characters and when I see a fanart of Squirrel Girl, I think “I must add her in the wishlist”… I was done and now she’s with Rosalina, thanks so much to Njalyx for this so nice pic… (^o^)/

At start, comparate to other fanarts and regular pics of Squirrel Girl, I think her tail look special in this pic (you can coparate to an other drawing on the right) but she look have differents versions and one with this tail… Need to seach a little more about her… XD

I think I must use this post to talk about Squirrel Girl, she’s not really famous but pretty cute and interesting… Squirrel Girl, real name Doreen Green, is a fictional character and superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2 in 1992.She is first seen ambushing Iron Man in a forest. She hopes to impress the veteran hero, wishing him to take her under his wing as his sidekick. The 14-year-old mutant introduces herself and her pet squirrel Monkey Joe, and displays her various abilities (all of which are squirrel-themed). For more you can start with the wiki

Artist: Njaly / Price: Request

#035 – Marvel – Boom Boom

I haven’t see a lot of Marvel comics but I she a lot of fanarts and in all Marvel characters, Boom Boom is one of my favorite… she is not really special but really cute, I love her hair style… ^^

And there is now a fanart with Her… How nice… Thanks to sw-ave for this really nice drawing… One more character who is in the wishlist and it was a request… Thanks sooo much for your kindness…  (^o^)/

Actually, the artist say he’s a little disapointed with the render color… What do you think about that? Comments are welcome… XD

Artist: Sw-ave /  Price:Request