#027 – FF10 – Lulu

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Yeah… I have a new final fantasy girl… This time it’s Lulu from FF-X who can have the pleasure to meet Rosalina and have good time with her… Really nice drawing…

This drawing is a request, thanks to the kindness of DarkDamien, I asked him a request, he was very interesting to make a drawn for my collection and choose the character… I don”t say me who he choose, it was just a surprise when he say “Your request is complete”… So nice… (^o^)/

Rosalina like this is really awesome, and her face is beautifull, Lulu look have a lot of fun too, With two dildos like this, she must be expressive… I love this drawing, it’s one of my favorite, but with all drawings here I have a lot of favorite… XD

Artist: DarkDamien / Price: Request

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