#002 – Mario – Peach and Daisy

Rosalina, Peach and Daisy… I think it’s the most famous and beautifull Nintendo trio… ^^

Thanks so much to Amytenchi for this incredible pic and her kindness… HentaiFoundry artists are so nice… But comparate to Deviantart, the often do pics more “sexy”… So I can’t show these drawings here… ^^

I think for this pic it’s interesting to talk about hair color, there is a lot who think Peach and Rosalina have same hair color, and it’s false… The answer with the artist quote: ‘I was going to do the same color originally, then I realized that Roselina is more a white blonde, while Peach is a golden blonde‘… Of course… And there is some people who say Rosalina as “Peach recolored”, so it’s a Peach_V2, but really more beautifull… ^^

Artist: Amytenchi / Price: Request

#001 – Pokemon – Cynthia (Shirona)

This drawn was my 21 years birthday gift from Merethide. I receive it with my Rosalina and Rosetta Commission… That’s was a really nice surprise… ^^

I meet Méréthide in my “Restaurant City” facebook group where at start, I sent every day a little newsletter about the game. Merethide sent me a message because she’s not really a fan of the Mascot (Maggie) I use as avatar for the group and propose drawn me an other… She create Ithais and after this, I became her N°1 fan… She have a pretty nice style but want to stop drawing because she love drawn but want to be a little not “famous” but have some fans and people love their drawings but she never had comment in her blog and was a little sad about that (the blog is now die).

I decided to support Merethide and help her to be a little “famous” so we created a deviantart page and I help her manage it. But now she have a teacher job and not a lot of time to drawn often… But I’m always here to help and encourage her… She have a nice style and must continue… On course… ^^

Last thing, This pic is not the only she drew with Rosalina you can see an other just beside an the other in her deviantart gallerie, but the are with some nudity so you need to have more than 18 to see it.

Artist: Merethide / Price: Gift