#880 – Old style headshoot

Illustration not representative of the artist’s actual style

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Patreon bonus: Yoga practice with Twintelle (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Beside Rosalina’s birthday excitement, let’s thanks all my dear patreon members for their support on November and now time to announce Jessica Carr as winner of November raffle with an illustration from B-side7715 as reward.
B-side7715 already contributed several times to the project (see all his art here). It’s also the second time I pick him, previous time was with Erio Touwa that you can see on the left. Now let see what Jessica will request, suspense… °w°


As you can see, this publication start with a warning for this illustration made two years and half ago by Lunakiri and that is now far to her actual level, I found the illustration lost in a folder and when I showed it she said “get a bit experimental with this one. Oh god. That scary thing“. I can understand after two years of practice her old art looks pretty much ugly to her, at some point it’s great cause it show she improved with time anyway on the other side I’m sad have Rosalina piece being considered as “scary”… U_u
Anyway this one will be a short publication, all I can tell if this Rosalina headshot was a gift from Lunakiri I received on January 19th 2016 and I must admit I missed to refer and forgot to post in time (I’m sorry). So for now if you wish to see way more powerfull illustration from Lunakiri just take a look to the links below for more recent and way better quality art (with less scary Rosalina obviously)… ^^’

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