#874 – Urban fashion princess

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nintendo mario princess rosalina urban fashion
Finally patreons supporter can get a preview of the October raffle illustration with today reward, the theme is Halloween and it will show Tharja that wanted prepare a special spell without tell Rosalina. For now I’m lucky having this piece cause… it’s for now the only Halloween illustration on the way… ^^’
Also I know so many people are hyped and impatient but I have to say my side, even more than Halloween the best will be Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. Though, I still have nothing ready for it… O_o


After dome doubts and ecchi illustration this time I know there is something totally safe and perfect for the SFW page created by Fenrir7777, he kindly accepted to take part to my project and draw Rosalina in traditional style as he usually do as you can see from his gallery (and sure worth to take a look)… If you are curious, Fenrir7777 told me her dressed Rosalina that way since he “really like characters that look more “urban” than princess“, I got the adjective I was looking for and it also makes a perfect title… °w°
The result is pretty sweet, I don’t really know if that way it looks more realistic or anime look, what your opinion guys? Also Fenrir7777 wasn’t really happy with her eye that he consider too big but when you see the intro video from Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS they gave her a pretty big eye with star glowing inside (on the left). Even if her outfit had a full rework I’m glad Fenrir7777 managed keep her original hairstyle, pretty hard to find mistake when the artist go on something really different than the usual character style. The only error I noticed in his publication was a grammatical mistake on the post that he fixed on deviantart now but the error is still on his facebook… SSSssshhhhh, don’t tell him…. ^^’

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