#875 – Pinky lingerie for blue princess

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nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi sexy lingerie
I agree this post come late (again) anyway I must tell next week publication will come voluntary on Thursday to be in time with Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st… I’m so excited but have a big problem everybody, I still can’t find a perfect idea for birthday theme illustration and now have like just a week make it done O_o
I always want manage get something totally safe this time fine for the SFW page and less crazy to not get last year problem when people were wondering is the chocolate covering Rosalina was scat…. Bwaaaa… T_T


And today something so pretty but unfortunately enough sexy to know google would consider it as “adult material and give me trouble if I post it on the sfw website. This sexy Rosalina full of romance was drew by q12a from a request journal he made to practice if I remember right. Of course I wasn’t able to resist to suggest Rosalina and had the chance get the princess come into consideration so now it’s my turn make the best post I can and once again, tell a big thanks… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I really love the mix between cuteness and sexiness and some really interesting effect q12a managed in that illustration, as first I could mention a dynamic effect on the bra strap that just opened and are falling then you can imagine the bra slowly moving down revealing more of that sweet princess body and curves. Other detail I love but don’t know if was intended is the blurred part like a dream remembering that also make us remember Rosalina is a virtual lady, I love this atmosphere q12a created… °w°
First of all I’m sure you can’t miss about this so pretty as sexy lingerie but also the fact it’s pink one, I was a little surprised it don’t goes blue following Rosalina’s casual dress anyway looking at the efforts on Rosalina’s hairs, crown and earrings I thing q12a picked blue lingerie more for it’s romantic side, only when I see he perfectly followed the crown design with red gem in front there is no doubts q12a took the time pick good reference and follow them to make Rosalina as perfect as Nintendo created her…
If you take the time take a look at q12a page (and it really worth it) be sure to be amazed by his art and character design level (anyway when he also go into background it’s really serious). From adorable ladies to monsters and realistic portrait to sexy pin-up there is so much cool stuff to discover in his page, I’m surprised he don’t have no more watchers but I know the spirit of some artist that have troubles get exposure and a fanbase even being super talented. So if you have a deviantart account Don’t miss give some love and support to q12a with a watch or nice comment or even consider commission him, seems you can get an illustration that way (and maybe even better) for around 30$ so don’t miss it guys… ^__^

Artist: q12a / Request
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