#882 – Yoga practice with Twintelle

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Last week plan was to have 3 illustration on Monday, Wednesday and then Sunday with Lunakiri art, anyway for technical reason Sunday publication didn’t come in time. Can’t come post on Monday like there is no mistake to assume so in return I decided keep going with he same artist so finally Lunakiri will get two week of publications dedicated to her Rosalina illustrations… ^^’
Sounds a lot cause will be 5 illustration in a row but be sure she did a lot of kinky Rosalina for the project lately so I know there is a lot from her to show you. Also still waiting for Jessica answer and know who she want with Rosalina after she won November raffle… Suspense… °o°


Here is a new illustration commissioned to Lunakiri featuring Rosalina and Twintelle from Arms game (on Nintendo Switch) in unconventional yoga pose, sure kinky but still really sensual, it keep the quiet and relaxing spirit of yoga with sightly different method than usual. Also want to apologies since I forgot safe the folder with HD version I received from Lunakiri and when opened the link again it was too late. Just don’t want annoy her asking for the pack again so no one will get HD, even me… U_u
First of all, the idea of a Yoga scene started after a really hot illustration by Lunakiri (on the left), I loved the large breasts and gravity so asked for something with that spirit but what I received was following more the yoga than busty side I expected. Finally all 3 poses were interesting and was hard to choose so I decided turn it into a poll on my patreon page. As you can see it’s the pose A that won, someone said “C seems the most yoga themes” but I think A also work nicely and honestly, the original illustration is really the best… ^^’
Now we have a pose the second challenge was to find a girl to be with Rosalina. Of course when you think at yoga and Nintendo the one that must come in your mind can be none other than WiiFit trainer but she already was paired a lot with Rosalina and I wanted Lunakiri go with someone new. I was searching for illustrations with yoga tag and of course Wiifit Trainer appeared a lot but also a ladies from the games Arms, after some research I found on Twintelle’s official page that her Hobbies or Sniffing luxury fragrances, fitness so worked perfectly for a session with Rosalina. I was a bit worried that Twintelle design could be hard to draw but finally Lunakiri managed her perfectly… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
A little sacrifice anyway, Lunakiri told me “I’m leaving Twins shoes off […] because you don’t wear shoes on a yoga mat“, that is totally true and logic to go that way but I’m sure a bit sad as high heels lover, even more since Twintell have so sexy one. Anyway second sad thing is I asked Lunakiri about her feel after she finished the illustration and she said “don’t really have anything in specifit“. I make me kinda sad cause if the artist that worked hours on it don’t feel something, how about people that will discover it? I don’t want to believe there is no intensity or emotion cause for me I like how this piece keep something quiet and sweet as relaxing have to be yoga but also an intimate and spicy for a nice combo that I hope you guys like… ^__^
After get the first sketch, I asked Lunakiri to make Twintelle arm going inside Rosalina yoga-pant and my bad… It was already here, no wet touch on the pant but better keep it more sensual and romantic to focus on that gently kiss and hands gently playing and teasing that sweet princess body. I also love so much Rosalina’s bra, the motif is damn ravishing but made me surprised the shading level is different on skin, hairs and clothes, as example you can see the difference wih the girls hairs having a really more smooth shading than their arms… O_o
If you want to see more you can get the HD version on the project patreon (here) but there is even more interesting reward on Lunakiri’s patreon with HD and and animated sparkly version (glowing effect around gold jewellery). More interesting bonus and you can support this lovely artist putting so much love, passion and energy in her art, also she have plenty of cool projects in mind that I’m sure you would be curious to see more about, people are always curious… XD

Artist: Lunakiri / 25$ commission
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/Lunakiri
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