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#742 – Dressing room

Someone told me on twitter the link to get the second chapter of the comic wasn’t working, simple reason selfy putted down my account due to new policy that don’t allow adult and copyright stuff. Anyway it’s fixed and the two chapters of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic are now available so don’t miss get a chance read them… ^^

I’m preparing a little event but for now it’s hard get time work on the project, the access to the website is blocked at work and I’m out of city due to family reasons all week-end lately. For sure familly is something really important that you have to care about but it’s also goo to have some free time to relax too sometimes.


There is really famous illustration with overwatch character and thanks to Tallon there is now a dressing room illustration with Rosalina and his two lovely OC Angel and Tess, cute face and sweet ass drew by SaMelodii, I hope you like it guys. Tess is on the left, Angel in the right and in the middle, SaMelodiicouldn’t fit in rosalina face but I think u get it‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I’m sure a little pervert but can’t resist to the powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness, a great close on the lady asses with a little panty tease on Angel, SaMelodii also made the girls looks so cute and adorable in the mirror reflection. Also more than a sexy piece, this one allow us to imagine what kind of suit they will wear (or not) and what will happen next. SaMelodii did a great work on ladies but also the background with lot of details and make me wonder what behind the “exit” °w°

If you want to see more about SaMelodii then don’t miss visit her HentaiFoundry or support on patreon. And if you wish to get a commission it’s th perfect time since there is ‘Summer deal: buy one commission, get one half off‘. From adorable sketch for really naughty comic page there is nothing SaMelodii can’t manage and she’s also open to many fetishes, just check the commission page linked below if you are curious.

Artist: SaMelodii / Cost: ??? (gift)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/SaMelodii
Deviantart: www.samelodii.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundy: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/SaMelodii/profile

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#676 – Chocolate surprise

Pray for Lunakiri

We must spare a thought for Lunakiri that loss her Mom a few day ago and come today at her funeral, hard time when she need support, friendship and lot of hugs. Lunakiri is also working on an beautifull piece as memory (on the right). Hugs my friend.

Also the artist that will work on November patreon raffle is busy working on other commissions so the illustration may come a bit late but there will still have the reward for sure. I just apology for the delay but I will still continue give nice and sexy rewards for patrons so stay tuned for next updates… And one more hug for Lunakiri


And here is a new illustration linked to Overwatch series, anyway instead of Tracer that never meet that cute princess it’s Symmetra that come one more time to relax with Rosalina. This illustration is so wonderfull not only cause I have one more time my favorite chocolate lady from Overwatch series but also since this was a gift from my friend Tallon who commissioned Howl to create this illustration. This one remember me the previous duo made by Lunakiri but this time Howl reversed positions and let Rosalina feel Symmetra skills… °w°

Really love this illustration, Rosalina surprised by that feeling from her talented partner and a lovely mix into cuteness from her face and sexiness with her sweet body make her so ravishing, Howl was able keep her innocence in a sensual and romantic piece, how powerfull. Also referring to her story, Symmetra is Indian lady so jewels and background work really nice but Howl made a little error on her left arm that have to me mechanical and appear that way in all her skins but she’s still ravishing that way.

Once again, thanks so much Tallon for this awesome surprise and Howl that did a ravishing job. Must add links as always on the end of the post but you can see from the patreon that it’s owned by Subridet and Howl who are ‘a pair of artists willing to share how much we enjoy what we do and make a living out of it‘. I let you discover about their patreon page when you can find even more links to Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Hentai Foundry, Picarto and Sankaku, for sure you have choice… ^^

Artist: Howl / Cost: ??? (gift)
Subridet tumblr: www.subrineet.tumblr.com
Howl tumblr: www.escapisthowl.tumblr.com
General patreon: www.patreon.com/subrihowl

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#544 – [Animated] Lovely chibi

Rosalina Nintendo chibi cute

As you can see on the botton on each post, the next illustration is announced. Like the previous post, it was planned a sexy duo with Cynthia by War-Off-Evil but I didn’t received the illustration. I think his week-end casn’t as he expected (was same problem for me) so I switch to another illustration on the queued for today. Maybe War-Off-Evil‘s illustration for next post, stay turned.
I had some feedback from friends about the Gallery page (here) and seem people enjoy it but feel free to give me your opinion guys, I do my best to make the blog complete and interesting but for sure can’t be the only who have good ideas or the blog would be more famous… ^^


Nothing pervert for today, here is a so lovely and adorable chibi Rosalina made by Kukunia92 and commissioned (once again) by my wonderfull friend Tallon90. He really gave me an amazing support helping me to increase the collection. As if I work hard for this blog, without the kindness and suppoot I receive from friends and artist I wouldn’t be able to have a so wonderfull Rosalina collection here. Thanks so much everybody… \(^o^)/
I often see blinking chibi over Deviantart, this discrete animation can seem to be really simple but it add something who make the character alive, looking at us with that lovely face and that’s sooo cute. Really love that Rosalina piece, it’s one on the cutest illustration I ever receive for the blog. also Kukunia92 did a great job on it, colors are beautifull and the dress is wonderfull like this, she looks even more like a true lovely princess. Love it…
If you are curious and want to see more from Kukunia92 don’t hesitate to visit her profile and gallerie (here), she’s really talented and powerfull, able to make so cute and adorable chibi to more sensual and mature duo so no doubt you will find some illustration you must love on her gallery… Oh yeah…

Artist: Kukunia92 / Cost: Gift by Tallon90
Facebook: www.facebook.com/QQnia
Deviantart: www.kukunia92.deviantart.com

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#534/535 – Feel the dakimakura side

Rosalina Nintendo dakimakura ecchi

Really late publication for stupid reasons, busy at work and spending all my free time rushing to get the last Palutena and Zero Suit Samus… I was close to miss them and was finaly lucky in last shop. Palutena is really beautifull and so much detail but the best is Zera suit Samus, a powerfull fighter in latex suit adding some high heels for the Smash bros. version and she’s sooo freaking sexy… °w°
Also no news from Ska Jr Zombie about the next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service but be sure I’ll keep you in touch if something happen, you can also follow me on Twitter (here) to know about events… ^^


Today there is more than simple illustrations but a powerfull gift I received for Christmas from Tallon who commisssion that amazing DearEditor to draw Rosalina. It was two Dakimakura illustrations, one soft with a beautifull and lovely Rosalina and as you can see the second one is a little more sexy with Rosalina as cowgirl wearing chaps (love so much that suit). DearEditor made the ecchi version more soft cause the main objective was to print those two sweet illustrations on a true dakimakura and send it to me. Yeah, that sounds so wonderfull… °w°
A first it’s Tallon who asked me to told him when I receive a “special” package from Germany (yeah, DearEditor is German). Got something from China that I was sure I didn’t ordered and finally I was allowed to open it for Christmas, a true and unique Rosalina Dakimakura made just for me… Still so happy thinking about it… Thanks so much for this gift Tallon, Rosalina presents are the best… \(^o^)/
There is only two Rosalina Dakimakura existing on the internet and both were made for me. First one by Quamp can be found here, was the first ever but we can’t deny DearEditor made something marvelous , she’s so talented and I now have a piece from her on the blog (and also I can hug every time)… I hope you like it guys and fee free if you want to be amazed by more art and illustrations from DearEditor to visit her HentaiFoundry (here) or be a patreon (here)… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: DearEditor / Cost: 0$ (Gift from Tallon)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/DearEditor
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/DearEditor/profile

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#259 – Original – W.A.T. strip poker

This monday was a really important day for the blog and especially for the budget. In fact since the start of the year it’s the first time the budget is positive (+7$)… 2014 started at -65$ so it was a challenge to continue buy some commission for the blog and also make the budget look better but I did it… Oh yeah… ^^

In fact it wont change so much for the blog cause I must continue manage the budget in that way. I’m talking with an artist about a 7-10 pages comic and it will cost around 100$ so I must keep a little money to prepare it… Need to win at the lottery…


This blog really made me to meet really amazing guys, some powerfull friends and artists that I love to talk with… If only this project can help me find a girlfriend for for french ladies I’m more like a weird guy… Always good friend but never more…

So, about friends today it’s a huge thansks to Tallon and congrat to Konani for this new epic illustration… So much duo on the blog but a foursome… That’s kinda rare… I already commissioned Konani to draw Rosalina 4 times; two yuri duo (soft and lingerie), a solo and the 4th was a special but because I asked him Rosalina and Me for my birthday. You can see all his Rosalina illustrations here.

This time a new Rosalina but commissioned by the amazing Tallon, I never see a man with so powerfull ideas and you can be sure he’s an epic commissioner. Now abotu the 3 other girls he asked Konani to draw, they are Tallon OCs, Willow, Angel and Willow… That’s explain the title and also refer to the contest Tallon0 made on deviantart.

I’m sure it’s not usefull to explain what happened, a strip poker is always so powerfull, sexy and exciting scene… Konani really worked hard on this piece, so much details and shading effects, he sure spent so much time only with all objects on the table and are you able to find who’s holding Rosalina’s crown and earrings? As if Konani forgot the want the result is just epic… Oh yeah… °w°

As if all are close to finish naked Rosalina look more embarrassed, after all she don’t often do thins kind of game compared to Angel, Tess and Willow who love to play togeter. Love how Konani drew her, it add an innocent and lovely touch to the illustration..

If you like Konani‘s illustration, don’t hesitate to take a look to his HentaiFoundry account (here) . He made some much orginal pieces (really original sometimes) and inteersting Oc, sometimes lovely sometimes more surprising but you can be sure Konani‘s gallery really hold ton of surprises… °w°

Artist: Konani  /  Cost: 0$ (Tallon90’s gift)
Tallon0: www.tallon90.deviantart.com
Konani: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Konani/profile

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#266 – Special – Luma are dangerous

Edit: New message by SagashiIndustrie in the chat… Thanks man… ^^

A huge thanks to Eromanboy who is the first to post a comment on the chat (on the right), he’s also the first who use the chat in fact… It’s really rare when people let a comment in the blog so I thought it will be more easier for visitors to let a little message in the chat but for the moment this one is more useless… Same thing as a fragrance slogan: Are you alive?

So this time it’s a new drawing commissioned by Tallon (thanks so much my friend) to the pretty famous and I must say fabulous NinjaKitty in hentaifoundry… NinjaKitty have a really powerfull style and curious way for commission because you must describe what you want only using 3 tags (not sure 4 are allowed).

So Tallon said Rosalina (of course), Magic and Climax… I was really surprised when he talked about that in his mail and was a little scary about the result, not a lot of chance for a yuri pic but what NinjaKitty will have in mind for the magic and climax… Finally not use to say more, just enjoy the final drawing… ^^

I really love Rosalina so much and maybe I’m always pretty jealous see a man with her but I never expected I must supervise Rosalina’s Luma too, and it’s her who transform these fucking littles stars so I can’t do anything… But the result is great Rosalina look really beautifull and sexy, I love how she use her wand she have in the mouth and nice detail with the Luma below her who finally die having so much pleasure… One less… Mwahaha… XD

Prepare yourself it you want to commission NinjaKitty guys she have an amazing style but really powerfull waitlist too, I was a long time I want to ask her a drawing with Rosalina and her OC Ninjakitty but I must find the budget and also the 3rd tag…. Rosalina… Ninjakitty… And… Hum… Any idea?

Artist: NinjaKitty / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Tallon’s profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tallon90/profile
NinjaKitty’s profil: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/NinjaKitty/profile

#240 – toLoveRu – Momo N°2

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian toLoveRu Momo
I often fins new character to put on my wishlist after see a movie, now without a sexy character it was work, in general… So after the last Tinker-bell where I discovered Periwinkle, I went with a friend to see Wreck-it Ralph I’m sure than everybody who was this movie noticed than Sergeant Calhoun is a pretty interesting character. I hesitated a little to add Vanellope but I think a little race with Rosalina and Vanellope in word with a mix of Mario kart and Candy Rush must be awesome… No ?

For this new drawing, I’m sure (and hope) everybody noticed the latex contest by elliking and in fact tallon90 asked a lot of commission to this artist, yeah, really a lot and there is a second including Rosalina with Momo from toLoveRu. Not the first time Rosalina meet her (image in the right), you can see the post of the drawing by Sehad here but sincerely it was a great surprise, I love this drawing and it’s always so interesting see how the same character can look different with and other artist style… Excellent job again elliking and thanks so much tallon90 for asking Rosalina again… (^o^)/

Love the situatio nand a great point to elliking for Rosalina and Momo faces who look pretty expressive. Like Momo face she’s really sensitive if she look like this only licking her tail so if they continue like this it will be really hard for Momo, like all drawings here Rosalina know how to give some pleasure to a girl… Prepare yourself… ^^

New wishlisted girl: Sergeant Calhoun and Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph

#239 – Multiple – Latex contest

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian metroid samus aran Aki Izayoi Yu-Gi-Oh Jill valentine Resident Evil
Like my personal stats, I think there is now more than 1.000 artists I sent a little message to ask if they do request or commissions and may participate to my blog. Only in hentaifoundry it’s more than 800 so if I add all other sites I use and my friends, I’m sure the 1.000th spam… Hum… Message was already sent… It’s a lot of work, a lot of time but I’m really happy with the result, thanks for all artists who participated (or will draw Rosalina) and of course everybody who come here. 190.000 pageview, it a great score… Thanks so much guys… (^o^)/

In this new drawing by elliking and commission by this so powerfull tallon90, there isn’t only a girl who make the show with Rosalina but 3 really awesome character showing there sexy body for a little latex contest… Who is your favorite character ?

For people who don’t reconize them, from the left the the right we have:
1 – Rosalina… Of course in her sexy biker outfit…
2 – Samus (easy) who already had some fun with Rosalina 4 times (see other drawings here)
3 – Aki Izayoi from Yu Gi Oh. I already have her with Rosalina in biker outfif by BadmanBastich commissioned by tallon90 (see the drawing here)
4 – Jill valentine from Resident Evil who meet Rosalina for the first time… I already have Ada wong from this game…

Congrat to elliking for this awesome pic… Latex clothes are so awesome so 4 at the same time, it’s just too must… And a huge thanks to tallon90 who commissioned this one for the blog… Hope to find more friends like you… (^o^)/

Little quote from elliking‘s description: ‘a commission i did of a few pretty girl trying to decide who looks best in there skin tight latex. vote?‘ So with one you choose ?

New wishlisted girl: Snow white from disney

#238 – Solo – Just so cute

At start I was a little sad receive a lot of drawing with only Rosalina, like my blog name and project it’s not the best way, like there is something missing. But after all, the more important is Rosalina, for me it’s the mroe beautifull and cutest character in the world so other girl or not it’s just so nice have one more Rosalina to show… Oh yeah… XD

And this time I’m so happy to show you this lovely and pretty original Rosalina drew by izka197 and commissioned by this awesome tallon90 who is really helpfull… Thanks so much tallon90 and congratulation for your awesome job izka197… Hope you like it guys (you must like it in fact)… ^^

The pose is reallt simple but I said Rosalina look really original with izka197 style because her hair style. Like the original character, Rosalina have a lock who hide her right eye, it’s an important part of Rosalina style. izka197 drew this lock more bigger as she need and like this we easilly reconize Rosalina but as me she look really different, still so beautifull but different, that funny…

Thnaks again for your support tallon90, I never expected find someone who can help me with the blog so much as you do… In fact I often dream abotu this but never expected it can happend… And don’t hesitate take a look to izka197‘s profil, you can see she have a lovely style and great commission prices, 5$ for a waist-up or 10$ for a full-body, that’s really interesting… ^^

Artist: izka197 / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
www.izka197.deviantart.com / www.tallon90.deviantart.com

#231 – One Piece – Nico Robin

Japan Touch is now over, it was a prety busy but so funny week… After ask a lot of drawing of Rosalina or look at cosplay photo of this character it was my turn to wear this cosplay… Yeah, I think it sound really curious like this but a lot of people thought I was a girl so the cosplay was pretty nice… I hope… ^^

A little difficult to take photo with the dress (impossible in fact) so I wait a little and I think I’ll show it in the next post, prepare yourself guys… “Me as Rosalina“, it’s the next post… ;p

But don”t want to let the blog without updates for a long time so it restart with Rosalina and Robin from One Piece drew by CuteEmmy and asked but the lovely tallon90 who really contribute a lot, thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

I love One Piece, it’s one of my favorite anime and there is a lot of character from this one in my wishlist so after Marguerite (see it here) and Kalifa (see it here), Robin come to give a little fun to the beautifull Rosalina… And like the drawing, I think it’s just the start so I let you imagine what happend… Oh yeah… XD

In general I don’t like Nico, she look to much mature and serious so not really sexy but with your style she’s more innocent and lovely… Rosalina face is beautifull and so cute, see her enjoying every Nico make this drawing pretty romantic and of course pretty exciting…CuteEmmy really made an awesome pic I’m glad you chosen her tallon90… That’s so powerfull… ^^

And a little quote and information from CuteEmmy‘s description: ‘Nico have a power to have multiple arms and such so that’s why she have so many here XD

Artist: CuteEmmy / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Tallon profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tallon90/profile
CuteEmmy profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/CuteEmmy/profile

#221-228 – Happy Birthday Rosalina

Happy birthday Rosalina (^o^)/
It’s the best day for a little comment… ;p
Yeah, it’s 1st november, so Rosalina have 5yo since her first apparition in Mario Galaxy on 1st november 2007. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day when we can discovert this so beautifull and awesome character…
And it’s today the more important day of the more beautifull and cutest character in the word… Rosalina… (^o^)/

Personally I cooked a little cake for this event, so bad my family find it before I find candles… Thanks so much for all artist who find interest for this event and accepted to participate, I hope update the post again wih more drawing but for the moment enjoy it… ^^


– 1 drawing by KLT1M with a character I don’t know (bad start… T_T)
– 1 drawing commissionned to A-S1y-Fox and already in progress
– 1 drawing by VCampan commissioned by tallon90
– 1 drawing by Eromanboy
– 1 drawing by KABOS
– 1 story commissioned by me to Evil-Rick
– A preview of a story in progress by Merethide

The first drawing I receive by KLT1M, he sent me the drawing on 26th september and said I can’t open it before Rosalina’s birthday… You can imagine how it’s hard to wait for a Rosalina drawing one month… So bad… But I did it, for Rosalina, and there is the result, thanks so much KLT1M… ^^

Last thing, KLT1M said the drawing was rejected by HentaiFoundry and don’t know why. Maybe it’s because proportions or Rosalina’s arm or some lines KLT1M forget to delete, like one in the other character’s arm… Any idea who’s the second girl guys ?


The second drawing is a 15$ commission I asked to A-S1y-Fox who already drew Rosalina doing a blow-job. I was a little sad about this drawing because for a Rosalina x Girl blog, see her sucking a dick don’t really work and I’m so jealous imagine an other man with Rosalina… If you want to see more about this drawing, it’s here.

A-S1y-Fox really have a great style and a lovely character named Luna in his gallery that’s why I asked him a drawing with Luna and Rosalina. for the moment A-S1y-Fox don’t send me the final version so I just have a sketch to show you, hope have more soon… Oh yeah… XD


This next drawing was asked as commission by the dear tallon90 who is not just a contributor but more like a member of the Rosalina x girl project with Merethide who already contributed a lot drawing Rosalina… You are so awesome guys… ^^

So this time tallon90 asked a one page comic to to commemorate Rosalina’s birthday, the result is pretty lovely and sexy like the last panel but I’m so jealous, I hesitate a little to publish this one but tallon90 said to add the link of my blog so I don’t have choice, after all it’s not my commission… But I’m so jealous… Really more powerfull than a little cake.


Other artist who already contribute to the blog twice, the first time with Rosalina and Peach (see it here), a cute Rosalina pin-up (see it here) and participate again. Thanks so much Eromanboy… ^^

I just love his new illustration, a hot Rosalina and a lot of little scenes, the title is “Rosalina funtime” and you can easily understand what Eromanboy mean. The full Rosalina in the middle is damn cute, wet and sexy and about all other parts, my favorite is the one of the top when she suck her tit, that’s so lovely but there is other great with dildos… Eromanboy, you did an awesome work… \(^o^)/


princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian peach orgasm pee watersportKABOS really have an awesome style and I was so happy when he said he accept to participate to Rosalina’s birthday, a little mistake when I asked him to publish the final drawing on 31th November instead of October but he noticed my error and the drawing is now online… And it’s a so powerfull one… (^o^)/

I love transparent lingerie and a little domination so this illustration is so awesome, KABOS did an awesome job and the result is so beautifull and hot, I love hot it turn and you can see the quality is great that’s why I didn’t add a biggest watermark on this drawing… ^^

Interesting detail, artist often make a mistake with Rosalina hairstyle, the original character have hair in front of her right eye and KABOS hid the left eye, the reason is simple, like Rosalina position it can’t work with the original hair-style so artists always cheat about this point… I hesitate to reverse it before show it here but I can’t do anything, I love this drawing, can’t change anything… Thanks so much KABOS… ^^


princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbianSo I continue with a story I asked to the lovely artist Evil-Rick, he already drew Rosalina and his OC Susana one year ago for Rosalina’s birthday… Evil-Rick was the only who participate for her previous birthday and sent me a drawing as gift so this year I sent him a message for a commission. At start I wanted a drawing with his OCs Susana and Satashi but Evil-Rick give me a nice promotion and I bought a two pages story… How nice… (^o^)/

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian dp double penetration fistingIt’s not an error if I said ‘two page story‘ because the 3rd is a little special. In fact when the commission was done Evil-Rick directly published it on his HentaiFoundry account and I forget say to wait a little and add a watermark with the link of the blog, it was two late when I see the story in rule34… This one is amazing and I must lost a lot of views, I was so sad.

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian anal creampieEvil-Rick was embarrassed about this and sent me a mail ” attaching a small “condolence” present ” featuring Rosalina and an other Evil-Rick‘s OC: his futa demon Singal who come give a little more fun to Rosalina after the party… You’re so lovely Evil-Rick, thank so much…


I said with tallon90 there is Merethide who also contribute a lot to the blog, she was to busy to draw something to commerorate Rosalina’s birthday but she really draw her a lot in general ( I have more than 10 Rosalina by Merethide and I’m really happy show you a little preview of a story she’s created. For the moment there is only some illustrations, a cover and a sketch of the 3 first pages but I’ll create a page soon especially for this story…

I don’t think it will be fast, Merethide is really busy and tired with her job but this time she have no choice to finish it… Maybe a day… About the story, I’m Jade (Merethide‘s OC) who invite Rosalina to a pyjamas party with Peach and Daisy… Finaly when Rosalina come Jade say it’s a lingerie party and Peach and Daisy can’t come but in fact… They are here… and will enjoy the scene with some cameras in Jade’s house…

More soon guys… ;p

#211 – Yu Gi Oh – Aki Izayoi

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian YuGiOh Aki Izayoi latex
I noticed than I often use “Though” instead of “Thought” and “Maybe” instead of “Tough”, at start I thought it’s a minor mistake but when I translate my old comments it’s “OMG… How people can understand me”… In fact it curious because I think people already understand me and they never told me when I make a mistake… I receive only a comment because my use of “Maybe” but that’s all… How you want I increase my english level is nobody say me when I’m wrong… Not easy… T_T

So this time it’s a new commission asked by tallon90 to BadmanBastich featuring Rosalina (of course) with Aki from the Yu Gi Oh 5D’s series… It’s an awesome gift than Tallon because I really love this drawing, I play Rosalina in Mario kart Wii (of course, again) and love her biker outfif, she look really sexy and lovely dress like that. That’s so bad there isn’t bikes in the 3DS… Bwaaaa…

It’s a long time than I wanted to ask Rosalina with this outfit; the problem is I always ask for requests due to my inexistant budget and always let the artist free draw what he want and have fun, so when tallon90 sent me the link of the new commission he asked for my blog… Just Wow… Sexy suit and sexy characters, Aki was already in my wishlist, so nice tallon90 chooen her… (^o^)/

BadmanBastich did an excellent job, after all it’s the artist who made this awesome pic, The only detail I’m sad is this drawing is a little to sexy for the soft blog… I know there isn’t anything explicit but a lot of people know the soft blog (really a lot) and it’s a little dangerous publish this one… Though what your opinion guys? Too explicit or not?

Artist: BadmanBastich / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)

New wishlisted girl: Sara Bellum from Powerpuff Girl

#208 OC – Memsa

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian lingerie
I just take a look to my adsence account and since I put add on the blog (I know it’s ugly, sorry), in more than 6 mouths I earned 5$, that’s interesting but not enough to ask commissions and an other really bad point, I can’t ask for a payment before reach 70$ so not sure it will happened soon… T_T

Google adds work with the ratio into views and clicks, so with only 3-4 clicks each month it’s not really powerfull so a little click on the right must be great, thanks in advance guys and have a nice moment here… ^^

And about ” nice “, I happy show you a new awesome drawing drew by PrismSky and ordered by Tallon especially for the blog. It’s the 3th time Tallon contribute to the blog and there is and other drawing who is already finished, this is just amazing, thanks so much for your support Tallon… Your so nice… (^o^)/

Tallon don’t help me requesting drawings with Rosalina, he buy commissions to greats artists, some I already know but a little expensive for me so you can understand how I am happy receive these drawing… And this time the amazing artist is PrismSky who drew Rosalina with Memsa who is an original character of PrismSky. Precisely her OC and Mascot on Hentaifoundry; She’s going to be my guinea pig for upcoming porn!.

Don’t know if it’s Tallon who request Rosalina with Memsa, that’s not me who commissioned this one, though it really nice see OC, there is often greats surprises with lovely character… Memsa is a really beautifull and cute character, Rosalina is so lucky having this romantic (and pretty hot) time with her.

Memsa and Rosalina expressive and adorable with these faces. PrismSky really have a great style and other detail, I love lingerie so Memsa look really sexy like this…An other awesome drawing for the blog, hope you like it guys and don’t forget the ad please (I hate financial conclusions)… T_T

Artist: PrismSky / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Contact PrismSky for commission at sullivan.antonia@ymail.com

#194 – Vocaloid – Yowane Haku

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vocaloid yowane haku

I’m back and Internet too… (^o^)/

It was a great and pretty funny week with some friends maybe when internet is missing, our world disapear… No mails, no msn, no Rosalina… It’s was horrible but not finish and I’m alive Maybe it was closed)… XD

After read more than 700 mails, I’m a little tired so don”t expect a huge post maybe I really wanted to make a new post to celebrate my return, some pics waitings, a week without utpload something so I must do it, an tomorrow I restart spam on hentaifoundry, news artists, be careful, I’m comming… Mwahahahaha…

After Miku, it’s time for Rosalina to meet a new Vocaloid girl: Yowane Haku commissioned to katzueki by Tallon. If you don’t remember Tallon said me he love my blog and want to contribute asking some commissions, so after Rosalina with Kalifa from One Piece (see it here), it now the time for one of the favorite Tallon character to meet Rosalina. With Rin and Luka it’s one of the cutest vocaloid girl as me… So it’s an awesome drawing… How nice… ^^

Thanks again to Tallon for his support (and if I remember there is an other drawing in progress), and congrat to katzueki for his awesome work, maybe he did a little error with Rosalina, she have hair in front her right hair, not the left… Don’t understand how a lot of artist do this fault… Curious… Maybe the result is great after all… Colors, shadows and background are awesome..

Last thing about katzueki, at a moment he accepted requests and someone requested Rosalina (See the drawing here), and since September 2011, less than a year it’s always the more popular drawing in his gallery. first place in the Popular Submissions list… So powerfull… So bad I miss the moment he accepted requests, now katzueki only do commisions; 20$ for a single character without background, bwaaa… T_T

Artist: Hikashy / Cost: 50$ (Gift by Tallon)
Deviantart: http://katzueki.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-katzueki.php

#186 – One Piece – Kalifa

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian one piece kalifa shower

When I see a message saying “your blog is great, I have an awesome collection“, I’m really happy, but so bad they are rare. Maybe this time it was much better and powerfull because after said he love my blog, Tallon writed “‘i’m gonna commission some off your wish list to help out the cause‘… Thanks soooo much Tallon…

So there is the first drawing Tallon requested to hikashy… I think a lot her know One Piece so not use to present Kalifa. Maybe I’m a huge fan of this anime, there is a lot of really beautiful (and sexy) characters and only have Rosalina with Marguerite after this one (see it here), so nice Rosalina meet a new girl from this awesome manga… (^o^)/

The drawing is really beautifull, Kalifa have the power to generate bubbles to “clean” the strength off her opponents (Soap Woman) so what else than a pretty sexy and romantic scene in the bathroom, I love blode girls so it’s an great combo and they are so exciting during this hot time, Rosalina face is really expressive, just a little detail I don’t really like: it’s Kalifa ear; she look a little to an elve like this… But like reference drawings I see the original character is like that… So hikashy did a great job, and me a bad remark… T_T

About hikashy, you must know he already participate to my blog (I fact that’s me who ask him commissions) but his style is really nice so if you are curious about its drawing with Rosalina there is Stella from Winx club and Ada Wong from Resident Evil who already meet Rosalina…

Funny detail, after publish it in deviantart, there is a guy who said to hikashy tht it’s can’t be his drawing but like the style it must be Radprofile who drew it… It was hard say to these person than it’s wrong, hikashy asked me to help me maybe it’s not a bad thing… If hikashy‘s stuff look to Radprofile one, so hikashy reach a great level… Hope he will drawing Rosalina again as gift for a good customer (why I’m saying that?)… XD

I finish with a huge thanks to Tallon for his support… I’m sorry I don’t have link or other to show you about him… I can just say you it’s Tallon… A great Tallon… ^^

Artist: Hikashy / Cost: 25$ (Gift by Tallon)
Deviantart: http://hikashy.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-hikashy.php

New wishlisted girls: Aika Sumeragi from Agent Aika