#361 – Original – Willow

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Damn, I lost internet for a week and I missed so much things. News picture to upload for the project “Where is my pokemon?” and I wonder what I can do with the poll, it you look at resutl there is some troubles. It’s like there is a little fight for Rosemon and the trio but I’m sure not so much people voted for these two pieces, like how people participate in general it’s impossible so I think these two pieces will be deleted from the poll. I have to talk about that with Mavruda but in case it happen, sorry about that.

I also received a present from my friend Tallon and you can’t imagine how this piece is damn powerfull, I will have a huge surprise to post for Halloween. Tallon support is really amazing, sometimes I feel I’m just like a little assistant or apprentice compared to him… He’s incredible… °o°


I said Tallon is amazing because he really contribute so much for the blog. I also commission some artist to send him some gifts like the lovely Huku you can see on the right but it will be impossible to do so much as him. Tallon offered me something amazing to celebrate Halloween but before this event I have an other illustration to show you. A lovely and funny piece with his OC Willow. You will see there is also something naughty on this piece… Eh eh…

Thansk so much Tallon and congrat to mtxxxartist who drew is beautifull illustration. Rosalina and Willow look so adorable, funny and adding a sexy touch it look amazing… By “sexy touch” you can think I talk about the fact Rosalina don’t wear bra but if you look at Willow, mtxxxartist drew her giving cream to Rosalina like she’s a futa who… Well, you see what I mean. It’s a really powerfull detail and I hope people will notice it. It’s fun, pervert but also an adorable illustration… Love it… (^o^)/

I asked to Tallon if he have some informations about Willow like a backstory or some reference illustration that I can use for the blog and he created a HUGE story for her. If you want to read all you can see the part one here and part two here. For lazy people I’ll try to quote the more importants parts. In fact it’s impossible to cut or reduce it, you must read it guys, Tallon really did an amazign job with it but I asked him “What is the more important about Willow” and he said “hmm i can’t put her into words“. Yeah, you have no choice than read Willow story here and here. She’s a lovely girls who love to do what her friends are doing so sometimes it can be a little naughty… Looking adorable and innocent but be careful guys… ^^

Now you know everything about Willow but you must know an illustration need an artist and we can’t forget the talented mtxxxartist. You must take a look to his gallery, there is a lot of great illustrations. You can see more of Willow and other Tallon‘s OC but mtxxxartist also worked on really more explicit pieces and short animations so don’t hesitate to look at his art and maybe commission him… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: mtxxxartist / Cost: ??? (Commissioned by Tallon)
mtxxxartist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mtxxxartist/profile
Tallon: www.tallon90.deviantart.com

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