#360 – Solo – Simple and soft

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I’m really tired with my new job, I’m glad to be at home and know I did something usefull but not enough time to manage the blog and spam new artists. For the moment I can announce you 3 illustrations are coming to celebrate Rosalina birthday on November 1st, maybe more but it will be a surprise for you and me in this case… XD

We are also close to the true end of Your dream by Mavruda, you have now 2 days left to vote for your favorite illustration and the winner will be published in the blog. Mavruda said “my personal preferences are with the Hermione and the princess” so if you like his work why not vote for her. You can be sure he drew an epic piece with Hermione and Rosalina… °w°


After Your dream by Mavruda, Where is my pokemon? and Rosalina’s birthday I wanted to show something different. Something simple and cute drew by the great kidokoala.I’m in love since the first time I saw Roslaina on Mario galaxy and you can be sure she wasn’t naked with open legs… XD

I know it’s just a sketch, kidokoala may color it a day so don’t hesitate to take to let him a little comment if you want and also visit his gallery. His art and style is really different than this drawing so it you love lovely and sexy girls.furries you must see kidokoala‘s illustrations… Oh yeah…

Each artisy have his style and draw Rosalina as he see it. that’s fun to see again the true Rosalina. kidokoala did a great job and didn’t forget anything. Dress, wand, crown, earrings and hair style, all is perfect. Maybe a little Luma is missing, these little stars are a really important part of Rosalina story.

Thansk again for this great piece kidokoala… I really hope you will color it or maybe see Rosalina one of your OC a day, it must be so powerfull… °w°

Artist: kidokoala / Cost: 0$ (request)

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Wishlist: I promise new girls for the next update (see it here)

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