#362 – Pokemon – #003 Charizard

The last project Where is my pokemon?” started and now it’s time to complete it. I commissioned a little illustration to incease a little the collection and the project have now 4 drawings than you can see here but now I must find new artist who accept to help meand complete the collection.

All other projects depend on only one artist so it there is a problem with an artist, the project is slower, frozen or deleted like it happened for the pyjama party by Merethide. This time I wanted something everybody can participate.

After Pikachu, Gardevoir and Eevee it’s time for an other pokemon girl to join Rosalina for a tender and intimate moment. It was a pretty expensive but really powerfull commission I asked to the talented and lovely sokewa. I found her gallery on deviantart (see it here) and you can be sure with this mazing style I asked her if she accept to participate to the rosalina x girl project… and she accepted… (^o^)/

As me the more importantif the artist have fun an freedom with the illustration so I let sokewa free to pair Rosalina with the pokemon girl she want and she finally choosed Charizard. It remember me so much good memories when I was playing old pokemon games but also when my sister delete my saves because she was jealous…. Bwaaaa… U_u

That’s fun because my favorite generation is the first and for the moment I have my favorite pokemon with Rosalina, after Eevee and Gardevoir (who have a similar hair style than Rosalina it’s now a huge and ugly pokemon who turned into the cutest girl of the series… Sokewa really did an amazing job with this illustration, both are so cute and adorable… Love it… °w°

Loking for some ideas on rule34, I saw some charaizard girls but they were often in the middle of beast and human and sokewa‘s one is really the cutest I ever see, She’s so adorable with this face expression and look so happy to be with Rosalina… Damn cute and also really sexy. Roslaina is also really lovely, I love the motif on her lingerie, Charizard is naked but of course it’s not easy to give lingerie to a pokemon, don’t happend really often… XD

If you are curious about sokewa don’ thesitate to take a look to her Deviantart profile (see it here), Tumblr (see it here) or furaffinity (see it here) depending of what you prefer. You can be sure her art is amazing and ther eis lot of powerfull surprise in sokewa‘s gallery but don’t hesitate if you are interesting for a commission, you you know she can make your dream come true and create an epic illustration just for you… Oh yeah…

Artist: sokewa / cost: 120$
D.A.: sokewa.deviantart.com
Tumblr: www.sokewa.tumblr.com
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/ibukihouse


  1. SagashiIndustries

    Sadly, My MegaCharizard’s a boy, so it’s not him. Picked a female trainer, though.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Same thing, there is so much adorable pokemon girls I want to see with Rosalina… I hope other artists will find interest for the project, it must be so powerfull… °w°

  2. SagashiIndustries

    I’m a little more interested in the human gals myself.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Yeah, I know what you mean, But what about gijinka? It’s liek a human girl wearing a pokemon costum so it must be fine for you. Like a cute and sexy cosplay… ^^

    2. SagashiIndustries

      Eh, It’s alright, but not really my thing.


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