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#266 – Special – Luma are dangerous

Edit: New message by SagashiIndustrie in the chat… Thanks man… ^^

A huge thanks to Eromanboy who is the first to post a comment on the chat (on the right), he’s also the first who use the chat in fact… It’s really rare when people let a comment in the blog so I thought it will be more easier for visitors to let a little message in the chat but for the moment this one is more useless… Same thing as a fragrance slogan: Are you alive?

So this time it’s a new drawing commissioned by Tallon (thanks so much my friend) to the pretty famous and I must say fabulous NinjaKitty in hentaifoundry… NinjaKitty have a really powerfull style and curious way for commission because you must describe what you want only using 3 tags (not sure 4 are allowed).

So Tallon said Rosalina (of course), Magic and Climax… I was really surprised when he talked about that in his mail and was a little scary about the result, not a lot of chance for a yuri pic but what NinjaKitty will have in mind for the magic and climax… Finally not use to say more, just enjoy the final drawing… ^^

I really love Rosalina so much and maybe I’m always pretty jealous see a man with her but I never expected I must supervise Rosalina’s Luma too, and it’s her who transform these fucking littles stars so I can’t do anything… But the result is great Rosalina look really beautifull and sexy, I love how she use her wand she have in the mouth and nice detail with the Luma below her who finally die having so much pleasure… One less… Mwahaha… XD

Prepare yourself it you want to commission NinjaKitty guys she have an amazing style but really powerfull waitlist too, I was a long time I want to ask her a drawing with Rosalina and her OC Ninjakitty but I must find the budget and also the 3rd tag…. Rosalina… Ninjakitty… And… Hum… Any idea?

Artist: NinjaKitty / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Tallon’s profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tallon90/profile
NinjaKitty’s profil: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/NinjaKitty/profile