#544 – [Animated] Lovely chibi

Rosalina Nintendo chibi cute
As you can see on the botton on each post, the next illustration is announced. Like the previous post, it was planned a sexy duo with Cynthia by War-Off-Evil but I didn’t received the illustration. I think his week-end casn’t as he expected (was same problem for me) so I switch to another illustration on the queued for today. Maybe War-Off-Evil‘s illustration for next post, stay turned.
I had some feedback from friends about the Gallery page (here) and seem people enjoy it but feel free to give me your opinion guys, I do my best to make the blog complete and interesting but for sure can’t be the only who have good ideas or the blog would be more famous… ^^


Nothing pervert for today, here is a so lovely and adorable chibi Rosalina made by Kukunia92 and commissioned (once again) by my wonderfull friend Tallon90. He really gave me an amazing support helping me to increase the collection. As if I work hard for this blog, without the kindness and suppoot I receive from friends and artist I wouldn’t be able to have a so wonderfull Rosalina collection here. Thanks so much everybody… \(^o^)/
I often see blinking chibi over Deviantart, this discrete animation can seem to be really simple but it add something who make the character alive, looking at us with that lovely face and that’s sooo cute. Really love that Rosalina piece, it’s one on the cutest illustration I ever receive for the blog. also Kukunia92 did a great job on it, colors are beautifull and the dress is wonderfull like this, she looks even more like a true lovely princess. Love it…
If you are curious and want to see more from Kukunia92 don’t hesitate to visit her profile and gallerie (here), she’s really talented and powerfull, able to make so cute and adorable chibi to more sensual and mature duo so no doubt you will find some illustration you must love on her gallery… Oh yeah…

Artist: Kukunia92 / Cost: Gift by Tallon90
Facebook: www.facebook.com/QQnia
Deviantart: www.kukunia92.deviantart.com

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