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#825 – Buckets of tasty cum

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I made a poll on patreon after received a bunch of doggy bestiality sketches (6 exactly) to know the feeling of my dear supporter on that place regarding this special fetish. I really don’t want annoy them with content they may not like so have to be careful, according the result only one dislike but I don’t want lost any of my dear patrons… O_o
Also work is really quiet lately, a bit too much honestly, it give me plenty of time to work on the blog to rewrite the old posts and complete the gallery. Kind of boring html stuff but keep me busy at last and found interesting things… ^^


Special publication today that start with a big hug and thanks to Tallon that helped me get my dream piece from Quaraci, it’s an artist I know since years and admire since his first publication but can’t deny he highly improved his level with time. I love Epona, she’s able to jizz buckets of fresh cum and wanted Rosalina in a
drinking trough getting a cum bath and shower
, finally Rosalina isn’t inside the drinking trough but the messy side is here with lot of cum and my favourite Quaraci‘s OC… °w°
Also haven’t presenting her properly, the girl with Rosalina is on of Quaraci‘s OC, a girl with horse dick named Epona. Maybe some Nintendo fans know Epona as the name of Link’s horse but on the mythological side, in Gallo-Roman religion, Epona was a protector of horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules. She also was goddess of fertility and like all the cum that asian girl can make, Quaraci sure chosen the perfect name. XD
When creating an illustration, Quaraci always manage add a little sub-story that complete it pretty nicely, here the situation is based mostly on a messy idea but with some imagination, so much can be imagined for how it came to this scene and how it can continue. Rosalina looks so hot stroking Epona’s dick to make her continue jizz like there is still not enough in the trough to satisfy her desire. So much (messy) details on Quaraci‘s illustration I would like to talk about and describe like Epona face and the way she play she penetrate Rosalina’s filled pussy with the want that get messy from the cum sploshing out while Rosalina keep drinking the cum playing with that horse dick still being hard and ready for more.

I love Quaraci‘s OC but must tell my favourite part is the cum waterfall from Rosalina’s filled crown, I love to imagine scenes with the crown overflowing with the fluid going over Rosalina’s hair and getting her body and clothes all messy… °w°
Was long time since Quaraci joined HentaiFoundry considering him as amateur looking for some feedback, the spirit and motivation were still here and he now manage his art like a pro. This are now more serious since Quaraci opened a patreon that get an exclusive digital painting each month, also he can manage to paint private illustration if you have some dreams that you prefer keep secret… ^^

Artist: Quaraci / Commissioned by Tallon
Tumblr: www.quaraci.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/quaraci
Piczel: www.piczel.tv/watch/quaraci
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/quaraci/profile
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#696 – Let me be your Power Star

princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn nsfw

Also had troubles with Firefox that first forgot all saved passwords, according to Mozilla support I did a Refresh on Firefox that started pretty nice saving everything on the desktop then crashing and impossible start it at all. Tried repair it from install launcher and same result, let’s start from zero and hope the Synch will give me back all bookmarks that are capital to manage the project… O_o
I wasn’t able make as expected my shooting for DigitallyDeviant last week-end due to some laziness from my family, they planned go out that would give me some safe time but finally ended look at tv series all day… Raaah… >.<


I had to be ready cause Quaraci is more the kind or artist that make random apparitions with an epic piece of art before disappear again for month and wanted him to be here while posting this illustration. And it’s what happened when he published this kinky illustration on the left there is a few days so my side time to show this sexy Rosalina pin-up he made for me. At first it’s like there excessive light but with time we really enjoy Quaraci‘s illustration, both scene and Rosalina expression make is so sweet and sensual but intense. We lost Rosalina from all this light while she lost her mind reaching an intense pleasure… Love that feeling… °w°
So much things I want to tell and quote from Quaraci‘s post that make so incredible (and exciting) backstories in descriptions. Rosalina is a really pure and innocence princess but she turn so marvelous when it’s going a bit more kinky and it’s why I love so much when Quaraci say ‘I’ve been working on this challenge of turning this video game character into a glorious, sexy lady, with insatiable lust for riding power stars way up in the clouds‘. I always want Lumas stay pure and never be involved in sex art but no rules for power star, nothing more to say this piece is so wonderfull, thanks sooo much my friend… \(^o^)/
Since I discovered Quaraci‘s art and characters, I was totally addicted to his OC and especially Epona with that Asian look and massive horse dick always hopping get a really messy piece like Rosalina in a horse trough full of cum behind fucked in this creamy pool enjoying a cum shower from Epona (but who’s in the trough fucking her? I was never able to choose from the other OC). Anyway I can’t deny I feel so honored Quaraci drew Rosalina 3 times (see all of them here). It’s also why I first planned have this piece as the 700th on the blog, he really deserve it and on your side don’t miss visit his gallery for even more art but be careful, you need and HentaiFoundry account to be able show the more naughty of them… ^__^

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#115 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach N°14

I say a new Peach but I’m really happy to show you a second drawing by a really nice friend in Hentaifoundry: Quaraci. Remember the first drawn with Rosalina and his OC Epona (see it here)… I love Quaraci style and it was so nice to see a new Rosalina in his gallerie. He love use a curious texture and have now an incredible style and level… So nice to meet him… (^o^)/

Quaraci already know and follow my blog so at start I think “He say I already have a lot of Peach, why he choose her?” and he answer “Actually I want to draw a scene with Peach since I’m 10 years old, but there were no other good female characters in Mario back then), then I thought, hey, I guess Jeremie is gonna like this one“… I was really happy see this, Quaraci has the kindness drew Rosalina twice for me so it’s nice if he enjoy a lot make this beautifull pic… Rosalina for me, Peach for him but it’s not me who drew during 6 hours… Thansks so much my friend…

A stupid think, I hate write in this blog, I always try to post a nice and huge comment in honor to the artist but due to my english level and inspiration, I always think, “I must write more…” but always fail… I say a lot of people come her just for the pic but I must do something nice for the artist who spend some hours drawn Rosalina… So this little part is perfect to add more in fact… XD

#061 – OC – Epona

This time, before say anything about this drawing and Epona, I think the artist quote must be nice: ” Note: before anyone asks, Epona is the name of a Celtic goddess. She was the protector of horses, mares and mules, so I guessed that was a good name for my character Epona. There’s no connection between this Epona and the one from the Zelda series “.

So Epona is a beautifull (and really hot) girl with horse dick… But it’s not a anthropomorphism (or presonification if you prefer) of Epona, the Link’s horse in Nintendo game… ^^

So this awesome drawing was made by an really nice artist and friend in HentaiFoundry: quaraci. He have a really nice style and the first time I see  his character, I think Epona is awesome and “I must ask her with Rosalina”… Oh yeah… XD

So quaraci accepted make me a drawn and it’s incredible… I hope you like it… ^^
If you want to see more about Epona and her best friend Penelope, don”t hesitate to take a look. Quaraci haven’t a huge gallerie and is not really famous for the moment but his actual gallerie is awesome and he have a really good project with Epona… So it must be really interesting… ^^

Thanks again for your kindness and this awesome drawing my friend… Of course I love it… ^^

Artist: Quaraci  /  Price: Request