#115 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach N°14

I say a new Peach but I’m really happy to show you a second drawing by a really nice friend in Hentaifoundry: Quaraci. Remember the first drawn with Rosalina and his OC Epona (see it here)… I love Quaraci style and it was so nice to see a new Rosalina in his gallerie. He love use a curious texture and have now an incredible style and level… So nice to meet him… (^o^)/

Quaraci already know and follow my blog so at start I think “He say I already have a lot of Peach, why he choose her?” and he answer “Actually I want to draw a scene with Peach since I’m 10 years old, but there were no other good female characters in Mario back then), then I thought, hey, I guess Jeremie is gonna like this one“… I was really happy see this, Quaraci has the kindness drew Rosalina twice for me so it’s nice if he enjoy a lot make this beautifull pic… Rosalina for me, Peach for him but it’s not me who drew during 6 hours… Thansks so much my friend…

A stupid think, I hate write in this blog, I always try to post a nice and huge comment in honor to the artist but due to my english level and inspiration, I always think, “I must write more…” but always fail… I say a lot of people come her just for the pic but I must do something nice for the artist who spend some hours drawn Rosalina… So this little part is perfect to add more in fact… XD

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