#061 – OC – Epona

This time, before say anything about this drawing and Epona, I think the artist quote must be nice: ” Note: before anyone asks, Epona is the name of a Celtic goddess. She was the protector of horses, mares and mules, so I guessed that was a good name for my character Epona. There’s no connection between this Epona and the one from the Zelda series “.

So Epona is a beautifull (and really hot) girl with horse dick… But it’s not a anthropomorphism (or presonification if you prefer) of Epona, the Link’s horse in Nintendo game… ^^

So this awesome drawing was made by an really nice artist and friend in HentaiFoundry: quaraci. He have a really nice style and the first time I see  his character, I think Epona is awesome and “I must ask her with Rosalina”… Oh yeah… XD

So quaraci accepted make me a drawn and it’s incredible… I hope you like it… ^^
If you want to see more about Epona and her best friend Penelope, don”t hesitate to take a look. Quaraci haven’t a huge gallerie and is not really famous for the moment but his actual gallerie is awesome and he have a really good project with Epona… So it must be really interesting… ^^

Thanks again for your kindness and this awesome drawing my friend… Of course I love it… ^^

Artist: Quaraci  /  Price: Request

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  1. quaraci

    Hey, Harmonie_Rosalina/Jeremie,

    I’m glad to see these two girls around here in your website. I had some fun visiting it (actually I came here earlier, before I started painting her, just to check some variations on her costume and colors. I tried to stick with the official Nintendo version the best way I could, though).

    I subscribed to your RSS feed, so I’ll be around your new posts, OK?

    See you!


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