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#110 – Tribute to Emmanuelle

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nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy ecchi lingerie emmanuelle

I have another project that is linked to Rosalina and cosplay at some points but a bit special and I always wonder about linking it to this blog. Anyway after some really bad feedback on some illustrations I know I must be really careful with special fetishes. Not totally hidden since people will find it if they search for that but I prefer be sure they come see it by their own, more safe that way for everybody… ^__^

This new post come the last day from my holidays, I used for some projects and of course the blog but have to admit chilling a lot too. After two weeks it’s hard imagine work coming back tomorrow, it’s quiet and sunny and I would like this ton continue and relax even more but tomorrow the alarm clock will get me back to reality… Naaaah… T_T


After so many naughty posts, time for a sweet illustration by Merethide with a little tribute to Emmanuelle French movie, I wasn’t sure about publish on the SFW side of this project since this is erotic movie so not really for young audience. Anyway in this illustration it’s the wicker chair where sit Rosalina that is the reference to Emmanuelle movie, it will mean nothing to people that don’t know about this series and the global illustration look pretty cute so would be sad have people miss Merethide art. ^^

About the illustration itself, it was made as traditional art as you can notice and there was a change during the process since Merethide decided cut the legs and feet not being happy how they look, I can’t quote her exact sentence that was in French anyway if you are curious you can see the full scale on the sketch. Merethide also took some liberty on the princess clothes and hairstyle but I like how the dress and hair braid give Rosalina a more younger and innocent look that blushing touch make even more looking as an adorable and pure teen (but the original version will always be the best)… ^__^

Some parts are a bit odd like Rosalina hand but this part is not easy to manage and I still love this piece, I hope you also guys like it since I ordered a new box to Merethide so more to come from here in the future. Though at some point I can’t really guarantee that point since the content of the box is totally a surprise that Merethide manage, well see. Anyway if you want support that marvellous artists and get an art box as reward you can go through her tipeee page. Oh yeah…

Artist: Merethide / 40$ commission
Website (French): www.merethide.com
Tipeee (French): www.tipeee.com/merethide
Facebook (French): www.facebook.com/Merethide
Deviantart (English): www.merethide.deviantart.com

#106 – Kyoko playing Rosalina

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Patreon bonus: Kitty duo (Ecchi abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo kyoko crossplay cosplay

I missed to tell it one the previous post, Ivan won and illustration from Ocanya with January patreon raffle. You can already visit the artist page to get an idea of his style, anyway compared to what you see in the actual gallery he want try something NSFW this time so let see what Ivan will imagine… Suspense… °w°

Also was visiting the place will be my future apartment, the roof is now done but still around 6 months before I can get my own place and discover again what is the privacy… ^__^


And here is the 4th illustration I got as birthday gift, this one made by NekoToTora with his OC Kyoko dressed as Rosalina, he added the illustration in his comment on deviantart and was sure a powerfull surprise. I first was confused seeing it from the small thumbnail, I recognised Kyoko hair but her outfit looked kinda familiar too. Love this little doodle from NekoToTora, it’s so sweet and cool… \(^o^)/

It’s true you may all say this piece looks >really sketchy but for me each illustration deserve it’s own and dedicated post, behind each illustration you have an artist (NekoToTora), story, feeling and lot of works that no one have to ignore, also even if this one is a doodle it’s not something you draw in only a few minutes, just watch artists livestreams (and not speedpainting) then you’ll see how much time need a decent piece. Other interesting detail, NekoToTora made this illustration using DeviantArt muro, long time I haven’t heard about that page and what I wonder if is it was made using mouse or tablet.

Once again thanks for this lovely gift my friend, also guys don’t miss take a look at NekoToTora‘s page and ‘for the full Kyoko experience, please visit her website www.KyokoNeko.com. You’ll discover an artist really talented and dedicated to his Kyoko project as me with Rosalina, also I must admit compared to the Rosalina x Girl project, NekoToTora do do stuff more serious and committed to denounce the shit in our society… Don’t tell him hentai is the best but at last be serious is also nice from time to time… XD.

Artist: NekoToTora / Birthday gift
Website: www.KyokoNeko.com
DeviantArt: www.nekototora.deviantart.com

#105 – 2018 Birthday cuddles

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Planned post is delayed for this last minute one and a ravishing illustration I received from Mothclip as birthday gift, I’m sorry don’t put clickable link on his name but the only place he publish is highly NSFW so it’s better keep it safe and just give his commisison email at the bottom of the post. Back to the illustration itself, the cute girl cuddling Rosalina is Mothclip’s mascot named Moth-girl, you can see on the right. It’s a really cute character that as always seeing one I wish to get with Rosalina so it was sure a wonderfull gift… thanks so much… \(^o^)/

I received a birthday wish from Mothclip after he saw it on the Skype notification, must admit that feature also help me a lot. Anyway I don’t like tell about my birthday before it come and feel like requesting something, even more when most of my contacts are both friends and artists. Anyway even with the last minute notification Mothclip managed draw a sweet piece and you can see he can make something powerfull in a short time. Bon anniversaire is the French for Happy birthday, I thought he translated from Russian Mothclip told me ‘i still don’t quite shure in my French but someone said that that is the way they said it in Belgium‘ and it’s true… ^__^

Second illustration after the Sandcastle summer wallpaper (see it here), I must admit I commissioned Mothclip more than 10 illustrations but they are most NSFW so it’s rare when I can show his art on the soft blog, also the SFW art come mostly from art I don’t request directly but with the safe page now as main I must do efforts to manage more cute art. Anyway I’ll take the opportunity from this SFW post to also show you this moth lady made as homage on the left, to be honest I’m not sure I can really show it but this piece is so lovely and also have a really strong meaning, that’s really this kind of art I admire and want to see the light… Oh yeah… °w°

There is a NSFW birthday piece I received a bit late and will publish on the next post to give it a great and proper description as it deserves.. Will only be on the adult website as you can imagine but if you are curious about it then stay tuned…

Artist: Mothclip / 80$ commission
Email contact: mothclip@gmail.com

#061 – Original – Tsuki

Last illustrations wont change a lot on the blog and are kinda soft like this new illustration with Rosalina and Tsuki made by the amazing N8-11… I agree he have a special name but it’s so curious as he’s talented. So beautifull and sometimes pretty kinky ladies in his gallery, I’m so happy he accepted my request and participate to the blog… Thanks so much for your kindness N8-11… (^o^)/

For people who never heared about Tsuki that’s normal, she’s N8-11‘s original character and you must admit she’s also sooo lovely. When I created the blog and made the wishlist the objective was to pair Rosalina with famous characters to be sure so many people will find Rosalina looking at fanarts of these girls. But after all, there is so much adorable and gorgeous original ladies, that’s always powerfull to discover them and also when they meet Rosalina… Oh yeah…

I love so much this illustration, Rosalina and Tsuki are sooo adorable and the fact N8-11 colored it was a powerfull surprise. Tsuki is really beautifull, so cute and adorable with this embarassed face. Like the sketch on the bottom, at start I expected her tohave the same dress than Rosalina like a crossdressing but N8-11‘s idea is much better. Tsuki look like a Shadow Rosalina, still so lovely and adorable as the original… °w°

If you take a look to N8-11‘s gallery, you will see a lot of sketch or line illustration so I thought I will receive be a black and white drawing but there is finally a colored version and the result is amazing. If there is an illustration from N8-11 that you love so much and really want him to color it don’t hesitate to let a nice comment. Great comments and feedback are always a powerfull support and motivation for artists. Never forget that guys.

Last thing, I’m sure you noticed that it’s not a digital but N8-11 made traditionnal pic. This kind of art is really more complex than digital, like the title of an Evangelion OAV; “You can not Redo” and also at the end you have a true illustration that nobody can copy/paste… I must ask to N8-11 if he can send me the original… I’ll pay postal fee of course… ^^

Artist: N8-11 / Cost: 0$ (request)

#041 – Original – Kiera

I found a really curious and pretty interesting site: ask.fm… The objective of the site is people come to ask and you answer, that’s simple. The idea is pretty funny but not use to search me in this place, I don’t have account. For the moment I think with comments you can easily contact me but I also plan to add a chat and twitter if you are interested…

Today it’s a point request I asked to EpicOswald88 during the time I helped Merethide to manage her deviantart account is now given up and I’m back to my old account: blancj11 (than I want to rename as Harmonie_Rosalina).

So today Rosalina meet a new and really lovely OC (original character): it’s Kiera. I tried to find more about her in EpicOswald88‘s profile, gallery and Tumblr but instead of a lot of ponies (so much in fact) and an other fanart of Kiera (see it here) I don’t have anything about the character and her story, why I didn’t asked some informations to EpicOswald88 before prepare this post… That’s not really professional… T_T

It’s the first tile Kiera meet Rosalina so it’s normal she’s curious about these little and really cute starts who named her “mama“. Generally when artists draw Rosalina and an other character, if there is a Luma there are always curious about what happened and this time it’s the other character who discover more about the Luma, that’s really original and Kiera is so adorable with this face expression… This drawing is really beautifull… ^^

EpicOswald88 have a really nice style and if you are interesting to commission her there is more info about her price-list and rules here. Fanarts, Original characters and ponies are ok. I think if I create a Rosalina x My little pony project she will be sure to hear me… XD

Artist: EpicOswald88 / Cost: ??? (Point commission)
Deviantart: http://epicoswald88.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: http://eosponystable.tumblr.com

#038 – Original Character – Akane

The best memory I have from the Japan Expo when I was cosplayed into Rosalina is a young boy (5-6yo) coming to me and saying “I know you, you are on one of my game”. He was a little scared and marveled, just so cute… ^^

I hope a day someboby will come to me and say “Are you the owner of the Rosalina x girl blog” and I’ll say “Yes”…. Oh yeah… By the way photos are coming soon, I asked my friend to take photos of me with some other cosplayer (girls of course), I think I’ll create a special page… Stay turned…

After Paccu it’s an other lovely artist who accepted to participate to the Rosalina x Girl project with her cute OC Akane. A huge thanks to crazyness96 who accepted the challenge and as you can see the result is so beautifull. Crazyness96 said she’s sad it don’t look really romantic but I’m sure you agree for “beautifull” and “lovely”… They are gorgeous… °w°

When I created the blog I never expected see Rosalina with OC (original characters) but I discovered so much amazing characters in deviantart and other sites. These girls are not so famous but are also really interesting, they have a nice story (maybe sometiems really sad) and these character have all the artist love…. It’s really drew by crazyness96 with all her heart… ^^

You can find a lot of information about Akane or Ashley here. there is a little quote but don’t hesitate to visit crazyness96‘s profile to see more or her art… Oh yeah… XD

This OC belongs to the TMNT 2012 fandom o3o, Ashley lives in an apartment building with her uncle and his wife, both American, the Japanese part of her genetics comes from her father, Josuke Ochiai; her mother is Ashley Gold. Both of her parents are always away on business, that’s why she lives with her mom’s brother, Charlie. Since she doesn’t want to stick out in the crowd, she tells people she’s named after her mother, even if that’s not true; she wants others to believe she’s from NY. She believes it’s enough to have pitch black eyes and light blonde hair.

Artist: crazyness96 / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#023 – OC – Aube and Kiseki

Just see a video of Nekomi nerowear and now you can be sure I want it, and for people who don”t know what I mean, more info here: http://www.neurosky.com/necomimi/… Maybe the product cost 95$ so it’s pretty expensive at start but officials sites only work for Japan and United States… Don”t want one at 170$ on Ebay so if you know something helpfull, don’t hesitate post a comment, thanks guys… ^^

Crying time is now over, because I’m glad the show you a new drawing… I know it was a long since since my previous submission but there is some drawings complete so I must do my best publish these… An you can be sure they are awesome… Oh yeah… XD

Don”t know if you remember Alyson, she already participate to the blog drawing a cute Rosalina with her cursed princess (see it here if you are curious) maybe she send me 2 new drawings involving Rosalina with some so cute OC… Maybe Alyson‘s characters are cute but not the same thing for her story… It’s pretty… scary… XD

So for this new submission Rosalina meet two loli gothics, Kiseki on the left and Aube on the right… I think the look just sooo cute and adorable Alyson have a lovely style, but now you will see what she have in mind about her two characters… ^^

Aube is a blindit orphan wealthy heiress who at the beginning Alyson‘s series survive  to a plane crash landing after men of its family tried to kill her. She landed on an unknown island where villagers take in Aube, but finally sell her for the safety of the village… Maybe she’s crused too…

Kiseki is from the same serie, her parents where sacrified for the island’s divinities and they just say to Keseki it was an accident, to be fast… So you understand why I said lovely but scary at the same time… Poor girls… T_T

Artist: Alyson / Price: Request
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

#021 – OC – Cute Vampire ?

I see a lot of artists do art-trades; it a really nice and more fair than a request but with my level I can’t draw anything great that’s why I only ask for requests or when the price is interesting a little commission. You can be sure if I had some talents I would draw a lot of Rosalina pics for my blogs Maybe it’s not the case but I know my blogs start to be really powerfull (especialy for the adult one) so It’s (again) a huge thanks to all artists who contribute and continue increase my collection… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

For this 3rd request from the Lyon’s comics festivl, I must know I bought two “Nekomix” books and ask a drawing on each one involving Rosalina and an other female character (the artist had the choice for the second girl). So it’s the drawing I receive with the Nekomix N°7 (tou can see the cover on the right). It was draw by DRAC but I don’t reconize the girl she choose to show with Rosalina, so in the title I say it’s an OC but I’m sure it’s wong, maybe if I find more informations I’ll update the post… ^^

The drawing is nice, these two girls are really cute, love this little smile for Rosalina and the other girl who look a little embarrassed, that’s adorable but sincerely I’m a little sad that the drawing is really simple, not a lot of details, especialy for the other girl… I agree it’s the principe of a dedication, the artist don’t have a lot of time maybe after this one, DRAC drew an awesome pirate portrait huge are more detailed (yeah, I forget say but the Nekomix 8 is a special pirates edition).

I think DRAC wasn’t really inpirated draw Rosalina, maybe like Rosalina hairstyle I’m sure she really look at the model but a little mistake because the right eye must be cover hidden by hair, DRAC drew the lock but a little to small… So bad… T_T

If you are curious about Nekomix, it’s an association who support and promote a lot of artist, maybe if you are curious you can take a look Nekomix’s site (click here), same thing for DRAC who have her own blog but be careful, Nekomix or DRAC, it’s in french… ;p

Artist: DRAC / Cost: two books at 20$

#018 – OC – Unnamed cursed princess

It’s a really busy week, a lot of work and a comic festival in Lyon sunday… Maybe the festival wasn’t really interesting but I have now 4 new drawings to show you… Fight, pirate, draeinei and more… Be patient guys… XD

I’m really happy show you this drawing by Alison… A friend I don’t see since 1 year (a little less in fact) maybe a day her facebook account was activated and same thing for the chat… She’s alive…New computer but it’s a mac (no-gaming computer, hate this) so she thoung messenger can’t work, but I found (easily) this application for Mac and now she come back… I talked a lot with her and when she say me she love draw, you can expect I talk about the blog… And she accept draw Rosalina… How nice… (^o^)/

I was a little scary by the result because she say me ‘I’m not a great artist… My style is not really good‘… But like the result I’m sure you agree she have a beautifull style… Rosalina is so beautifull like this and Alyson’s OC is cute too… I love the red who suggest they are a little embarrassed that adorable… Thanks so much Alyson…

Alyson say she often make a pic as gift for birthdays so I must wait untill January to show you something new… Maybe I hope convince her draw Rosalina before… Oh yeah… Rock and Roll (love this sentence in Hellsing…)… Next time I’ll show you the first drawing from the comics festival…

Artist: Alyson / Price: Request
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

#015 – OC – Aurata

Yesterday it was my driving licence exam and I succeeded…. Oh nice… Maybe it’s not really interesting about the blog but now I’m not so stressed and can continue the blog… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Today Rosalina have a little moment of relaxation at the beach with Aurata… An original character by eente who had the kindness accept my request and do a really beautifull pic… Rosalina face and expression is awesome, Each artist draw her with her own style so even if it’s Rosalina, in an other hnd she always look different, it’s like a new Rosalina… So every time I see a new pic it’s a great surprise… ^^

Drew Rosalina with Aurata was a great idea, like that it really someting “by eente” in my blog and this OC is really cute and maybe, a little sexy too… Maybe if you are curious about Aurata, you musk know she’s not a cat or a dog but an Otter woman… So if you are curious there is other drawings with her in eente’s deviantart gallery (here).

Other small detail I like, the crab, it’s so funny… It’s not important but I wanted to say it… So thanks again eente, It was a long time I don’t publish an other OC here and Aurata is really beautifull (not as much as Rosalina) but I’m really happy with this pic… That so nice… XD

Artist: eente / Price: Request
DeviantArt: http://eente.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-eente

#010 – OC – Niiesca (Niie)

That so nice to see artist having interest for my project and are really interested to make a drawing for my blog… This time thanks so much for ajahime-chibichan‘s kindness for this so beautifull drawing…

I see a really cute and funny drawing with Niie in and ask her if she accept to draw Rosalina with an other girl as request or commission, she answer “I would love to draw you a picture so I will see what I can do!” but don”t say what character she can show with Rosalina so I submited Niie and there is the result… That’s so nice… Hope you like it… (^o^)/

I love how ajahime-chibichan drawn Rosalina, she’s really nice and expressive in this situation, look so happy and alive, how nice… Just one detail a little special as me, I think it’s Rosalina’s star but she look more excited than Niie. ajahime-chibichan answer “Niie’s expression gave me trouble @_@ I was aiming for something like, “oh yeah I’m riding on a star,” but failed X3“, But Niie look more strong like Rosalina so it’s not so bad in this situation, and the result is beautifull, that’s the principal… I love use quotes, it’s so easy but with my english level, it’s better like this… ;p

So thanks again for your kindness ajahime-chibichan, and if you are curious guys you can see other drawing with Niie in deviantart (here) or an other in Hentaifoundry a little more sexy but so cute and funny (here)

Artist: Ajahime-chibichan / Price: Request
Deviantart profil: http://ajahime-chibichan.deviantart.com/
Hentaifoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-SquishyINK