#853 – More than friends

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nintendo mario princess rosalina lesbian yuri lingerie
Another closed mind moron named Bavarell, I commissioned him and unfortunately “A member of my family died a couple of weeks […] time to work again and will send within few days“, 3 weeks later I came asking for news again. Started with apologies before tell me I underestimates his pain and the family and comes to me practically insinuating that he’s a thief before send me refund and block me without I got time to say more… O_o
I’m tired of explaining myself so it end here, at last the positive thing is it allow me move the fund to another promising commission to Lunakiri that will also work on August patreon raffle winner idea. Stay tuned… ^^


There is a proverb in French saying every good things end a day and it’s always so frustrating when it come true as today with this last illustration from the two week dedicated to Merethide. Don’t worry it’s not the last illustration from her(hopefully) but for now let’s enjoy this sexy lingerie duo with Rosalina and Merethide‘s OC named Jade that come with Rosalina for the 6th time (see all Rosalina and Jade illustrations here)… Enjoy… ^^
This illustration started with a contest named “More than friends” was launched on D.A. that no use tell Merethide decided to participate. It’s when she send me the first wip (on the right) I discovered about this content and had the pleasant surprise know she draw Rosalina for this illustration (thanks so much). The idea of this piece is a “fake screenshot of Princess Rosalina and her future intimate friend! like “, a marvellous and so sexy digital piece from Merethide that I hope you like guys… °w°
Even more informations, this scene follow Merethide‘s pyjama party story and take place in one of rooms of Jade’s Manor, lingerie and ravishing ladies as you see but some secrets behind this scene that I know, as example from the story they aren’t front of a “normal” mirror but there is some pervert spies behind. Would be hard give a constructive post since I cant find any bad thing, the both lingerie turn pretty with lace and see-through effects and the background keep the spirit of Jade’s luxury manor, Merethide had no doubts how much and would love it and it’s also a double win since she ended with a great place to this contest, congrats!!! \(^o^)/
Now you’ll need wait some months before see more from Merethide appear on the blog but if you can’t wait (as me) just take a look to links below to discover much more of her art, you know some follow, nice comment or interest in a commission is also part of what give light and happiness to an artist and will help the amazing work… ^^

Artist: Merethide / Gift
Website (French): www.merethide.com
Tipeee (French): www.tipeee.com/merethide
Facebook (French): www.facebook.com/Merethide
Deviantart (English): www.merethide.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (English): www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Mere
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