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PATREON BONUS: Being naughty with Squigly (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina lesbian yuri lingerie
There was some teasers on patreon about the Merethide box that it’s now time to show content and dedicate two weeks publications to Merethide, 4 posts needed to show all I got and I hope you’ll like it. °w°
Unfortunately some part of the box can’t be shared like the pyjama party script that is French only. I was thinking about translate it but it’s a rough script for a NSFW comic so may bot be really pleasant to read, anyway it’s for now, who know what we can get in the future… ^__^


After consideration, the Christmas pin-up by Merethide that was announced to come on the previous post is reported, of course you can say it would be weird post a Christmas related illustration on summer but I had some reasons. I received it in January (bad timing) but wanted to post all Merethide‘s pack content together without wait an entire year to show the wonderfull work of the adorable artist. I’ll need cheat a little and the 4th piece wont be from the box but still by Merethide and it’s one I was excited to show so not so bad deal… ^^
So let’s me present you this illustration; a kinky traditional duo with Rosalina and Merethide‘s OC named Jade that illustrate a scene of the Pyjama party story she created, you can follow the link to see some old WIP and I also have the full storyboard unfortunately in French. To make it short, the idea was Jade invited Rosalina to join her with Peach and Daisy for a pyjama party but it was a trap to spend some really hot time with that innocent princess. Many sensual and erotic scenes in bath, bed and even while Rosalina sleeping then teasers again before Peach and Daisy join for even more fun… I could also say Peach and Daisy were really close during the night with Rosalina and Jade but I keep some spicy secrets for myself… :p
The illustration is sure really hot, Merethide know about my weakness for lingerie and see-through while writing the story and also preparing this illustration so managed really nicely both girl suits and I’m really loving those designs. Also considering she really have troubles to manage feet, here the result is pretty good so she sure do progress but I’m a little bugged about Jade body proportion, her bust looks a bit too thin in my opinion and for Rosalina hairs I’m not really into this colouring and shading. I know Merethide do have the skills to make hairs even better when looking at her lilligant duo (on the left) anyway the full box was so heavy that I can understand she didn’t have so much time as a regular commission…
I should have read the storyboard again to be sure but if I remember correctly this scene happen after Rosalina join Jade in her room both embarrassed but really curious. Rosalina is a really shy and innocent princess with no experience compared to Jade being a sophisticated lady loving girls and luxury so Merethide made cuteness and sexiness mix so perfectly in this story full of really naughty scenes. My favourite scene is when Jade pleasuring Rosalina while she sleep and back to this illustration you may have noticed Merethide really know about my fetish for lingerie and heels and always manage nice things on Rosalina… \(^o^)/

Artist: Merethide / Part of Merethide’s box reward
Website (French): www.merethide.com
Tipeee (French): www.tipeee.com/merethide
Facebook (French): www.facebook.com/Merethide
Deviantart (English): www.merethide.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (English): www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Mere
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