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I must admit preparing this post, find a great title gave me hard time, I wanted something both descriptive but also exciting but there was too much details that I had trouble to mix. Thanks to Kittehskye and Lunakiri for their help, I now the title looks like a pervert tag list, anyway I know I missed the futanari touch but… shhh! ^^’
About myself I really should get a notepad with me, always have so many things that come in my mind and would be interesting to tell then when come time to write the post there’s nothing… Raaah.. T_T


Here was an illustration requested to Fanatic-Comics (formerly enragedphong) before he moved to commissions, I loved so much his illustrations with Reiju from One Piece on the left that I had to try get an illustration by him for the project. I’m so honoured Fanatic-Comics accepted to contribute with this damn hot futa Rosalina fucking hard and deep filling a sexy slimegirl, for me that love naughty and messy messy be sure this illustration is epic… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
At first when Fanatic-Comics told me about a NSFW version, I though he was talking about the one you see as public version, so you can’t imagine how surprised I was seeing a second version with X-ray and internal cumshot filling the slimegirl in a really interesting way. Anyway after thought about it, I decided offer the alternate version as exclusive patreon reward or get the HD pack on shop page, I do love so much how it turn and want show it to the world be there is a moment I need keep something for my patreon and supporter and it happen here.
Also this illustration was Fanatic-Comics first hentai piece and start with a slimegirl is quite a challenge but he sure did an awesome job and like the result I guess he was already ready since years. So many cool and naughty details like Rosalina smiling as she’s overfilling her partner with buckets of cum, there is also the character pose with Rosalina and the slimegirl having both a breasts that should be at the same place, the princess one take the place of the slime girl one being messy all around… °w°
You’ll see on the full version Rosalina’s huge dick filling the slimegirl womb and the cum flowing directly into her breast filled with fresh milk, that’s the reason you see it milking but considering the slimegirl face Rosalina is filling this goo-girl with way more cum than she can hold.
The NSFW version is also really fun and original, I’m amazed but your ideas and inspiration, you’ll get my eternal admiration with it. on a way it’s a bit crazy there is like no womb but a breast being filled but as for lactation it need a place to keep milk and this time it’s filled with fresh one, bit too much that it needed but as messy lover it’s even more powerfull that way. Also no way search for something realistic since Fanatic-Comics made everything crazy, I guess it’s not for everybody but I hope most of you will enjoy it… ^__^

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